The new "Mamma Mia!"? Viva Forever

Mamma Spice Girls?

There was lot of cajoling from Universal for some sort of sequel to Mamma Mia,
and while the idea has not been totally ruled out, it not still apparently not something that Bjorn and Benny want to do. So what is their jilted producer, Judy Craymer thinking of doing now instead? A Spice Girls musical! It may work, Mamma Mia proves anything is possible.

Update August 2011, June 2012 

The romantic comedy Spice Girls  musical will be called Viva Forever, It is scheduled to premiere in  December 2012. According to the producer,  "The story follows the idea of an American Idol-type singing contest, a young woman with a chaotic home life who attempts to resolve her feelings about adoption, learning to believe in herself and about friendship and "girl power."
Absolutely Fabulous star Jennifer Saunders will be involved as the writer and Mamma Mia! producer Judy Cramer as executive producer.Marianne Elliot will direct. So like Mamma Mia  another group of gals will be involved.


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