Frida's sorrows

Princess Frida and the late Prince Ruzzo Reuss vin Plauen.
I don't believe in curses, though it certainly seems in life, that some people are granted more than their  fair share of sorrow.   Frida of ABBA has certainly been blessed in life, with material things and success. She has also had much sorrow.  She was raised by her grandmother, because her father, a German soldier could not raise her , and her mother had died young.   Frida first two marriages broke up, and her third marriage (her happiest)  ended in the sad death of her husband at age 49.   Her daughter Lise-Lotte died tragically in a car crash.    Perhaps, her sorrow in life, is one reason why   Frida is a person of faith.


  1. Who in the world would write such an article?! Yes, she's had some tragedies in her life, but no more than most people. To link Balavoine, MacColl and Adamson's deaths to Frida and her album is totally absurd considering Balavoine died two years after its release, and MacColl and Adamson died in the 2000's! Are you saying that the remaining members of ABBA should count their blessings? Sorry, but God forbid Frida should ever read this.

    1. I do think Frida has had a life with more heartache than the other members of Abba, and I think this has had a effect on who she is. I do agree that the reference to the Shine curse was tasteless and I have deleted that.


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