ABBA's Top 40.

Canadian ABBA fan, NSkid, has compiled an excellent video for YouTube.  His compilation video counts down in reverse order ABBA's  most successful singles.  The ranking is based on how well each of the records charted in 17 different countries.  The ranking may not reflect the actual sales ranking of each of ABBA's singles..

Here's his TOP ten.  

10. One of Us (1981)
9. The Name of the Game (1977)
8. Super Trouper (1980)
7. Take a Chance on Me (1978)
6. Waterloo (1974)
5. Knowing Me, Knowing You (1977)
4. The Winner Takes it All (1980)
3. Fernando (1976)
2. Chiquitita (1979)
1. Dancing Queen (1976)

"Dancing Queen" obviously was going to be the number one single, but I was   surprised that "Take A Chance On Me' is lower down, and that "One of Us" and Chiquitita" are so high in the ranking.


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