Deluxe Super Trouper!

ABBA-Super Trouper Deluxe Edition CD/DVD, International release May 9, 2011

The fourth in a  series of Deluxe Edition ABBA CD/DVD. They feature previously released music, the original album plus relevant B-sides and/or foreign language tracks. Also included is a  a DVD of TV performances and other relevant video material. . 

The audio tracks have been  remastered yet again for this release,  The disc includes a never before available  stereo mix of the original, full length version of "On And On And On", previously only available in mono. All the other audio tracks have been previously released.  The  television performances of tracks from the Super Trouper album,  have been not released on DVD before. Included is a rare vintage documentary Words And Music, produced by Polar Music , which features the group talking specifically about the Super Trouper album in 1980.

Also included is a never before released  featurette, entitled "Somewhere In The Crowd There’s You – On Location With ABBA". It  compiles footage that was shot on the night when ABBA and their album designer, Rune Söderqvist, assembled a crowd of friends and circus performers to create the spectacular photograph featured on the Super Trouper album sleeve. The footage is not narrated, it's not a documentary, but it is  interesting. ABBA stands out oddly, because they are dressed out to the nines  in a simple but elegant white costumes, and they are the  only people not moving around  or performing.  This archive footage has been sitting in the archives for three decades without ever being made public – until now. You get the feeling that Rune had big ideas for this cover, and that somehow things just didn't come out totally how he envisioned. (His original idea had been to shoot the cover outside in downtown London. )

Also  included are the much released original promo clips for ‘Super Trouper’ and ‘Happy New Year’ – both of which feature footage shot on the “album sleeve night” – to give the viewer further glimpses of what took place that night. The sequences included in the promo clips, shot by director Lasse Hallström, are completely different to the footage in the feature, filmed by a separate film crew. The promo clips are the newly restored and remastered versions, out of which only ‘Super Trouper’ has been released before (on last year’s ABBA Gold CD/DVD Special Edition); the restored ‘Happy New Year’ is seen for the first time.
Disc 1: CD
  1.Super Trouper
 2.The Winner Takes It All
 3.On And On And On
 4.Andante, Andante
 5.Me And I
 6.Happy New Year
 7.Our Last Summer
  8.The Piper
  9. Lay All Your Love On Me
10. The Way Old Friends Do

Bonus Tracks
11 Elaine
12 On And On And On (Full length version, stereo mix)
13 Put On Your White Sombrero
14 Andante, Andante (Spanish Version)
15 Felicidad (Spanish Version of Happy New Year)
Disc 2: DVD
    Songs performed:
   The Winner Takes It All
   Super Trouper
   On And On And On
2 Happy New Year (SVT)
3 Words And Music (DOCUMENTARY)
4 Somewhere In The Crowd There’s You – On Location With ABBA
5 Super Trouper (Remastered promo clip)
6 Happy New Year (Remastered promo clip)
7 Super Trouper TV commercial I (UK)
8 Super Trouper TV commercial II (UK)
9 International Sleeve Gallery
Source:ABBA-The Site

 ABBA- The Story of ABBA, 2DVD, UK, Australia March 210

Another unofficial DVD with previously released material

Original Cast Album-Mamma Mia! L'album live du spectacle français CD, French CD February 21, 2010

The cast album for the French version of Mamma Mia!.

ACTE 1 :

1. Prologue
2. Honey, Honey
3. Money, Money, Money
4. Ma Vie C’est La Musique
5. Mamma Mia
6. Chiquitita
7. Dancing Queen
8. Laisse Moi L’Amour Aussi
9. Super Trouper
10. Un Homme Après Minuit
11. Dis, A Quoi Tu Joues
12. Voulez-Vous
13. Entracte
14. Comme Une Attaque
15. L’Un De Nous
16. S.O.S.
17. Si Mama Permet
18. Qui Je Suis ! Qui Sommes-Nous ?
19. Tout Un Été
20. Le Temps Me Glisse Entre Les Doigts
21. La Loi Du Plus Fort
22. Viens Tenter Ta Chance
23. Dis Oui, Dis Oui, Dis Oui !
24. Je Garde Un Rêve
25. Mamma Mia
26. Dancing Queen
27. Waterloo


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