Benny & Björn at "Olivier Awards" (13 April 2014)

Bjorn and Benny appeared in public performing together live , albeit briefly,  on TV for the first time in a great while.   B&B performed a little bit of Thank You For the Music with. the cast of Mamma Mia, during the Olivier  Theater  awards in London on April 13, 2014. The appearance was part of the group's efforts to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their Eurovision song contest break through.

Benny, of course, performs all the time. But Bjorn, rarely plays or sings. So, it's interesting that this is the second time in a year, that Bjorn has brought out his guitar and sang professionally.  (He performed at VisFestivalen in Västervik   last summer) Bjorn has  been a little shaky both times, understandable for somebody who doesn't sing  and play his  guitar professionally on a regular basis.

 B&B first present the award for best musical and then later perform a snippet of Thank You For the The Music.  The singing musical numbers start at 3:15 in the video. I'm guessing the girl singer that joins them at first is Emma Crossley who plays Sophie Sheridan in the current London Cast.

Our article about Bjorn singing and playing guitar  at the VisFestivalen in Västervik
Bjorn performs at festival


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