New Various Artist album

Various Artists -Beginners Guide to the Music of Scandinavia , 3CD Released May  June 2011

This well reviewed survey of the Scandinavian scene features the BAO version of  Sång från Andra Våningen. Which is a song which is o can be found on the Story of the Heart and Benny Andersson Orkester albums.
CD1. Pop & Contemporary
1 Kari Bremnes - Egentlig en Danser (Nor) 2 Lars Demian - Alkohol (Swe) 3 KOOP feat. Hilde Louise Asbjørnsen - Strange Love (Swe/Nor) 4 Bo Kaspers Orkester - Innan Allt Försvinner (Swe) 5 Vuokko Hovatta - Aletta (Fin) 6 Sóley - Theater Island (Ice) 7 Cornelis Vreeswijk - Samba för Pomperipossa (Swe) 8 House of Trees - Working Man’s Song (Swe/UK) 9 Pascal Pinon - En þú varst ævintýr (Ice) 10 Ane Brun - To Let Myself Go (Nor) 11 Niko Valkeapää - Birrat Birra (Nor/Fin) 12 Valravn - Seersken (Den/Faro) 13 Kimmo Pohjonen - Kaluaja (Fin)
CD2. Folk & Roots
1 Eivør Pálsdóttir - Mín Móðir (Live) (Faro) 2 Kiila - Auringonlunta (Fin) 3 Sanna Kurki Suonio - Tuulen Nostatus (Fin) 4 Hedningarna - Räven (Swe/Fin) 5 Värttinä - Päivän Nousu Nostajani (Fin) 6 Markku Lepistö - Myrskylintu (Fin) 7 Maria Kalaniemi - I Fjol (Fin) 8 Sigrid Moldestad - Gåta (Nor) 9 Morild - Der Stode Tre Skalke (Den) 10 Anna Pálína & Draupner - Húfan Dýra (Ice) 11 Phønix - Mallebrok (Den) 12 BOOT - Samu (Swe) 13 Annbjørg Lien - Korstog (Nor)

CD3. Jazz, Experimental & Atmospheres
1 Bazar Blå - Stilla (Swe) 2 Karl Seglem - Mårblå (Nor) 3 Unni Løvlid - Bak Vaker Verda (Nor) 4 Lars Danielsson with Bugge Wesseltoft & Nils Petter Molvaer - Judas Bolero (excerpt) (Swe/Nor) 5 Terje Isungset - Fading Sun (Nor) 6 Islaja - Aallot Ja Äänet (Fin) 7 Agnar Már Magnússon - Heimkoma (Ice) 8 Benny Anderssons Orkester - Sång från Andra Våningen (Swe) 9 Gjermund Larsen Trio - Vals til Hans (Nor) 10 e.s.t. (Esbjörn Svensson Trio) - From Gagarin’s Point of View (Swe) 11 Henrik Andersen - High Five (Den) 12 Wimme - Gierran (Fin) 13 Mari Boine with Inna Zhelannaya & Sergey Starostin - Dás Áiggun Cuozzut (Nor/Rus)


The Best ABBA and ABBA solo albums

Illustration from Motiifake.com

I thought I would revisit my "ABBA-The Album's Best of page. " This is a page that was built for ABBA the Albums at least six years ago. It's a list of what I think are the best ABBA and ABBA solo albums. Oddly, though I have seen a few "Best ABBA albums" lists, I seldom seen such a list that considers ABBA's solo work in it's entirety as well. Ranking the ABBA studio albums is tricky, since  none of their albums stands  head and shoulders above the others. It is only obvious that their first two studio albums (Ring Ring and Waterloo) are of a lesser quality. People's preferences among the later six studio albums tends to be based on personal taste. If you don't like disco your not going to like Voulez-Vous, if you don't like things too dreary your not going to like The Visitors.

Perhaps there are some things on the original list that I would list differently now. Perhaps Chess should be listed Number one and Kristina Fran Duvemala a little lower. I am a little less impressed by Klinga Mina Klockor and Djupa Andetag then I used to be, but I still rank them highly. This list doesn't include much by BAO, so perhaps more of their work belongs. Agnetha has had a number of recent compilations that I might consider as worthy of the list. I wasn't overwhelmed by Agnetha's recent studio album, but perhaps others might think it was worthy. I don't think any of the albums from the Mamma Mia franchise belong here, but some people claim that the Swedish cast version is well sung. One might also include recent concert versions of Kristina and Chess.. My "Best of" page also includes what I consider to be the best ABBA and ABBA solo songs and I will revisit that at a later date.

What follows is the original list...


1. Kristina Fran Duvemala (Original Cast Album)-Andersson & Ulvaeus -This is where it all finally led to... Bjorn and Benny finally release an artistically flawless work with this adaption of Moberg's EMIGRANTS books.
2. Chess -Andersson, Rice and Ulvaeus - Overall the best record ever by Bjorn and Benny but the book to the musical has issues!
3.Thank You For The Music (Box Set)-ABBA All the hits, all the b-sides and rarities too!.
4. Arrival -ABBA. Though artistically a little weak, this is probably ABBA at it's peak.
5. The Album-ABBA . ABBA 's most artistic album.
6. Super Trouper-ABBA. ABBA most self-assured album overall.
7. Djupa Andetag-Frida .The most mature and surprising ABBA solo effort.
8. ABBA -ABBA. The first great ABBA album came in 1975.
9.The Visitors-ABBA. ABBA reaches boldly into darkness.
10. Klinga Mina Klockor-Benny Andersson. Benny breaks out in surprising ways.

Selections 10-20
11. The Definitive Collection -ABBA.
The Best packaged and annotated of the ABBA hits collections,
12. Voulez-Vous -ABBA This semi-disco album is nonetheless filled with many great ABBA tracks.
13. Frida Ensam-Frida The best sung and best arranged album of the girls solo efforts..
14. Gemini-Gemini .Produced and cowritten by B&B in 1985 it features "Just Like That.'
15. Lycka- Bjorn and Benny. The remarkably serious debut album of B&B features Bjorn's best work.
16. Cadillac Madness- 40 Years - Hep Stars. Sweden's Beatles -this features a mumber of great early Andersson-Ulvaeus songs.
17. Elva Kvinnor I ett Hus-Agnetha Faltskog. Aggie's 1975 master work.
18. My love, My Life -Agnetha Faltskog . A great career overview.
19. Something's Going On-Frida. The first of the 1980's solo albums was produced by Phil Collins.
20. Agnetha Faltskog- Eyes of A Woman- Jeff Lynne , Justin Hayward, and others wrote for the songs for Aggie's best English language solo album.

21. Anni-Frid Lyngstad 1967-1972-Frida. Frida's early work efficiently and attractively compliled.
22. Shapes-Josefin Nilsson. The only pop album B&B wrote and produced in the 1990's.
23. Hep Stars -Hep Stars. The Hep Stars 1966 album features the best ABBA related work of the 1960's.
24. November 1989-Benny Andersson. The closest we get to an unadulterated Benny Andersson album.
25. More ABBA Gold-ABBA Easy to listen set of ABBA's lesser hits and b-sides.
26. Basta-The Hootenanny Singers. Explore the best of Bjorn's pre ABBA band in this generous collection.
27. Shine-Frida . An ignored but listenable Frida getting as close to the tail end of the 1970/80's New Wave rock era as she can.
28. Pa Svenska- Bjorn,Benny, Agnetha, Frida and ABBA . Not actually a very listenable album, but nevetheless a conventient compilation of Swedish tracks.
29. That's Me- Agnetha Faltskog .Aggie's 80's stuff in one basket.
30. Waterloo- ABBA Bubblegummy but eclectic with some weak songs but cool singing, and fun playing.
31. CHESS IN SWEDISH -ORIGINAL CAST ALBUM. This time it is Revised and updated into the Swedish language .
32. ORO-ABBA. All of ABBA's Spanish tracks in one place¡
33. Ring Ring-Bjorn,Benny, Agnetha, Frida . Actually not bad at all, but has a few weaker tracks..Lot of the tracks are nicely unfamiliar.
34. Agnetha's My Colouring Book-Agnetha Faltskog
35. De Forsta Aren 1967-1979-Agnetha Faltskog -Sadly out of print compilation of Agnetha's first five albums.
36. Benny Andersson's Orkester -Benny Andersson's Orkester

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