New Benny Andersson album with BAO called O klang och jubeltid

Benny Anderssons Orkester-  O klang och jubeltid  ,  Swedish CD Mono Records  MMCD 027 planned release June  15, 2011 

 More polka marches and rums.  The new  Benny Anderssons Orkester album will be released in Sweden in mid June. . It will be called O klang och jubeltid – an English translation is O time of sound and rejoicing. The album will have thirteen songs, eight with vocals.  The single that  will be  promoted is Kära Syster, sung by Helen Sjoholm.  Tommy Korborg, and Kalle Moreaus also sing on the record. 

1 O Klang och Jubeltid
2 Kära Syster
3 Månstrålar Klara
4 Midsommarpolka
5 Allt Syns När Man Är Naken
6 Alla Goda Ting
7 En Dag I Sänder
8 Flickornas Rum
9 De Ljuva Drömmarnas Orkester
10 Jag Hör...
11 Sorgmarsch
12 Vilar Glad. I Din Famn
13 Brudmarsch
 Source:  ICE the Site, ABBA intermezzo.   Remember there will always be an England!

Caramba (Michael B. Tretow)- Caramba 1981 Swedish reissued on CD Early 2011.

A reissue of  this cult classic by Michael B. Tretow.  The album features Ted Gardestad, Roger Palm and other Swedish Musicians.  

Tracklist  Hubba hubba zoot zoot, Ali baba, Spotnjik, Parentzoe, Ine feine, Fido, Aitho, Anna kapoe, Anna maya, Ahllo, Carhumba, Hare christmes, Ralf & rolf, and  Parentzoe 


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