Hootenanny Singer, Hansi Schwarz has passed away.

It has been reported that Hansi Schwarz has died of cancer in Lund, Sweden. He died on Thursday, January 10th, 2013. He was 70 years old...
The Hootenanny Singers (From left:Hansi, Johan, Bjorn and Tony)
Hansi  was  the founder, of the Swedish folk group, The Hootenanny Singers. The group were  originally  called the West Bay Singers in honor of their hometown.  This was the band  from Vastervik, Sweden  that gave ABBA singer/songwriter/producer/guitarist, Bjorn Ulvaeus his start... The group was the first act signed by Stig Anderson's Polar Records..
The Hootenanny's  released their first album in 1964, and made a over a dozen albums with Bjorn before Bjorn  left in 1974 to devote his energies to ABBA. The group broke up  for good in the late 1970's...

On November 16, 2012, the surviving members of the Hootenanny Singers:    Hansi, Bjorn  and Tony Roth got together for the last time.. They  attended a concert in Lund by  Osten  med Resten who performed a Hootenanny Singers tribute. After the performance, the three of them took the stage for a onstage chat.  The other original group member , Johan Karlberg died   on August 16, 1992. Johan  was only 49 when he died....

 Hans Carl "Hansi" Schwarz, was born March 6, 1942 in Munich, Germany, but he moved to Sweden, in 1945.He sung many of the lead vocals for the group, played guitar,and banjo. He  was the group's tallest member, and the one with the mustache. Since the late 1960's  he  has organized the Vastervik folk festival  known as Visfestivalen which Bjorn also supported and  attended on occasion.
I believe Hansi is survived by his wife Maj, and three children..

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To learn about the Vastervik festival go here...http://visfestivalen.se/

Bjorn discusses Hansi's death  at ICETHESITE...http://www.icethesite.com/2013/01/bjorn-ulvaeus-reflects-on-the-loss-of-hansi-schwarz/ 

Hansi more recently in a  photo  from Corren.se


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