Frida and Genesis

Frida and Phil Collins
I was having a little Genesis festival at home recently. Genesis of course, went into the Rock and Hall of Fame with ABBA the same year.. I was listening to stuff from Genesis's  pop orientated 1980's albums like Abacab, Genesis and Invisible Touch.

While going through some stuff on YouTube, I was reminded that Frida recorded her own version of a 1980 Phil Collins solo ballad called "You Know What I Mean". I was surprised at how well it holds up. It has a harp backing, but Frida's vocals are genuinely emotional, and as evocative as the excellent harp. This track is found on Frida's 1982 solo album-Something's Going On which was produced by Phil Collins.

It is Phil's famous Drum hook, that makes the title track such a great record.  Of course, it also seems like he's taken over the album sometimes with his drum playing.
Phil also was responsible for encouraging Frida to write a few songs for the Shine sessions.  Frida had wanted Phil to produce that album too, but he did not have the time.  

Other Genesis connections with ABBA is that they were on the same recording label (Atlantic) in the United States and that Genesis recorded a few tracks at Polar Music Studio. Also, they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the same year....

On a  semi- related side note, I was surprised to see how old former Genesis member, Peter Gabriel gotten, he's lost most of his hair, and has a white beard. People should not get lose their hair or get old.
Of course, Phil Collins  began  losing his hair right before our very eyes back in the 1980's.


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