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ABBA releases of 2015

ABBA related  Releases of 2015 There are basically no ABBA reissues  scheduled for this year.  The   Deluxe Editions  series is largely played out. ABBA Live at Wembley was  been finally released late in 2014.  Every permutation of single disc greatest hits , double disc best of , Spanish language compilations, love song album, singles box, album box, etc. have all been done and done and done.  So Universal really is finally running out room for possible new reissues (aside from the biennial  re-release of ABBA Gold, of course). And now CD's are no longer selling well so there isn't much point. The only thing really left to release are 1977's  ABBA the movie tracks / live concert recordings, and some sort of Beatles Anthology style release of all those ABBA unreleased tracks and alternative takes.  The latter at least, is not likely to ever happen since Bjorn and Benny object to the idea.  Indeed, the remarkable thing is that a  ABBA rarities album probably wouldn't se…

ABBA: Christmas Video (unique Frida-Agnetha duet!)


Excellent  (unofficial) mix of Frida (1972) and Agnetha's  (1981) solo versions of the Swedish Christmas song "När Det Lider Mot Jul" made by MattPop who successfully managed to seamlessly recreate the ABBA sound.    Benny's band the Hep Stars also did a version of this song.

"Nu tändas tusen juleljus" is another Christmas song that has been done by three ABBA related solo acts. Agnetha&Linda , The Hootenanny singers and the BAO have recorded it. 

Mamma Mia closes on Broadway , Mamma Mia The Party announced.

Mamma Mia is  closing on Broadway!

It will close in September 2015 on Broadway-after 14 years.
II always have had  had mixed feelings  about this musical -but it's still sad to see it go. Although I live in the US, I never got to Broadway to see it- though I did catch it in it's Boston run prior to the New York opening. If not for Mamma Mia- ABBA's profile in USA would probably be considerably lower. When the musical closes it will be the eighth longest running musical in Broadway history with over 5000 performance over 14 years.

Björn Ulvaeus, announced  on April 15, 2015 that he will produce a immersive theatrical show to be called “Mamma Mia! The Party,”.It will be staged  inside a Stockholm beer hall that he is converting into a Mediterranean restaurant similar to the Skopelos tavern, used as a setting in the film and the play. He called the Stockholm venture an experiment and said that if it was successful, he would seek to expand it into other cities. It…

Frida's 70th birthday reissue of Something's Going On.

That's just scary this Frida is 70 years old stuff.  Anyway according to Richard Simcock at ABBATalk, it has been confirmed by the ABBA -The Museum shop that there will be a CD/DVD/vinyl single  edition of Frida's Something Going On album. Frida is writing the liner notes.  The set  is very expensive costing between 50 to 60 Euros/Dollars. It's a limited edition with only 2000 copies issued.  (They would probably sell less than that if it was a normal edition). Apparently, you need to preorder now to have any hope of parting with your 57 Euros.

Frida-Something's Going On (Limited Edition) Polar , Swedish CD/DVD/vinyl edition October 23, 2015
1. Tell Me It's Over
2. I See Red
3. I Got Something
4. Strangers
5. To Turn The Stone
6. I Know There's Something Going On
7. Threnody
8. Baby Don't You Cry No More
9. The Way You Do
10. You Know What I Mean
11. Here We'll Stay
12. I Know There's Something Going On (Single Edit)
13. Here we'll stay (sol…

Post from Felpin's Pond-Rock Paper Scissors and Dagmar


(Every once in a while I post Non-ABBA stuff from my other blog-New Felpin's Pond.)  

This is the vocal group,  Rock Paper Scissors performing Belleville Rendez-vous back in 2007 or 2008.  RPS was a excellent vocal harmony trio from Fairfield, Iowa. This French song originates from the animated  film-Triplets of Belleville.  The lead singer on this track is Darla Murphy.  Gemma Cohen is on the right. Miranda Mallard on left. The group is now reincarnated as an act called Dagmar with just Miranda and Darla.  RPS emerged in 2007, and performed on and off after that. Darla moved to France to go to  art school in France  and sadly is no longer singing with the other two. 

Rock Paper Scissors performing in front of the  Delphic Sibyl  at Cafe Paradisio in Iowa. I love the colors.

Miranda Mallard singing the lead on this 2015 track, "Tumbleweed" with the group Dagmar. The ladies  have moved on from performing mostly covers, to performing mostly originals.

The Young Professionals - S.O.S (ABBA Cover)

The Israeli duo does this cover of SOS for the new download album Covers and Remixes, or whatever it's called.   LOL .  Available as a download single... The first video I watched had them miming over the original ABBA video. That sucked. But this version  is actually watchable.

Rutger Gunnarsson (1946-2015)

It was announced that ABBA's primary bass player-Rutger Gunnarsson died.   He was 69 years of age.  He played on more ABBA related records than any person other than Benny Andersson.  He played on records by the Hootenanny Singers, Agnetha Faltskog, Frida,  on the  Mamma Mia movie Soundtrack, on Chess, and Gemini. He  appeared  with ABBA on their TV appearances, and all their tours.  He also arranged strings for them. On his own, he arranged and produced recordings, and played bass as a sidemen.  Gunnarsson also arranged strings and played bass for others, including Celine Dion, Westlife, Elton John, Adam Ant and Bobbysocks. He produced and arranged music for artists such as Gwen Stefani, Elin Lanto, Joyride and Alla Pugacheva. He was a member of Nashville Train, and released a solo recording, "Svea Svea". The members of ABBA made the unprecedented  step of making a joint statement mourning his passing-he was that important to each of them.

Rutger was born in Linkoping…

ABBA-How many records did ABBA sell?