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Do the olympics have any ABBA connection?

There is only a small ABBA connection.  "Dancing Queen" was sung by Kylie Minogue at the closing ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympics. The choice of an ABBA song, was probably a conscious choice, since Kylie is an ABBA fan, and ABBA has a special place in the Australian  popular culture.

Oh and the Olympics were held in Stockholm in 1912, but even Bjorn wasn't around back then...

Frida's friend, Jon Lord dies...

Jon Lord, age 71, formerly keyboardist/founder  member  of the British rock group, Deep Purple died on July 16th, 2012.  He died of Pancreatic Cancer in England. He been fighting cancer for about a year.

Jonathan Douglas Lord  was  noted for his fusions between rock and classical music, his stints with Deep Purple and also for his time with the group Whitesnake. Jon was the keyboardist on Deep Purple's two biggest hits, "Hush" and "Smoke On the Water". 

Jon  was a good friend of Frida from ABBA, they both had residences in Zermatt, Switzerland.
Frida sang on two songs for Jon. The first was  "The Sun Will Shine Again" from Jon's 2004  Beyond  the Notes album and DVD. The second was a filmed performance of "In the Bleak Mid winter".  They also worked together as organizers of the Zermatt music festival.

Jon  Lord  is survived by his wife and two children. .

Here is a link to performances of both of Frida songs with Lord, on Jon Lord'…

Mamma Mia Augmented Reality DVD

Mamma Mia (Augmented Reality edition)  April 23, 2012, Universal Blu-Ray DVD

It's Universal 100's anniversary and so Universal has put a series of Augmented Reality editions of some of their wonderful movies. Mamma Mia is one of them.  Augmented Reality is type of 3D format, of which I know little about.  I believe this was only released in Europe....It can obtained from Amazon UK and many other sites.  The movie does have the usual  selection of bonus features.  I must have not been paying much attention when I watched the movie, because I didn't recall the scene quoted on the cover! 

Here is a general explanation of Augmented Reality for the uninitiated  ...DVD INTELLIGENCE Website-