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Deluxe editions of ABBA studio albums


Here  are our  short  reviews of all the   ABBA deluxe editions... 

All of these "sound and vision" sets  tend to be more interesting for the DVD then the audio discs, but they also do probably represent the best presentation of each of these albums, as a whole. 

There  remains considerable debate as to which of the numerous issuance's of ABBA's studio albums have the best sound quality. Some people even think the vinyl sounds better.  
Up to now, there have not Deluxe editions of the Ring Ring or the ABBA (limo album)  studio  albums.  There have been various reissues of ABBA Gold, More ABBA Gold and the Spanish albums, but none of those have regarded as "Deluxe editions".  The ABBA live has not been released in Deluxe edition either.  

The last three studio albums have the most interesting selection of audio bonus tracks, since there were more B-sides and such  to include on the later albums.  Only The Visitors has a totally new audio tr…

Visitors Deluxe is out, but hard to find!

The Visitors deluxe edition came out on Monday,  April 23 assuming of course, you can find it. In a lot of countries it has sold out, since it only small numbers of copies had been made. It was  Available   on April 27 in Australia and New Zealand.  May 1 in Canada.. This re-release  actually charted on the album charts in Great Britain (#62 for it's first chart week)  and also charted in some other countries.

ABBA-The Visitors (Deluxe Edition), Universal Music CD/DVD International release April 23, 2012 

For once, ABBA's record label, Universal,  actually has managed to  surprised us. Universal  Music's  press release about a "new" ABBA song has drawn a considerable attention on world news Websites, much more attention than  other recent reissues  have gotten, probably more attention than it should have gotten.

The deluxe edition of The Visitors will be released in April of 2012 and it will include "From A Twinkling Star To A Passing Angel (…

ABBA-The Essential Collection

The Essential Collection is finally out!Universal hasn't done a new major  ABBA compilation in awhile,  so here comes another internationally available ABBA compilation.  This release will come in three different configurations: a double-CD, a single DVD, and a Limited Edition package featuring the Double CD set and  the DVD and an illustrated 28-page booklet, with liner notes by Carl Magnus Palm.  The ABBA Intermezzo web site  says this compilation will replace The Definitive Collection as the two disc ABBA compilation.  These products will all be released in  September except in Germany. Germany has retained the original late May release date to help take advantage of some ABBA TV specials. ABBA-The Essential Collection, Universal Polar 00602527993720, 2CD Available internationally September 2012 except in  Germany where they were released on May 28, 2012

A 39 song collection of ABBA hits and album tracks, no B-sides or rarities in the CD's, The liner notes by Carl…