2012 ABBA releases

ABBA releases-of 2012 (Updated  September 2012)

 So far this has been an extremely light year for ABBA related  releases, the highlight  has  been the release of  previously unreleased ABBA demos on the Deluxe edition of ABBA-The Visitors.

ABBA: Die Audiostory audiobook by Michael Herden German  release 20 January 20, 2012
Michael Herden's ABBA  book released in audio form....

Anne Wood-Divine Discontent,  February ? 2012 Australian CD and I tunes release.

This is a new album of mostly ABBA cover songs by Anne Wood, who starred in Australian version of Mamma Mia.    She played Donna in two stints in 2001 and 2010.  
Of interest to Bjorn and Benny fans is the first released version of "The Day the Wall Came Tumbling Down", which was originally written to be recorded by Barbara Dickson and supposedly Elaine Paige. The original version was never released. But a unreleased  Dickson live  version  can be heard in a 2002  live performance that is available  You Tube.   The song is about the fall of the Berlin Wall, and while a  very interesting  song-it is perhaps not quite as good as they Bjorn  and Benny hoped it would be.The Dickson version  can be heard in a 2002  live performance made  on You Tube. 

1. S.O.S.
2. The Day Before You Came
3. Knowing Me, Knowing You
4. I Wonder (Departure)
5. Dance (While the Music Still Goes On)
6. Money, Money, Money
7. Like An Angel Passing Through My Room
8. The Winner Takes It All
9. When All Is Said And Done
10. I Have A Dream/Slipping Through My Fingers
11. The Day The Wall Came Tumbling Down

ABBA GOLD - The Singles DVD March 19, 2012
R-erelease of unofficial  ABBA made for video documentary originally released in 2006

ABBA- Voulez-Vouz /If It Wasn’t for the Nights, Universal 00602527957302, 12 inch single, April 21, 2012

Here we go again with the vinyl collectibles of stuff we already have. ABBA will release a limited edition 12-inch vinyl single for Record Store Day on Saturday, April 21. The A-Side features "Voulez-Vous (Extended Dance Remix)", originally released as a promo-only single in the United States and France. This marks the first commercial vinyl release of this remix. On the flip side is another dance number  “If It Wasn't For The Nights”, originally released on the Voulez-Vous album. The Voulez-Vous dance mix can also be found , if I am not mistaken on the Definitive Collection 2CD set. Here's a idea for a release of previously released material . You know what I might bought?  How about a vinyl LP with the five officially released 1982 songs or let's say one with all the  B-sides. Neither of those compilations has been tried yet.  Or how about all the Bjorn lead vocals on one LP, well maybe not that one.     

This limited edition  Record Store Day release is pressed on blue glitter vinyl and packaged in a cardboard sleeve. The 12-inch single, which is limited to 4 or 5,000 numbered copies (catalogue number 00602527957302), is for sale exclusively in participating stores. For more information about Record Store Day please visit recordstoreday.com-

ABBA-The Visitors (Deluxe Edition), Universal Music CD/DVD International release April 23, 2012 

For once, ABBA's record label, Universal,  actually has managed to  surprised us. Universal  Music's  press release about a "new" ABBA song has drawn a considerable attention on world news Websites, much more attention than  other recent reissues  have gotten, probably more attention than it should have gotten.

The deluxe edition of The Visitors will be released in April of 2012 and it will include
"From A Twinkling Star To A Passing Angel (demos)" a  recording which has never  been released before. The press release originally did not state exactly what these unreleased demos consist of -but a week later Benny Andersson confirmed that it was merely work  tapes for the released  track,  "Like An Angel Passing Through My Room". When, the song was originally recorded it was more  complex, and early  mixes were made of the more complicated versions of the song.   . There have  already  been a few " work in progress tapes" already heard  unofficially from The Visitors sessions, due to a theft of tape copies from Bjorn's car.  These bootleg tracks  have included instrumental versions of  songs, and early takes of songs such as "When All is Said and Done, and "Two for the Price of One's  these bootlegs are what is included here.  

It was  Benny Andersson's  idea in  October and November of 2011 to edit a   eight-minute medley of the various working tapes of  "Like An Angel Passing Through My Room". Included from  various work tapes   is  the original  demo, with actually rather good vocals by Björn, a unpleasant disco version, an alternate lyric version called ‘Another Morning Without You’ and a run-through with Benny on electric piano and Frida on lead vocals. There is nothing on the mix to suggest that they picked the wrong version of the song, but there is lots of interesting variations on the song, include clearly a bad idea or two.  A few places in there some cool  backing vocal bits, but in general the song seems to sound better without Agnetha on it.  

Bjorn and Benny have usually been hesitant to release their unreleased stuff-so the release of "From a Twinkling Star..." is bizarrely inconsistent from that policy.  Why not do the same thing for the other ABBA deluxe releases, for example release the work tapes for "Chiquitita" which had been contemplated back when when the box set was issued in 1994.  Why not release "Just Like That" the excellent 1982 track  that has yet to see full release.  JLT is the  holy grail of unreleased ABBA tracks. (The various
reissues of the Visitors  album  have always contained some selection of the tracks recorded in 1982 after The Visitor album was released.) Bjorn was once asked by a fan on the group's official website if they would ever release a Beatles Anthology style collection of rare tracks and outtakes, his reaction was total disdain for the very idea. Benny  recently said that he hoped this was the last of the unreleased recordings.

The CD/DVD also includes the usual assortment of bonus tracks and TV performances. The other five 1982 recordings are included as well as "Should I Laugh Or Cry" and the nine original songs from The Visitors album. The DVD is notable for not including more from the Dick Cavett Special, which included originally   a interview and nine songs. The DVD includes two songs from Dick Cavett Meets ABBA, where ABBA previewed two tracks from their forthcoming album: ‘Two For The Price Of One’ and ‘Slipping Through My Fingers.’ The  video included  for ‘When All Is Said And Done’,  features  an edit that differs slightly from the version heard on the album – this video is included here with its rare original soundtrack in stereo.

Also featured are two lengthy television appearances,for the promotions for The Singles – The First Ten Years. album.

What's good about this set?  Well it is a wonderful album for fans  of ABBA's more serious work, and the set includes five of the six songs that ABBA recorded in 1982 songs. A lot of albums don't get this  nice deluxe treatment, so I am happy about that too!

 The Visitors - Deluxe Edition track listing..


1.  The Visitors
2.  Head Over Heels
3.  When All Is Said And Done
4.  Soldiers
5.  I Let The Music Speak
6.  One Of Us
7.  Two For The Price Of One
8.  Slipping Through My Fingers
9.  Like An Angel Passing Through My Room
Bonus Tracks:

10. Should I Laugh Or Cry
11. I Am The City
12. You Owe Me One
13. Cassandra
14. Under Attack
15. The Day Before You Came
Extra Bonus Track:

16. From A Twinkling Star To A Passing Angel (demos)


1.    Two For The Price Of One (Dick Cavett Meets ABBA)
2.    Slipping Through My Fingers (Dick Cavett Meets ABBA)
3.    When All Is Said And Done (Original Promo Clip)
4.    ABBA In London, November 1982 (The Late Late Breakfast Show, BBC)
5.    ABBA In Stockholm, November 1982 (Nöjesmaskinen, SVT)
6.    The Visitors TV commercial I (UK)
7.    The Visitors TV commercial II (Australia)
8.    The Singles – The First Ten Years TV commercial I (UK)
9.    The Singles – The First Ten Years TV commercial II (Australia)
10.    International Sleeve Gallery
ABBA In Concierto DVD   Released Mexico July 2012
02.Take A Chance On Me
03.Mamma Mia!
04.Dancing Queen
06.Super Trouper
07.Chiquitita (Inglés)
08.Knowing Me, Knowing You
09.I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
11.Does Your Mother Know
12.Estoy Soñando (I Have A Dream)
13.Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
14.The Winner Takes It All
15.No Hay A Quién Culpar (When All Is Said And Done)
16.One Of Us
18.Felicidad (Happy New Year)
19.Thank You For The Music

ABBA The Gold Singles - The Ultimate Review DVD  September 5, 2012
Rerelease of unofficial  ABBA made for Video documentary originally released in 2006 The clips are not full length.
1. Introduction: Waterloo (Star Parade 1974 Germany, The Eurovision Song Contest 1974, ABBA Special, Japan 1978)
2. Dancing Queen (ABBA Special, Japan 1978, The Royal Swedish Opera 1976, Midnight Special 1976)
3. Knowing Me, Knowing You (ABBA Special, Japan 1978, ABBA In Studio 2 1976)
4. Take A Chance On Me (ABBA Special, Japan 1978, Star Parade 1978 Germany)
5. Mamma Mia (Musikladen 1976, Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 1975)
6. Super Trouper (Dick Cavett Meets ABBA, 1981, Show Express 1980 Germany)
7. I Have A Dream (300 Milliones 1979 Spain)
8. The Winner Takes It All (Show Express 1980 Germany)
9. Money, Money, Money (ABBA In Studio 2 1976)
10. SOS (Don Kirschner's Rock Concert 1975)
11. Chiquitita (Promotional Film 1979, Musikladen 1979)
12. Fernando (Musikladen 1976)
13. Voulez-Vous (Aplauso 1979 Spain)
14. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) (Dick Cavett Meets ABBA, 1981)
15. Does Your Mother Know (Aplauso 1979 Spain)
16. Thank You For The Music (The Mike Yarwood Show 1978)
17. Waterloo (ABBA Special, Japan 1978, The Eurovision Song Contest 1974, Star Parade 1974 Germany

End credits: One Of Us (performed by Gold)


ABBA-The Essential Collection, Universal Polar 00602527993720, 2CD Available internationally September 2012 except in  Germany where it will be releases in Late May 2012

Universal hasn't done a new major  ABBA compilation in awhile,  comes another internationally available ABBA compilation. 
This release will come in three different configurations: a double-CD, a single DVD, and a Limited Edition package featuring the Double CD set and  the DVD and an illustrated 28-page booklet, with liner notes by Carl Magnus Palm.  The ABBA Intermezzo web site  says this compilation will replace The Definitive Collection as the two disc ABBA compilation.  These products will all be released in  September except in Germany. Germany has retained the original late May release date to help take advantage of some ABBA TV specials.
A 39 song collection of ABBA hits and album tracks, no B-sides or rarities in the CD's, The liner notes by Carl Magnus Palm are based on those he wrote  in the Definitive Collection.  (The Definitive Collection shares about 30 songs) .. The album tracks included are songs that  had videos made for them,  such as "Happy New Year" or "One Man, One Woman".  The cover photo is from the Arrival era.

CD 01:

1. People Need Love
2. He Is Your Brother
3. Ring Ring
4. Love Isn’t Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)
5. Waterloo
6. Honey, Honey
7. So Long
8. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
9. SOS
10. Mamma Mia
12. Fernando
13. Dancing Queen
14. Money, Money, Money
15. Knowing Me, Knowing You
16. That’s Me
17. The Name Of The Game
18. Take A Chance On Me
19. Eagle
20. One Man, One Woman
21. Thank You For The Music
22. Summer Night City
CD 02:

1. Chiquitita
2. Does Your Mother Know
3. Voulez-Vous
4. Angeleyes
5. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
6. I Have A Dream
7. The Winner Takes It All
8. Super Trouper
9. On And On And On
10. Lay All Your Love On Me
11. Happy New Year
12. One Of Us
13. When All Is Said And Done
14. Head Over Heels
15. The Visitors
16. The Day Before You Came
17. Under Attack

Melanie C-Stages British CD September 2012
Sporty spice's new album has a duet with Baby Spice, Emma Bunton on the Andersson-Rice-Ulvaeus's classic, "I Know Him So Well". 

ABBA-The Essential Collection, Universal Polar 00602527993744.
,Internationally available DVD September 2012 except in Germany

The DVD features all the  official ABBA promo clips in remastered form, including two previously unreleased videos: ‘Conociéndome, Conociéndote’ and ‘Gracias por la música’ which are the Spanish versions of ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ and ‘Thank You For The Music’, respectively. the clip for "Chiquitita" is from the BBC. . The videos are in a  16:9 ratio instead of the usual 4:3, so you get to see small bits of the original 16mm films that you might have not seen before.  So the DVD might be worthwhile, if you don't already have a full set of ABBA DVDs .   The DVD is fairly generous with 34 songs.

( Sourced directly from ABBA the Site, which is now up again after  a break for a refit. More info came from Carl Magnus Palm's site.) 
1. Waterloo
2. Ring Ring
3. Mamma Mia
4. SOS
5. Bang-A-Boomerang
6. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
7. Fernando
8. Dancing Queen
9. Money, Money, Money
10. Knowing Me, Knowing You
11. That’s Me
12. The Name Of The Game
13. Take A Chance On Me
14. Eagle
15. One Man, One Woman
16. Thank You For The Music
17. Summer Night City
18. Chiquitita
19. Does Your Mother Know
20. Voulez-Vous
21. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
22. On And On And On
23. The Winner Takes It All
24. Super Trouper
25. Happy New Year
26. When All Is Said And Done
27. One Of Us
28. Head Over Heels
29. The Day Before You Came
30. Under Attack
31. Estoy Soñando
32. Conociéndome, conociéndote
33. Gracias por la música
34. Felicidad
ABBA-The Essential Collection  Limited Edition, Universal Polar 00602527993751., 2CD/1DVD, September 2012 except in Germany

A combination of the contents of both the DVD and 2CD versions of The Essential Collection. This set also has that exciting 28 page booklet. 

ABBA-The Story of ABBA, Japanese DVD, September  12 2012 

This is  rerelease of a previously unofficial ABBA documentary, originally released in 2011. 

ABBA- Music Milestones: ABBA/ARRIVAL DVD  Released September 24, 2012

This unofficial documentary  was originally released 2007.



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