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New Various Artist album

Various Artists -Beginners Guide to the Music of Scandinavia , 3CD Released May  June 2011

This well reviewed survey of the Scandinavian scene features the BAO version of  Sång från Andra Våningen. Which is a song which is o can be found on the Story of the Heart and Benny Andersson Orkester albums. CD1. Pop & Contemporary 1 Kari Bremnes - Egentlig en Danser (Nor) 2 Lars Demian - Alkohol (Swe) 3 KOOP feat. Hilde Louise Asbjørnsen - Strange Love (Swe/Nor) 4 Bo Kaspers Orkester - Innan Allt Försvinner (Swe) 5 Vuokko Hovatta - Aletta (Fin) 6 Sóley - Theater Island (Ice) 7 Cornelis Vreeswijk - Samba för Pomperipossa (Swe) 8 House of Trees - Working Man’s Song (Swe/UK) 9 Pascal Pinon - En þú varst ævintýr (Ice) 10 Ane Brun - To Let Myself Go (Nor) 11 Niko Valkeapää - Birrat Birra (Nor/Fin) 12 Valravn - Seersken (Den/Faro) 13 Kimmo Pohjonen - Kaluaja (Fin) CD2. Folk & Roots 1 Eivør Pálsdóttir - Mín Móðir (Live) (Faro) 2 Kiila - Auringonlunta (Fin) 3 Sanna Kurki Suonio - Tuulen Nostatus …

The Best ABBA and ABBA solo albums

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I thought I would revisit my "ABBA-The Album's Best of page. " This is a page that was built for ABBA the Albums at least six years ago. It's a list of what I think are the best ABBA and ABBA solo albums. Oddly, though I have seen a few "Best ABBA albums" lists, I seldom seen such a list that considers ABBA's solo work in it's entirety as well. Ranking the ABBA studio albums is tricky, since  none of their albums stands  head and shoulders above the others. It is only obvious that their first two studio albums (Ring Ring and Waterloo) are of a lesser quality. People's preferences among the later six studio albums tends to be based on personal taste. If you don't like disco your not going to like Voulez-Vous, if you don't like things too dreary your not going to like The Visitors.

Perhaps there are some things on the original list that I would list differently now. Perhaps Chess should be listed N…