Susan Boyle records ABBA song on new album.

Susan Boyle-Standing Ovation: the Greatest Songs from The Stage, International CD November 2012.

Susan Boyle is having another go at  the Benny Andersson songbook.  This time it is the  old ABBA warhorse, "The Winner Takes it All". It is part of her new album of stage tunes.  First,  I thought to myself that "Winner..."  isn't a Broadway song-it seems that I had totally put the Mamma Mia thing out of my mind... Susan  has previously recorded "I Know Him So Well" and "You Have To Be There". So now she has recorded at least one song from every full length Bjorn and Benny musical. 

Track listing....

1. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
2. The Winner Takes It All
3. Send In The Clowns
4. The Music Of The Night featuring Michael Crawford
5. Bring Him Home
6. Memory
7. As Long As He Needs Me
8. All I Ask Of You featuring Donny Osmond
9. Out Here On My Own
10. You ll Never Walk Alone
11. This Is The Moment featuring Donny Osmond


New Bjorn Ulvaeus lyric...I Can See Myself In You

Tommy Korberg & Danny Saucedo-"I Can See Myself in You" -download single, October 2012 
BAO member Tommy Körberg, 63 and Swedish pop singer Danny Saucedo, 25,  have recorded  a one off single together.  It was  released as Swedish market single download in October 2012. I CAN SEE MYSELF IN YOU is composed by Tobias Gustavsson with  lyrics written by Björn Ulvaeus. Gustavsson already had written the melody before 2012  and dragged it out to put together the song. Bjorn added the lyric in the winter 2011-2012.    It is rare for Bjorn to write lyrics for  a melody not written by Benny or himself. The last I remember was one of the songs on a Gemini album, but perhaps there are others.. Bjorn has hinted that he might write more songs with Tobias Gustavsson.
You got to take work where you can get it...

Tommy and Danny performed the song at the opening ceremonies for  the Friends Arena in Solna, Sweden.


New BAO box set

Benny Anderssons Orkester-BAO in BOX, Mono, Sweden  6CD/+2DVD,  November 28  2012  (this is a updated release date).

 This is a  reordered collection of BAO's music, which has 87 tracks  on it. There is also  a booklet with photos, band history, member biographies and more. The CDs include previously-released material that has been re-organised thematically:. The DVD contains two bonus tracks not aired on television. Looks like the only omission is the English language versions of BAO tracks...

The set is divided thematically-with a live disc, two vocals disc, two instrumental disc, and the new Christmas album. The set is said to have 87 tracks...The DVD's feature the TV-programs -Ten Years of BennyAnderssons Orkester 10 år" which is from 2011 "BennyAnderssons Orkester on New Adventures..." which is from 2001.


1. Cirkus finemang
2. Knasluvan
3. Sång från andra våningen
4. Tösabiten
5. Lauren
6. P.S.
7. Glasgow Boogie
8. En dans på rosor
9. Jehu
10. På en solskenspromenad
11. Riks1:an
12. Wienerbrot
13. Marsch pannkaka
14. Godnattvisa
15. Sorgmarsch
16. Flickornas rum


1. Födelsedagsvals till Mona
2. Hardangervidda
3. Snedseglarn
4. Briggens blåögda blonda kapten
5. Anitas polska
6. Schottis i tyrolen
7. Nya månvalsen
8. Stora skuggan
9. Vitalins vals
10. Helens brudvals
11. Calle j:s vals
12. Alla goda ting
13. Midsommarpolka
14. Brudmarsch


1. Vår sista dans
2. Lätt som en sommarfjäril
3. Du är min man
4. Skenbart
5. Saknadens rum
6. Kärlekens tid
7. Sommaren du fick
8. Du frälste mig i sista stund
9. Upp till dig
10. Kära Syster
11. En dag i sänder
12. Vilar glad. I din famn


1. Det är vi ändå (live)
2. Midnattsdans
3. För dig
4. Fait accomplit
5. Crush on you
6. Bonde söker fru
7. Nu mår jag mycket bättre
8. Månstrålar klara
9. Allt syns när man är naken
10. Jag hör…
11. De ljuva drömmarnas orkester
12. O klang och jubeltid

CD 5: BAO pa Turne

1. Glasgow Boogie
2. Vitalins vals
3. När tvenne hjärtan slå
4. För dig
5. Klinga mina klockor
6. Födelsedagsvals till Mona
7. Tobakshandlarvisa
8. Lätt som en sommarfjäril
9. Det är vi ändå
10. Aj aj aj vilken röd liten ros
11. Gamle svarten
12. Slängpolska efter bysskalle
13. Hjortingen
14. Bälter svens paradpolkett
15. Moon River
16. Badinerie
17. O Sole Mio
18. Jehu
19. Du är min man
20. True Love
21. Vår sista dans
22. Finalpotpurri: (Ett glatt humör, Säg det med ett leende, Vårat gang, Bättre och batter dag för dag)

  CD 6: Julmelodier 

1. Marsch militaire
2. Tomten har åkt hem
3. Julvals
4. Tomtestomp
5. Knalle juls vals
6. Tomtarnas vaktparad
7. Vinterhamn
8. Mössens julafton (när nätterna blir långa)
9. Trettondagspolkan
10. Julpotpurri
11. Nu tändas tusen juleljus




Agnetha's new album, ABBA as wax, Abba -the museum

Five  Fall  ABBA news items . Here's just the barest of facts. Perhaps more later about them - if I feel like writing more.

1.ABBA's likenesses have been finally made by the famous wax museum, Madame Tussaud's in London. The figures are based on costumes used in 1975,

2. Agnetha has started recording a new album.  This album will apparently have new material, no mention yet, as to whether she has written anything for album...The album will be produced by Jörgen Elofsson.

3. Finally, the ABBAWorld exhibit is being given a permanent home in the Swedish Music Museum  Apparently, the exhibit will be called ABBA-the Museum ...
4. ABBA's ABBA Gold has been declared the biggest selling CD in Great Britain, with 4 million copies sold.  This sale figure doesn't include copies sold on tape , download, or LP.  Thus if an album sold a lot in one of those formats, those sales would not be included....
5. Bjorn got together with his Hootenanny Singer band mates on November 16,.2012  at a concert by  Hootenanny Singer tribute group....