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ABBA Couplings

Agnetha and Bjorn appeared together at the October 2010  Danish  premiere of Mamma Mia in Copenhagen.   The is the first time, Agnetha and Bjorn have appeared hand-in hand as a couple in public since ABBA. This is the fourth in a series of  unprecedented ABBA member couple reunions.  Since ABBA's breakup  Bjorn and Benny would often appear together, occasionally Bjorn would appear with Frida, and  a few times three of the members got together.  Normally the partial reunions would occur at premieres of Bjorn and Benny's musicals or for TV promotion and interviews.  The most notable public occasion was ,when all four members of ABBA showed up in July 2008  for the Mamma Mia movie premiere in Stockholm. At the movie premiere , made a point of not having all members stand together, instead  they  were interspersed amongst the stars of the movie. 

Not too long ago the group decided to not appear together in combinations of three members-since that would make it look, like one of t…