Benny's new Christmas album....

Benny Andersson Orkester-Tomte Har akt Hem, Mono MMCD029,  Swedish release November  19, 2012. 

 Benny Andersson's Orkester has released it's first  Christmas album... The album is  called "Tomten Har akt hem (Santa has come home).  . The album is also available as part of BAO in a Box.

There are four new compositions  on the album.
"Vinterhamn" (sung by Helen Sjoholm) was released as the first single from the album .That song has been well received.  "Vinterhamn" and the title track are the two Andersson-Ulvaeus compositions from the album. Benny wrote two new new instrumentals -" Julvals" and "Tomtestomp"  The remaining Benny Andersson instrumental composition  , "Trettondagspolkan",  appears  to be a rerun from the 2004 BAO! album. Some of the remaining songs are from the Swedish  Christmas music repertoire.   At least a couple of Christmas songs have been recorded by other ABBA solo acts. 

Track listing follows...

1.Marsch Militaire (Franz Schubert)  3.34 /2. Tomten har åkt hem ( (Andersson-Ulvaeus) 3.18 / 3.Julvals (Benny Andersson) 3.24 / 4.Tomtestomp(Benny Andersson) 3.25  /5. Knalle Juls vals (Evert Taube) 3.28
/6. Tomtarnas vaktparad  (Kurt Noack) 4.38  /7. Vinterhamn (Andersson-Ulvaeus) 3.46  /8. Mössens julafton (När nätterna blir
långa) (Alf Proysen) 2.44 / 9.Trettondagspolkan (Benny Andersson) 3.07   /10. Julpotpurri (Medley with various writers)  3.36 / 11.Nu tändas tusen juleljus (Emmy Kohler) 2.21
In unrelated event, Benny also performed a   new 11 minute song  called  "En skrift i snön    . Benny performed  it the Pitea Organ Symposium & Festival to celebrate the new organ there.  The lyrics for that song were written by Kristina Lugn. It wasn't included on the christmas  album. It hasn't been released yet..


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