New Benny Andersson song! Bjorn performs in public....


New songs at BAO shows...


There is a new Andersson-Ulvaeus song that is being performed at this summer's BAO concerts....

The new song  is called   "Det föll en sten från mitt hjärta". Among the other new additions to the BAO repertoire this year are two songs from Hjälp sökes, , the Stig Anderson song, "Tividshambo", and a new English language version of "Laureen"  called "Sit Tight".

Bjorn returns to the stage...

Rather quietly , Bjorn Ulvaeus returned to the stage, guitar in hand to perform  at the Visfestivalen in Vastervik, Sweden. This happened on July 13, 2013.

Bjorn appeared with fellow ex-Hootenanny singer Tony Roth in memory of the late Hansi Schwarz (also a member of the Hootenanny Singers) .  Since the 1960's Hansi had    been  a leading organizer of Visfestivalen. He died in January 2013. Bjorn never performs in public so that he did  do this-for Hansi, shows the great esteem that he held for Hansi. 

Among the songs Bjorn sang were"Tom Dooley"(you can hear Tony Roth do some lead vocals here),   "Gabrielle"  and  "Omkring tiggarn från Loussa"-that's the one that Bjorn has  a long solo vocal on.
This was the first time that  Bjorn had performed at length  before a paying audience since ABBA's last concerts in Japan in 1980.

 A  video-Bjorn and Tony Roth (on right)  at the Visfest.

For more on Bjorn's friend,  Hansi Schwarz -see our Tribute to Hansi Schwarz...

Hansi Schwarz dies.


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