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The 1975 eponymous ABBA album to get deluxe treatment.

On September 12, 2012, ABBA the site has reported that the April 1975 self-named ABBA studio album will be released as a deluxe album, in November 2012 in  time for Christmas market.  No unreleased stuff, and for this album there was always very little in the way of interesting bonus tracks, so anything of interest will  be found on the DVD in the form of two TV specials (ABBA in Australia and Made in Sweden). The most notable song left off was the full version of Rikki Rock'n'Roller, which was never going to see the light of day anyway.   With the release of the deluxe version of this album, only Ring Ring is left to release in some kind of special version.

1.  Mamma Mia
2.  Hey, Hey Helen
3.  Tropical Loveland
4.  SOS
5.  Man In The Middle
6.  Bang-A-Boomerang
7.  I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
8.  Rock Me
9.  Intermezzo no 1
10.  I’ve Been Waiting For You
11.  So Long
Bonus Tracks:
12.  Crazy World
13.  Medley: Pick A Bale Of Cotton – On Top Of…

New Benny Andersson musical- HJÄLP SÖKES announced...

In September 2013, The Facebook page of IcetheSite reported  that Benny Andersson had a new Swedish  musical coming out. It premiered in Stockholm, on February 8, 2013..

Benny and Bjorn's new  musical is called HJÄLP SÖKES , Lars Rudolfsson originated the  story and directed .  Kristina Lugn wrote  the (script) book , Bjorn Ulvaeus wrote  the lyrics . The music is by Benny Andersson. Benny worked on the music close to the deadline. When the project was announced Bjorn was not on board, but came on later to the project to help with the lyric writing, that Kristina Lugn had started on... 

HJÄLP SÖKES loosely translates to "Help Wanted" and the musical is about some middle aged farmers  needing help. The help comes in the form of a mother and her daughter. And the mother and daughter are  not Sophie and Donna.   The staging  will include animals including a goat, a dog, and others. 
Benny has written a few songs with Kristina Lugn before, and of course, works…