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ABBA’s studio album LP reissue Series In August Universal in Germany will do a limited edition reissue of ABBA’s eight studio Albums. The original artwork and track listings  will be used.  Only 300 copies will be made of each LP. 

ABBA-Ring Ring, Universal 0602527346472, German LP Reissue,  August 9, 2011
1. Ring Ring bara du slog en signal Swedish version, 2. Another Town, Another Train, 3. Disillusion, 4. People Need Love, 5. I Saw It In The Mirror, 6. Nina, Pretty Ballerina, 7. Love Isn't Easy But It Sure Is Hard Enough, 8. Me And Bobby And Bobby's Brother, 9. He Is Your Brother, 10. Ring Ring English version, 11. I Am Just A Girl, 12. Rock'n Roll Band

ABBA-ABBA-Waterloo Universal 0602527346489 German LP Reissue,  August 9, 2011 1.Waterloo Swedish version, 2. Sitting In The Palmtree, 3. King Kong Song, 4. Hasta Mañana, 5. My Mama Said, 6. Dance While The Music Still Goes On, 7. Honey, Honey, 8. Watch Out, 9. What About Livingstone, 10. Gonna Sing You My Lovesong, 11. Suz…

abba in the annoying orange.

My kids and I regularly watch the continuing adventures of the Annoying Orange on You Tube. He is a orange that hangs out with other foods in the kitchen. Many of his compariots end up getting chopped by a knife. In this episode he was hanging out with a Ipod

In a recent episode ABBA was mentioned. I am not sure it was intended as a flattering reference.  Here's the video..