Alejandro and Fernando!

Lady GaGa has a new top ten single out from her Fame Monster album. Released in April 2010. It is called "Alejandro" and is clearly influenced by ACE of BASE's arrangement of the Diane Warren song-"Don't Turn Around". There is also an intentional ABBA reference in the song-one of the names spurted out along with "Alejandro" and "Roberto" is "Fernando". This is not the first song to reference "Fernando". Apparently, this was an intentional ABBA reference by Lady GaGa. Yet another 2girl/2boy quartet- "The Brotherhood of Man had a # 1  British hit with a "Fernando" style song called "Angelo". Lady GaGa's main collaborator- RedOne, the co-writer of this song-emerged out of the Swedish music scene, even though he was born in Morocco.


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