Voulez-Vous deluxe!

ABBA-Voulez-Vous-Deluxe Edition, Universal, 1CD/IDVD, Planned Release May 31, 2010

The long awaited deluxe version of Voulez-Vous finally came out on May 31, 2010. Voulez-Vous originally came out in June 1979. It took the longest to record of all the ABBA studio albums. This occurred mainly because most of the early songs recorded did not make it onto the album. Eventually the boys settled in earnest and  finished the album early in mid-1979.
Although no totally new tracks are included,the version of "Dreamworld" included on this release is the full version without fade-in, as a master tape containing the full version was recently discovered. The most obvious omissions are the Spanish versions of "I Have a Dream" and "Chiquitita".
Not surprisingly, None of 1978/1979 rarities found on "ABBA Undeleted" are included here. So that means no full versions of "Just A Notion", "Rubber Ball Man" etc. will be included here. 

The Voulez-Vous Deluxe Edition expands the original album with five Voulez-Vous era bonus tracks, as well as a DVD featuring television performances and interviews related to Voulez-Vous. As with the previous deluxe editions, the DVD is more interesting than the CD. The key feature on the DVD is the debut of the entire ABBA in Switzerland TV special. It's not paticularly well remastered, but it is nice to have.
This reissue is about a year late, but Universal wanted to give priority to the totally new ABBA in Japan DVD.


1. As Good As New
2. Voulez-Vous
3. I Have a Dream
4. Angeleyes
5. The King Has Lost His Crown
6. Does Your Mother Know
7. If It Wasn’t For The Nights
8. Chiquitita
9. Lovers (Live A Little Longer)
10. Kisses Of Fire
11. Summer Night City (Full Length Version) (Bonus)
12. Lovelight (Bonus)
13. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) (Bonus)
14. Dream World (Bonus)
15. Voulez-Vous (Extended Remix, 1979 US promo) (Bonus)


1. ABBA In Switzerland (television special, BBC)
Take A Chance On Me
The King Has Lost His Crown
The Name Of The Game
Mamma Mia
Hole In Your Soul
Kisses Of Fire
Lovers (Live A Little Longer)
Does Your Mother Know
Thank You For The Music

2. Chiquitita (Music for UNICEF)
3. I Have A Dream (extended promo)
4. If It Wasn’t For The Nights (Mike Yarwood Christmas Show, BBC)
5. Chiquitita (ABBA Snowtime, BBC)
6. Björn & Benny Interview (Multi-Coloured Swap Shop, BBC)
7. Greatest Hits Vol. 2 Television Commercial I
8. Greatest Hits Vol. 2 Television Commercial II
9. International Sleeve Galleryound


Agnetha not really a blond?

I was surprised to look into my 2010 Pocket Pal datebook to find a quote from the noted philosopher, Agnetha Faltskog. There on the page for February 11, 2010 is a quote attributed to Aggie that says, "There is a danger in changing too much in search of perfection." I don't recall the original source of the quote-perhaps it is from her biography. I don't know if she originally said it in Swedish, and it was translated into English. I don't know what she is referring to exactly-perhaps the recording process.

Still, It's not the first time I have heard something intelligent from her. On my ABBA-The Albums website , I quote her as saying-"The myth is that Frida and I were there as a front for Björn and Benny's music. But the truth of the matter is that we were the people that could bring over precisely what they couldn't do with their previous bands".

I love the Hep Stars and admire much of what B&B did as a duo, but I get exactly what she is saying-is that even as genius composers B&B could not succeed internationally without having the amazing vocal sound that is only provided when you get that rare and aurally astounding combination of Agnetha and Frida singing together.

I suppose it's not a big deal that Aggie is quoted in a Pocket Pal-the quotes are from famous people of all stripes including Emeril Legasse, Tom Brokaw, Brad Paisley, and Billy Crystal. Maybe a ABBA fan compiled the thing this year. Still the whole thing is a confirmation of a kind that Aggie might actually be a thoughtful person on occasion.