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New releases Winter 2014-2105

There is some new ABBA related stuff out though I don't have the patience to write about it....

Dan Daniell has a new charity recording out about the Matterhorn  called "1865".  Frida sings on the record-her first recording since "Morning is Broken". Frida and Dan both have  homes in Zermatt,
Switzerland near the Matterhorn. Must be nice-though a little cold about now. Fans have said they don't care much for the recording. It is reported that there is a German version of the recordingof "1865" that is going to be released on Dan Daniell's next album.

Soundtrack to Benny and Ludwig's film Cirklen is out. It features 27 short  cues written by Benny Andersson as well 13 songs featured in the movie.  The soundtrack-is not available physically only for download. People have complained that it is hard to buy  or access on Spotify outside of Sweden.

Tommy Korborg has a new Christmas album called Jul out that features "En praktisk syn p…