New Ludvig Andersson recording project.

Atlas-Empires and Stuff, RMV Grammofon / Universal  Swedish CD September 14,  2011

Benny Andersson's son Ludvig Andersson, has a new album out.
“Empires and Stuff” is the first album from the Stockholm duo ATLAS. Ludvig Andersson (vocals, guitar and various other instruments) and Mats Lundgren (keyboards and even more instruments)
Previously Ludvig recorded an album with Ella Rouge and a solo album.  Mats Lundgren worked in a group called Pine Forest Crunch.  The featured You Tube video track is called E.T.  The CD is available from the ABBF fanclub site.  Benny  Andersson does not play on the CD.   The CD was recorded in the new Mono Record Studios. Update- January 2012- Oh I finally realized that's a person on the cover....

Track listing:T-shirts, Poets And Idiots, Here's Johnny, Avalon, E.T., Bright Eyes, Cam Me, Mars, I'm July Amanda, Bay City Lights


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