Chess again and again!!

Craig Revel Horwood production of CHESS, photo by Keith Pattison

Fall 2010: Apparently the Andersson-Rice- Ulvaeus musical Chess has two revivals on tap at the same time.  In England, Craig Revel Horwood has reinvented the original West End version, and given it  a lot more sexual energy, He managed to successfully stage the  games  aspects of musical, and most notably has many of the actors playing the music, which makes for great visuals.The only thing I didn't like from the videos shown of this staging was the music itself which seemed nothing special.   The Horwood variation is actually a touring road show of the musical. 
Chess at the Signature Theater

Over on the other side of the Atlantic at the Signature Theater  in Washington, the Broadway version of Chess has been redone by Director Eric Schaeffer with a little help from  the original Broadway Chess book writer Richard Nelson. It is a shorter leaner production.  It ran through October 2010.

Oddly enough both shows have gotten good reviews with the Horwood variation getting unusually good notices

Update October 4, 2011: The Craig  Revel Horwood  production moved to Toronto, CA recently and continues to get excellent reviews. It's clear that this probably critically speaking the most successful production of  Chess. So far no one  has attempted to take this to the West End for long awaited Chess revival.


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