ORIGINAL Cast  Album- HJÄLP SÖKES , Mono Records, Swedish CD and downloads, September 6,  2013

 Benny and Bjorn's fourth *  musical is called HJÄLP SÖKES , Lars Rudolfsson originated the  story and directed .  Kristina Lugn wrote the (script) book , Bjorn Ulvaeus wrote  the lyrics . The music is by Benny Andersson. Benny worked on the music close to the deadline. When the project was announced Bjorn was not on board, but came on later to the project to help with the lyric writing, that Kristina Lugn had started on. This is a much smaller musical than Bjorn and Benny's previous works.

HJÄLP SÖKES loosely translates to "Help Wanted" and the musical is about some middle aged farmers  needing help. The help comes in the form of a mother and her daughter. And the mother and daughter are  not Sophie and Donna.   The staging  includes animals including a goat, a dog, and others. 
Benny has written a few songs with Kristina Lugn before, and of course, works regularly with Lars, who is the director of Kristina Fran Duvemala.   This musical was kept well under wraps. Apparently, the musical has only eight songs with vocals   the first one introduced was called  Bortom sol och måne (Beyond the sun and moon).  The musical is being staged at the small Orionteatern in Sodermalm in Stockholm. The theater has it's 30th anniversary next year.  The musical is premiered in February 8, 2013, and performances  ran through summer.
*fifth if you include Abbacadabra

1. Ouvertyr (04:36)
2.Bortom sol och måne (02:40)
Sofia Pekkari
3.Själv är bäste dräng (03:24)
Johan Ulveson & Magnus Roosmann
4.Svarta silhuetter (04:45)
5.Vågar jag älska dig (03:32)
6.Stackars Axels sång (02:55)
Sofia, Johan & Magnus
7.Den jag ville vara (05:57)
8.Som en hägring (04:57)
Johan & Magnus
9.Ro hit en dyckert (03:12)
Sofia, Johan & Magnus
10.Final (12:43)
Orkestern, Sofia, Johan & Magnus

Update May 2015.
A Danish staging-is now being staged and it includes a new song.
A English version is being put together by Bjorn.


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