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ABBA-Gold - 40th Anniversary Edition

ABBA-Gold - 40th Anniversary Edition.  April 2014 German 3CD set

ABBA's  1992 greatest hits album ABBA Gold will be reissued in April this year as part of the band’s 40th anniversary celebrations. (40th anniversary since their Eurovision song contest breaktrhough) 
This is just the latest  version of ABBA Gold, though this particular line up  hasn't been tried before, This new edition will actually be a three-CD set, presented in a digi-pack, and will feature the standard 19-track compilation on disc one, the More ABBA Gold set on disc two, and a third CD made up ofrrandomly chosen flip sides of various singles, many of which were on ABBA's studio albums.... a more logical selection would be a collection of  all the non-LP b-sides, but even then it would be kind of pointless, since most of ABBA's ABBA's b-sides are easily available.I'm guessing they didn't do that here, because some of the B-sides are already on the second disc,  More ABBA Gold.

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