Rutger Gunnarsson (1946-2015)

It was announced that ABBA's primary bass player-Rutger Gunnarsson died.   He was 69 years of age.  He played on more ABBA related records than any person other than Benny Andersson.  He played on records by the Hootenanny Singers, Agnetha Faltskog, Frida,  on the  Mamma Mia movie Soundtrack, on Chess, and Gemini. He  appeared  with ABBA on their TV appearances, and all their tours.  He also arranged strings for them. On his own, he arranged and produced recordings, and played bass as a sidemen.  Gunnarsson also arranged strings and played bass for others, including Celine Dion, Westlife, Elton John, Adam Ant and Bobbysocks. He produced and arranged music for artists such as Gwen Stefani, Elin Lanto, Joyride and Alla Pugacheva. He was a member of Nashville Train, and released a solo recording, "Svea Svea". The members of ABBA made the unprecedented  step of making a joint statement mourning his passing-he was that important to each of them.

Rutger was born in Linkoping, Sweden on February 12, 1946.
Here's a great article that discusses his bass playing...
Bassists of ABBA  


  1. Sad, I honoured him yesterday by playing ABBA The Album.


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