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Viva Forever, the new Judy Craymer musical

Update: the musical has already closed!

Mamma Spice Girls?
There had been a  lot of cajoling from Universal for some sort of sequel to Mamma Mia, and while the idea has not been totally and completely  ruled out, it not still apparently not something that Bjorn and Benny want to do. So this is what their jilted producer, Judy Craymer is doing instead, a Spice Girls inspired musical. 

The romantic comedy Spice Girls  musical is called Viva Forever.  It premiered on  December 11, 2012. Previews began  November 27, 2012 .
The musical survived bad reviews to crawl through six months, before it finally closed.

  According to the the latest press releases,  "The story follows the idea of an American Idol-type singing contest, a young woman with a chaotic home life who attempts to resolve her feelings about adoption, learning to believe in herself and about friendship and "girl power."
Nothing about three dads, hopefully they'll actually spring for a set this time…

Colbert & ABBA

Stephen Colbert says "Take a Chance on Me".  Apparently, Stephen Colbert,  America's  leading "conservative" commentator has taken to invoking "Sweden's leading poets", Bjorn and Benny in his fight to take over Sweden's tweeter account.....I must admit I never understood twitter, so this all is  a little beyond me..... And yes, that's a genuine ABBA tribute act, the ABBA Girlz! This all happened  on June 21, 2012...  Read more in the Local....

See more pictures at the ABBA Girlz facebook page

Watch the original segment below -the ABBA part is toward the end..

The Colbert Report
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2012 ABBA releases

ABBA releases-of 2012 (Updated  September 2012)

So far this has been an extremely light year for ABBA related  releases, the highlight  has  been the release of  previously unreleased ABBA demos on the Deluxe edition of ABBA-The Visitors.

ABBA: Die Audiostory audiobook by Michael HerdenGerman  release 20 January 20, 2012 Michael Herden's ABBA  book released in audio form....

Anne Wood-Divine Discontent,  February ? 2012 Australian CD and I tunes release.
This is a new album of mostly ABBA cover songs by Anne Wood, who starred in Australian version of Mamma Mia.    She played Donna in two stints in 2001 and 2010.   Of interest to Bjorn and Benny fans is the first released version of "The Day the Wall Came Tumbling Down", which was originally written to be recorded by Barbara Dickson and supposedly Elaine Paige. The original version was never released. But a unreleased  Dickson live  version  can be heard in a 2002  live performance that is available  You Tube.   The so…