Robin Gibb dies...a few ABBA connections...

ABBA's induction to the Rock Rock Hall Of Fame,can you find Paul Shaffer?

Robin Gibb,CBE died today, May 20,2012  at the age of 62.  This is the latest in a remarkable sequence of recent  music star deaths,  In the past weeks, Whitney Houston, Levon Helm, Adam Yauch, and Donna Summer as well as some less noted musicians  have died.  Robin's death  wasn't unexpected, but there was a slight element of  surprise, in that he cheated death at first when he came out of his coma.  I have been a Bee Gees fan for awhile, and I imagine a lot of ABBA fans are, since they were both pop bands that were big in the 1970's.  They both came from exotic places,  dabbled in disco but were capable of other things, they both were wonderful vocal bands, and  featured the work of  legendary songwriting partnerships. 

Robin was a quirky kind of guy, perhaps a underrated talent, since he had the misfortune and fortune of being in  the same band as the great Barry Gibb.   Robin  had a  reedy tenor,  and  had a unique vibrato sound, which he  used most successfully on many of  the  band's 1960's hits. He was much less prominent in their late 1970's comeback, but in their later records went back to doing many lead and co-vocals.   It wasn't clearly  spelled  out what Robin's exact role in the  remarkable songwriting of Gibb brothers, but it  is known that he was their  best lyricist, and a  competent melody writer.  He was  rarely used as an actual musician. Many of the Bee Gees songs that I loved best  were the songs where Robin and Barry shared vocals   like "How Can You Mend A  Broken Heart", "Run to Me", Nights On Broadway,"Alone" and  "This is Where I Came In"  . My favorite Robin solo lead was on the chilling "I Can't See Nobody". 

Among the many  Bee Gee connections with  ABBA are ABBA's  prominent role in the Bee Gee led Music for UNICEF concert, ABBA's  appearance with Olivia Newton -John and Andy Gibb on a TV special, and  Robin and Barry Gibb's  induction of ABBA into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame..

(Above: YouTube video of  The Bee Gees on the Midnight Special, playing "I Can't See Nobody") 
What was Robin's  most memorable eccentricity?  He used  his non- mike hand to cup his right ear.


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