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Merry Christmas, My Friend

The Rivals- "Merry Christmas, My Friend" , Promotional Video, December 2010

Benny and Bjorn wrote this English language  song to promote the Hotel Rival  during the 2010 Christmas Season. It's the first Christmas song that they have written as a team.  However , Benny did  write Christmas ring tone for the Swedish Red Cross a couple of years ago.  The song is a little awkwardly written, not particularly anything to write home about. The employees on the video don't seem particularly enthusiastic, but that may just be a Swedish thing. In any case, the song and video for "Second Best To None", the previous Hotel Rival music project, was substantially better. The song was recorded on was recorded on November 18th, 2010 in the Atlantis Recording Studio in Stockholm. As far as I have heard this has not been released as physical single, not sure whether it is downloadable as a MP3.