Agnetha's new album, ABBA as wax, Abba -the museum

Five  Fall  ABBA news items . Here's just the barest of facts. Perhaps more later about them - if I feel like writing more.

1.ABBA's likenesses have been finally made by the famous wax museum, Madame Tussaud's in London. The figures are based on costumes used in 1975,

2. Agnetha has started recording a new album.  This album will apparently have new material, no mention yet, as to whether she has written anything for album...The album will be produced by Jörgen Elofsson.

3. Finally, the ABBAWorld exhibit is being given a permanent home in the Swedish Music Museum  Apparently, the exhibit will be called ABBA-the Museum ...
4. ABBA's ABBA Gold has been declared the biggest selling CD in Great Britain, with 4 million copies sold.  This sale figure doesn't include copies sold on tape , download, or LP.  Thus if an album sold a lot in one of those formats, those sales would not be included....
5. Bjorn got together with his Hootenanny Singer band mates on November 16,.2012  at a concert by  Hootenanny Singer tribute group....


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