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ABBA reunion threat over Slussen project

Benny Andersson half jokingly suggested over the weekend that he might ask ABBA to reunite for a concert to help fight against a urban renewal project in Stockholm.
The project is in a area called Slussen (the Locks) a  central area of Stockholm named after the locks between Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea that dates from 1935. Benny lived in Stockholm as a youngster  (the only former ABBA member to hail from Stockholm), and recently has been campaigning against the Slussen redo. 

”If I knew with 100 percent certainty that it would help, I would call the others and ask if we could do a gig. I'd try at least,” said a half-serious Benny to daily Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) on Saturday.

”Slussen is that important. But there is not much time, we'd need at least one day's rehearsing,” Benny Andersson told SvD on Saturday. Sourced  and edited from the Local- a English language Swedish news source.

It seems highly  unlikely that an ABBA reunion would happen, and this issue see…

New Björn Ulvaeus song! Susan Boyle

BAO member Tommy Körberg, 63 and Swedish pop singer Danny Saucedo, 25,  will record a single together. I CAN SEE MYSELF IN YOU is composed by Tobias Gustavsson with  lyrics written by Björn Ulvaeus. Gustavsson already had written the melody and dragged it out to put together the song.   It is rare for Bjorn to write lyrics for  a melody not written by Benny or himself.  It's not clear when the recording will be finished and released . It will be released as Swedish market single download in October 2012.  

I forgot to mention the following release...

Susan Boyle-Someone To Watch Over Me, Sony,  Internationally released CD November 2011

This is the new Studio album by the Scottish spinster singer, it features her version of "You Have To Be there" from Bjorn, Benny and Herb's Kristina.  Susan's recording is  likely to be the biggest selling version of the song, though she does not she sing it particularly well. The album went to Number 1 in the UK and Number 4…

New Ludvig Andersson recording project.

Atlas-Empires and Stuff, RMV Grammofon / Universal |   Swedish CD September 14,  2011

Benny Andersson's son Ludvig Andersson, has a new album out.
“Empires and Stuff” is the first album from the Stockholm duo ATLAS. Ludvig Andersson (vocals, guitar and various other instruments) and Mats Lundgren (keyboards and even more instruments)
Previously Ludvig recorded an album with Ella Rouge and a solo album.  Mats Lundgren worked in a group called Pine Forest Crunch.  The featured You Tube video track is called E.T.  The CD is available from the ABBF fanclub site.  Benny  Andersson does not play on the CD.   The CD was recorded in the new Mono Record Studios. Update- January 2012- Oh I finally realized that's a person on the cover....

Track listing:T-shirts, Poets And Idiots, Here's Johnny, Avalon, E.T., Bright Eyes, Cam Me, Mars, I'm July Amanda, Bay City Lights

Rare ABBA track released officially

Various Artists-Carols For A Cure - Volume 13 CDH060-11, 2CD American release, November 2011-$20.00

Broadway Cares,  offers their 13th annual collection of Christmas recordings as performed by the casts of various Broadway shows, entitled Carols For A Cure - Volume 13. The  cast of Mamma Mia! is featured on  'Hark! The Herald Angels Sing'.
 the Mamma Mia! cast performance is preceded by ABBA's brief recording  of the Swedish Christmas song 'Nu är det jul igen', as originally broadcast on the West German radio show Mal Sondock's Hitparade in 1981.

This marks the first legal CD release of this ABBA recording. Truth be be told, it's nothing special.
Other Celebrity guests on this album  include Daniel Radcliffe, Martha Wash, Kara DioGuardi, Roger Rees, Reeve Carney, Montego Glover, Chad Kimball, Hugh Panaro and Daniel Rodriguez, among others.

Disc 1:
A CHRISTMAS CAROL- How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

Happy New Year vinyl single

r ABBA-Happy New Year, Universal, Out of print 7 inch vinyl single, November 30, 2011 

This is 500 copy  limited  edition  of ABBA's 1980 holiday song, "Happy New Year" . The B-side has "The Way Old Friends Do",.  This record was  only available  from the ABBF fan club site and from the official ABBA site.  The release pre-sold out in a day.  Pretty good for  a outmoded format with a couple of songs every ABBA fan already has. 

"Happy New Year" had been previously released as  a single in 2000  by both ABBA and the A*Teens to coincide with the millennium.  In May 2011, a  restored  1980 promo video for "Happy New Year" was featured on the  ABBA-Super Trouper Deluxe Edition CD/DVD. 

ABBA's Top 40.

Canadian ABBA fan, NSkid, has compiled an excellent video for YouTube.  His compilation video counts down in reverse order ABBA's  most successful singles.  The ranking is based on how well each of the records charted in 17 different countries.  The ranking may not reflect the actual sales ranking of each of ABBA's singles..

Here's his TOP ten.  

10. One of Us (1981)
9. The Name of the Game (1977)
8. Super Trouper (1980)
7. Take a Chance on Me (1978)
6. Waterloo (1974)
5. Knowing Me, Knowing You (1977)
4. The Winner Takes it All (1980)
3. Fernando (1976)
2. Chiquitita (1979)
1. Dancing Queen (1976)

"Dancing Queen" obviously was going to be the number one single, but I was   surprised that "Take A Chance On Me' is lower down, and that "One of Us" and Chiquitita" are so high in the ranking.

Mamma Mia and Evil Dead!

Mamma Mia poster, no not really! I missed this poster that was used as a promotional poster, for the 2009 musical, EVIL DEAD, the poster was designed by people at Saatchi and Saatchi ! It's our Halloween post!! Happy Goblin Day, Happy Birthday JimSB!

2011 ABBA and ABBA related releases

2011 ABBA and ABBA related releases 2011
Here is a unfinished recap of ABBA releases during 2011! The big events this year were a new BAO album, a Super Trouper reissue . Meanwhile,   Benny and Bjorn continue to pull in massive piles of money for Mamma Mia.   
Original Cast Album-Mamma Mia! L'album live du spectacle français CD, French CD February 21, 2011
The cast album for the French version of Mamma Mia!. The recording for this was made on December 15, 2010. The French language version of Mamma Mia premiered on October 28, 2010.
ACTE 1 :
1. Prologue 2. Honey, Honey 3. Money, Money, Money 4. Ma Vie C’est La Musique 5. Mamma Mia 6. Chiquitita 7. Dancing Queen 8. Laisse Moi L’Amour Aussi 9. Super Trouper 10. Un Homme Après Minuit 11. Dis, A Quoi Tu Joues 12. Voulez-Vous 13. Entracte 14. Comme Une Attaque 15. L’Un De Nous 16. S.O.S. 17. Si Mama Permet 18. Qui Je Suis ! Qui Sommes-Nous ? 19. Tout Un Été 20. Le Temps Me Glisse Entre Les Doigts 21. La Loi Du Plus Fort 22. Viens Tenter…

ABBA -You can dance videogame

ABBA-You Can Dance, Wii video game,  November 2011 international release   This is a new video game based on the music and performances of  ABBA.  ABBA You Can Dance. Developed exclusively for the Wii system from Nintendo by Ubisof. It appears that  the American and European versions have different cover images.  According to the promo materials - "Two players can sing along to lyrics that appear on-screen, while up to four players can simultaneously perform the dance moves. A mini-musical mode lets players act out the key roles in a love story based on some of the group’s classic songs. ABBA You Can Dance also includes original video clips and displays anecdotes about the group that even die-hard fans will find entertaining and informative." No doubt... Visually the game is uninteresting, both in the unremarkable packaging, and in the game itself. But it is simple and easy to play along to...Track Listing
As good as new
Dancing Queen…

New Various Artist album

Various Artists -Beginners Guide to the Music of Scandinavia , 3CD Released May  June 2011

This well reviewed survey of the Scandinavian scene features the BAO version of  Sång från Andra Våningen. Which is a song which is o can be found on the Story of the Heart and Benny Andersson Orkester albums. CD1. Pop & Contemporary 1 Kari Bremnes - Egentlig en Danser (Nor) 2 Lars Demian - Alkohol (Swe) 3 KOOP feat. Hilde Louise Asbjørnsen - Strange Love (Swe/Nor) 4 Bo Kaspers Orkester - Innan Allt Försvinner (Swe) 5 Vuokko Hovatta - Aletta (Fin) 6 Sóley - Theater Island (Ice) 7 Cornelis Vreeswijk - Samba för Pomperipossa (Swe) 8 House of Trees - Working Man’s Song (Swe/UK) 9 Pascal Pinon - En þú varst ævintýr (Ice) 10 Ane Brun - To Let Myself Go (Nor) 11 Niko Valkeapää - Birrat Birra (Nor/Fin) 12 Valravn - Seersken (Den/Faro) 13 Kimmo Pohjonen - Kaluaja (Fin) CD2. Folk & Roots 1 Eivør Pálsdóttir - Mín Móðir (Live) (Faro) 2 Kiila - Auringonlunta (Fin) 3 Sanna Kurki Suonio - Tuulen Nostatus …

The Best ABBA and ABBA solo albums

Illustration from

I thought I would revisit my "ABBA-The Album's Best of page. " This is a page that was built for ABBA the Albums at least six years ago. It's a list of what I think are the best ABBA and ABBA solo albums. Oddly, though I have seen a few "Best ABBA albums" lists, I seldom seen such a list that considers ABBA's solo work in it's entirety as well. Ranking the ABBA studio albums is tricky, since  none of their albums stands  head and shoulders above the others. It is only obvious that their first two studio albums (Ring Ring and Waterloo) are of a lesser quality. People's preferences among the later six studio albums tends to be based on personal taste. If you don't like disco your not going to like Voulez-Vous, if you don't like things too dreary your not going to like The Visitors.

Perhaps there are some things on the original list that I would list differently now. Perhaps Chess should be listed N…

Janne Schaffer performs Eagle.

Janne Schaffer- Music Box, As Is Records, 10CD/3DVD Swedish Box Set Released December 2010

I missed this release when it came out!
ABBA lead guitar player, Janne Schaffer has released a box set compiling most of his important albums. The bonus CD includes three new songs and other rarities.
One of the new songs is a new solo version of ABBA's guitar laden 1977 track,"Eagle".
The song can seen on You Tube in a recent performance done at International ABBA Day.

CD1: Janne Schaffer "Halkans affär" (1973) / Janne Schaffers andra LP (1974)
CD2: Katharsis (1975) / Earmeal (1978)
CD3: Presens (1980)
CD4: Blå passager och röda vågor (1982)
CD5: Traffic (1985)
CD6: Electric Graffiti (1988)
CD7: Ögonblick (1992)
CD8: Av ren lust (1995)
CD9: På andra sidan månen (2000)
CD10: Bonusplatta (2010)

DVD1: Kårhuset (1974)
DVD2: Hörselmat i Montreux (1980)
DVD3: Julstämning (2009)
ABBA’s studio album LP reissue Series In August Universal in Germany will do a limited edition reissue of ABBA’s eight studio Albums. The original artwork and track listings  will be used.  Only 300 copies will be made of each LP. 

ABBA-Ring Ring, Universal 0602527346472, German LP Reissue,  August 9, 2011
1. Ring Ring bara du slog en signal Swedish version, 2. Another Town, Another Train, 3. Disillusion, 4. People Need Love, 5. I Saw It In The Mirror, 6. Nina, Pretty Ballerina, 7. Love Isn't Easy But It Sure Is Hard Enough, 8. Me And Bobby And Bobby's Brother, 9. He Is Your Brother, 10. Ring Ring English version, 11. I Am Just A Girl, 12. Rock'n Roll Band

ABBA-ABBA-Waterloo Universal 0602527346489 German LP Reissue,  August 9, 2011 1.Waterloo Swedish version, 2. Sitting In The Palmtree, 3. King Kong Song, 4. Hasta Mañana, 5. My Mama Said, 6. Dance While The Music Still Goes On, 7. Honey, Honey, 8. Watch Out, 9. What About Livingstone, 10. Gonna Sing You My Lovesong, 11. Suz…

abba in the annoying orange.

My kids and I regularly watch the continuing adventures of the Annoying Orange on You Tube. He is a orange that hangs out with other foods in the kitchen. Many of his compariots end up getting chopped by a knife. In this episode he was hanging out with a Ipod

In a recent episode ABBA was mentioned. I am not sure it was intended as a flattering reference.  Here's the video..


ABBA-ABBA Collected , Universal, 3CD Netherlands  Box set, June 17, 2011

A new 3cd set for the Dutch market with 50 ABBA songs.

Ring Ring, People Need People, Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough), She's My Kind Of Girl, Waterloo, Honey Honey, Dance (While The Music Still Goes On), Sitting In The Palmtree, So Long, Crazy World, I've Been Waiting For You, I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do, SOS, Mamma Mia, Medley: Pick A Bale Of Cotton-On Top Of Old Smokey-Midnight, Fernando, Dancing Queen
Money Money Money, When I Kissed The Teacher, Happy Hawaii, Knowing Me Knowing You, The Name Of The Game, Hole In Your Soul, I'm A Marionette, Lovelight, Take A Chance On Me, Eagle, Thank You For The Music, Summer Night City, Chiquitita, Does You Mother Know, Voulez-Vous, Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
I Have A Dream, Angel Eyes, The Winner Takes It All, Super Trouper, Happy New Year, The Piper, On And On And On, Our Last Summer, Elaine, Put On Your White Sombrero, One Of Us, Head Ov…

ABBA song in new movie, "THE TRIP".

"The Winner Takes It All". The classic ABBA post divorce ballad, is the subject of a humorous discussion and singing duet in the new movie. The song actually features in two segments.   The Trip movie stars Brits,  Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, The movie is  based on  the BBC -TV show of the same name.  Steve Coogan is notable in ABBAdom for hosting the parody  British TV and radio talk show  called Knowing Me, Knowing You, in which he  played the role on Alan Partridge. I enjoyed this movie, though I suppose it works better if your a bit of an Anglophile like I am.

New Benny Andersson album with BAO called O klang och jubeltid

Benny Anderssons Orkester-O klang och jubeltid  ,  Swedish CD Mono Records  MMCD 027 planned release June  15, 2011 

 More polka marches and rums.The new  Benny Anderssons Orkester album will be released in Sweden in mid June. . It will be called O klang och jubeltid – an English translation is O time of sound and rejoicing. The album will have thirteen songs, eight with vocals.  The single that  will be  promoted is Kära Syster, sung by Helen Sjoholm.  Tommy Korborg, and Kalle Moreaus also sing on the record. 
1 O Klang och Jubeltid
2 Kära Syster
3 Månstrålar Klara
4 Midsommarpolka
5 Allt Syns När Man Är Naken
6 Alla Goda Ting
7 En Dag I Sänder
8 Flickornas Rum
9 De Ljuva Drömmarnas Orkester
10 Jag Hör...
11 Sorgmarsch
12 Vilar Glad. I Din Famn
13 Brudmarsch  Source:  ICE the Site, ABBA intermezzo.   Remember there will always be an England!

Caramba (Michael B. Tretow)- Caramba 1981 Swedish reissued on CD Early 2011.

A reissue of  this cult classic by Michael B. Tretow.  The album f…

Deluxe Super Trouper!

ABBA-Super Trouper Deluxe Edition CD/DVD, International release May 9, 2011

The fourth in a  series of Deluxe Edition ABBA CD/DVD. They feature previously released music, the original album plus relevant B-sides and/or foreign language tracks. Also included is a  a DVD of TV performances and other relevant video material. . 

The audio tracks have been  remastered yet again for this release,  The disc includes a never before available  stereo mix of the original, full length version of "On And On And On", previously only available in mono. All the other audio tracks have been previously released.  The  television performances of tracks from the Super Trouper album,  have been not released on DVD before. Included is a rare vintage documentary Words And Music, produced by Polar Music , which features the group talking specifically about the Super Trouper album in 1980.

Also included is a never before released  featurette, entitled "Somewhere In The Crowd There’s You – On …

ABBA releases during 2010

Agnetha Faltkog- 3 Original Album Classics" January 27, 2010 German 3CD set.

Sony  released  the 3 CD box set "3 Original Album Classics" This set includes  three of Agnetha's Swedish solo albums by Agnetha:
"Agnetha Fältskog" (1968)"När en vacker tanke blir en sång" (1971) and "Elva Kvinnor I Ett Hus" (1975). It's based on the recent "5 Original album classics" that featured five Agnetha early solo albums, which itself drew on the six disc Agnetha box set called "Den Forsta Aren".

All in all a bit of a comedown from the original six then five disc versions....
Various Artists-ABSOLUTE SCHLAGER, Uni EvaCD -4111 Swedish 3D, February 3, 2010

This is a new compilation album for the Swedish market that has some ABBA related tracks.

1. Det gör ont - Lena Philipsson / 2. Främling - Carola / 3. Take me to your heaven - Charlotte Nilsson / 4. Satellit - Ted Gärdestad / 5. Cara mia - Måns Zelmerlöw / 6. Eloise - Arvingarn…