ABBA-Gold - 40th Anniversary Edition

ABBA-Gold - 40th Anniversary Edition.  April 2014 German 3CD set

ABBA's  1992 greatest hits album ABBA Gold will be reissued in April this year as part of the band’s 40th anniversary celebrations. (40th anniversary since their Eurovision song contest breaktrhough) 
This is just the latest  version of ABBA Gold, though this particular line up  hasn't been tried before, This new edition will actually be a three-CD set, presented in a digi-pack, and will feature the standard 19-track compilation on disc one, the More ABBA Gold set on disc two, and a third CD made up ofrrandomly chosen flip sides of various singles, many of which were on ABBA's studio albums.... a more logical selection would be a collection of  all the non-LP b-sides, but even then it would be kind of pointless, since most of ABBA's ABBA's b-sides are easily available.  I'm guessing they didn't do that here, because some of the B-sides are already on the second disc,  More ABBA Gold.

 rack listing:
  • 1. Dancing Queen
  • 2. Knowing Me, Knowing You
  • 3. Take A Chance On Me
  • 4. Mamma Mia
  • 5. Lay All Your Love On Me
  • 6. Super Trouper
  • 7. I Have A Dream
  • 8. The Winner Takes It All
  • 9. Money, Money, Money
  • 10. SOS
  • 11. Chiquitita
  • 12. Fernando
  • 13. Voulez-Vous
  • 14. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
  • 15. Does Your Mother Know
  • 16. One of Us
  • 17. The Name of The Game
  • 18. Thank You For The Music
  • 19. Waterloo
  • 1. Summer Night City
  • 2. Angeleyes
  • 3. The Day Before You Came
  • 4. Eagle
  • 5. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
  • 6. So Long
  • 7. Honey, Honey
  • 8. The Visitors
  • 9. Our Last Summer
  • 10. On And On And On
  • 11. Ring Ring
  • 12. I Wonder (Departure)
  • 13. Lovelight
  • 14. Head Over Heels
  • 15. When I Kissed The Teacher
  • 16. I Am The City
  • 17. Cassandra
  • 18. Under Attack
  • 19. When All Is Said And Done
  • 20. The Way Old Friends Do
  • 1. She’s My Kind Of Girl (B-side to Ring Ring)
  • 2. I Am Just A Girl (B-side to Love Isn’t Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough))
  • 3. Gonna Sing You My Lovesong (B-side to Waterloo French Version)
  • 4. King Kong Song (B-side to Honey, Honey)
  • 5. I’ve Been Waiting For You (B-side to So Long)
  • 6. Rock Me (B-side To I Do, I Do, I Do)
  • 7. Man In The Middle (B-side to S.O.S.)
  • 8. Intermezzo No.1 (B-side to Mamma Mia)
  • 9. That’s Me (B-side to Dancing Queen)
  • 10. Crazy World (B-side to Money, Money, Money)
  • 11. Happy Hawaii (B-side to Knowing Me, Knowing You)
  • 12. I’m A Marionette (B-side to Take A Chance On Me)
  • 13. Medley: Pick A Bale of cotton.. etc. (B-side to Summer Night City)
  • 14. Kisses of Fire (B-side to Does Your Mother Know)
  • 15. The King Has Lost His Crown (B-side to Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight))
  • 16. Elaine (B-side to The Winner Takes It All)
  • 17. The Piper (B-side to Super Trouper)
  • 18. Andante, Andante (B-side to Happy New Year)
  • 19. Should I Laugh Or Cry (B-side to One Of Us)
  • 20. Soldiers (B-side to When All Is Said And Done)


  1. Felpin - CD3 really should have been a lot stronger than it is. We are now in the absurd situation of Benny & Bjorn okaying the additions to Gold, of weak Songs like She's My Kind Of Girl, I Am Just A Girl, Man In The Middle, & Crazy World. At the same time they refuse to allow us to have Just like That on the grounds that ABBA's version is not good enough, & they used the melody for a 'Chess' Song, anyhow. CD3 should have had nothing but strong ABBA B-Sides on it. For a start Tiger was the B-Side of Dancing Queen in Japan. If It Wasn't For The Nights was the B-Side of Super Trouper in Japan. Bang-A-Boomerang was the B-Side of SOS in France. As Good As New was the B-Side of Estoy Sonando, the Spanish I Have A Dream. All of which are stronger than some of the rather ordinary B-Sides that have been put on CD3. I fail to see what it can do to enhance ABBA's reputation for catchy Songs, when people hear the likes of Man In The Middle on CD3! Like many ABBA Fans I am wondering how many of the Tracks on CD3 Universal listened to before deciding to put them on that CD. I doubt if any were listened to. It was just a case of adding B-Sides until it was full, & no thought going into whether ABBA had stronger B-Sides elsewhere. A silly & amateurish way to go about things. We will see if the 3 CD Gold will actually sell - or if it will a widespread flop, as was the case with The Essential Collection in 2012, which Universal decided to not even promote in most Countries. It failed to even sell the 500 or so copies needed to reach the UK Top 200. I find it very sad that one of the biggest Groups ever, is reduced to having a Compilation like the 3 CD Gold, that has such stupid decisions made about CD3.....

    1. Yes,Mark, your correct Universal is going through the motions, with this release. Perhaps, the compilers are afraid that if they come up with anything too interesting that Bjorn and Benny will say no, like they did when Bjorn and Benny rejected a hard to find B-side for the lineup of the Ring Ring Deluxe edition.


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