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Mamma Mia and Evil Dead!

Mamma Mia poster, no not really! I missed this poster that was used as a promotional poster, for the 2009 musical, EVIL DEAD, the poster was designed by people at Saatchi and Saatchi ! It's our Halloween post!! Happy Goblin Day, Happy Birthday JimSB!

2011 ABBA and ABBA related releases

2011 ABBA and ABBA related releases 2011
Here is a unfinished recap of ABBA releases during 2011! The big events this year were a new BAO album, a Super Trouper reissue . Meanwhile,   Benny and Bjorn continue to pull in massive piles of money for Mamma Mia.   
Original Cast Album-Mamma Mia! L'album live du spectacle français CD, French CD February 21, 2011
The cast album for the French version of Mamma Mia!. The recording for this was made on December 15, 2010. The French language version of Mamma Mia premiered on October 28, 2010.
ACTE 1 :
1. Prologue 2. Honey, Honey 3. Money, Money, Money 4. Ma Vie C’est La Musique 5. Mamma Mia 6. Chiquitita 7. Dancing Queen 8. Laisse Moi L’Amour Aussi 9. Super Trouper 10. Un Homme Après Minuit 11. Dis, A Quoi Tu Joues 12. Voulez-Vous 13. Entracte 14. Comme Une Attaque 15. L’Un De Nous 16. S.O.S. 17. Si Mama Permet 18. Qui Je Suis ! Qui Sommes-Nous ? 19. Tout Un Été 20. Le Temps Me Glisse Entre Les Doigts 21. La Loi Du Plus Fort 22. Viens Tenter…

ABBA -You can dance videogame

ABBA-You Can Dance, Wii video game,  November 2011 international release   This is a new video game based on the music and performances of  ABBA.  ABBA You Can Dance. Developed exclusively for the Wii system from Nintendo by Ubisof. It appears that  the American and European versions have different cover images.  According to the promo materials - "Two players can sing along to lyrics that appear on-screen, while up to four players can simultaneously perform the dance moves. A mini-musical mode lets players act out the key roles in a love story based on some of the group’s classic songs. ABBA You Can Dance also includes original video clips and displays anecdotes about the group that even die-hard fans will find entertaining and informative." No doubt... Visually the game is uninteresting, both in the unremarkable packaging, and in the game itself. But it is simple and easy to play along to...Track Listing
As good as new
Dancing Queen…