Carl Magnus Palm-The Complete Recording Sessions Indiegogo campaign

ABBA biographer Carl Magnus Palm has succeeded with his Indiegogo  campaign to enable him to self-publish a revised and expanded version of his first ABBA book, ABBA-The Complete Recording Sessions.  The original book was word for word the most informative ABBA book ever written. The original recording sessions for every ABBA song were notated diary style giving ABBA fans for the first time, a window into the exact timing of ABBA's recording process.  For example I never knew that "Dancing Queen" was actually  recorded before "Fernando" and I knew very little  about ABBA's unreleased not  bootlegged tracks. ABBA books up til that time had always been light pieces very low on actual fact. Palm changed that-he put the facts before the fluff.

The original 1994 version of the  book was relatively short-especially in comparison to the book it appeared  to imitate Mark Lewisohn's  book about of the Beatles recording sessions (a book that could also use a revised edition.   Palm had a very brief time with actual sessions tapes, and thus was not able to complete a record of every take.  He also had just started  his journey with ABBA, and in the 20 years since then has learned nearly  everything there is to know about ABBA ,so a rewrite of the book, would reflect that.No doubt, likely to be one of the best ABBA books ever written. 

You  can still order the book either in hardback or download versions, even though the ABBA campaign is over. 


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