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Benny Andersson Band-Story of a Heart, European CD July 6, 2009 (June 24 in Sweden) Also released in Australia

This is the first English language album to be released by the Benny Anderssons Orkester who are retitled the Benny Andersson Band for the purposes of international release. This CD is mostly a compilation of previously recorded songs ranging back as far as 1987. Nine of the fourteen songs are instrumentals. Four of the songs- “Fait Accompli”, “Our Last Dance”, “You Are My Man”, “ The Stars” feature never before released English language vocal tracks.
The album features one totally new song “Story of a Heart”, which is a Andersson- Ulvaeus song that is more ABBAesque than the usual BAO stuff. I think "Story of a Heart" is good recording if not a great song , though Helen Sjoholm really has voice better suited for musicals than pop recordings.

The English lyrics to "Our Last Dance" and "You Are My man" come off as kind of cliche. It is often hard to do literal translations of songs to another language.

So often the second language version tells a totally different story, but Bjorn went ahead with fairly literal translations.

However, The lyrics to "The Stars" work well, and is this track is my favorite of the new recordings on this CD.
The album was released a couple of days after the band's first appearance in Hampstead, Britain on July 4, 2009.

Track listing with original Swedish title, songwriter(s), track times, year of original release, and lead singer if any…

1. Glasgow Boogie (Andersson) 3.35 2004
2. Trolska [Trolskan] (Andersson) 2.07 1989
3. Story Of A Heart (Andersson-Ulvaeus) 5.08 2009 Lead Vocals-Helen Sjoholm
4. Bed Of Roses [En dans på rosor] (Andersson) 3.04 2004
5. You Are My Man [Du är min man] (Andersson-Ulvaeus) 3.36 2004 Lead Vocals-Helen Sjoholm
6. Circus Finemang (Andersson) 4.18 2001
7. Fait Accompli (Andersson-Ulvaeus) 3.57 2007 Lead Vocals-Tommy Korberg
8. Song From The Second Floor [Sång från andra våningen] (Andersson) 3.46 2001
9. Birthday Waltz For Mona [Födelsedagsvals till Mona] (Andersson-Ulvaeus) 2.23 1987
10. [If This Is] Our Last Dance [Vår sista dans] Andersson) (Andersson-Ulvaeus) 4.46 2001 Lead Vocals-Helen Sjoholm
11. Jehu (Andersson) 3.44 2004
12. Tirolan Schottis [Schottis i Tyrolen] (Andersson) 2.51 2001
13. The Stars [För dig] (Andersson-Ulvaeus) 3.48 2007 Lead Vocals-Helen Sjoholm, Tommy Korberg
14. P.S. (Andersson) 1.01 2001
Bonus track (Sweden only):
15. Sommaren du fick (Swedish vers.- Story Of A Heart] (Andersson-Ulvaeus) 4.27 2009 Lead Vocals-Helen Sjoholm


  1. The photograph of the tree was by Andrew Newson,
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