ABBA releases of 2015

ABBA related  Releases of 2015 There are basically no ABBA reissues  scheduled for this year.  The   Deluxe Editions  series is largely played out. ABBA Live at Wembley was  been finally released late in 2014.  Every permutation of single disc greatest hits , double disc best of , Spanish language compilations, love song album, singles box, album box, etc. have all been done and done and done.  So Universal really is finally running out room  for  possible new  reissues (aside from the biennial  re-release of ABBA Gold, of course). And now CD's are no longer selling well so there isn't much point. The only thing really left to release  are 1977's  ABBA the movie   tracks / live concert recordings,  and some sort of Beatles Anthology style release of all those ABBA unreleased tracks and alternative takes.  The latter at least, is not likely to ever happen since Bjorn and Benny object to the idea.  Indeed, the remarkable thing is that a  ABBA rarities album probably wouldn't sell very well if it was even tried.  So we are  left with some solo stuff-a new Frida track, a download only soundtrack with music by Benny, a choral album with music by Benny and so forth. A new BAO album is scheduled to come out next year. A English version of Hjälp Sökes is under consideration-but if they couldn't stage Kristina in the English speaking world, it's hard to see how they are going to stage Hjälp Sökes.  I am still waiting for a Benny Andersson solo piano album now-that  would be an album that I would go out buy!

ABBA related Releases of 2015

1865 Dan Daniell featuring Frida single 
CD single/download released February 13,  2015
1. 1865
2. 1865 (Instrumental Version)
3. Matterhorn - Denn hier bin ich geborn

 Hep Stars-Like We Used To Do The Anthology 1965-1967, Cherry Wood Records, British CD, March 23, 2015

A compilation  of tracks from the Hep Stars first three albums as well as non- album singles from this period.  This is the Hep Stars at their commercial peak, when they were Sweden’s biggest group.  About ten of the tracks were written by Benny and or/ Björn . This is the first Hep Stars compilation issued in the UK. All the tracks have been previously released. Most of the important Hep Stars recordings are here-so this is a good introduction to the Hep Stars.      The set features  liner notes by Kieron Tyler plus an interview with lead singer Svenne Hedlund . A fix of the tracks are different mixes than the versions heard before on CD.  Notably the version of “Wedding” has the lyric to FELL down on my knees" instead of "to fall down on my knees.

1.             Farmer John 
2.             Cadillac 
3.             Bald Headed Woman 
4.             No Response 
5.             So Mystifying 
6.             Should I 
7.             Sunny Girl 
8.             Wedding 
9.             Consolation 
10.           No Time 
11.           Isn’t It Easy To Say 
12.           Lady Lady 
13.           Morning Comes After Night 
14.           Malaika 
15.           It’s Nice To Be Back 
16.           She Will Love You 
17.           Like You Used To Do 
18.           Christmas On My Mind 
19.           Cadillac (Live Version)
20.           What I’d Say (Live Version)
21.           So Mystifying (Live Version)
22            Surfin’ Bird (Live Version)
23.           Tallahassee Lassie (Live Version)
24.           No Response (Live Version)
25.           Farmer John (Live Version)

Cirkeln  (The Circle)  Original Motion Picture  soundtrack Early 2015 Download only album.
Benny and his son, Ludvig Andersson produced this movie for their own film company.This soundtrack is only available for download.It includes 27 Benny Andersson cues for the movie, along with 13 vocals tracks by various artists including the Hep Stars and Ludvig's group, Atlas. 

1. Engelsfors - Benny Andersson
2. Mountains Crave - Anna Von Hausswolff
3. Elass död - Benny Andersson
4. Vanessa osynlig - Benny Andersson
5. Things We Left Behind - Atlas
6. Minoos rum 1 - Benny Andersson
7. Love Child - Atlas, Yavin Calypso
8. Den röda månen - Benny Andersson
9. Ida svävar 1 - Benny Andersson
10. Running Up That Hill - Kate Bush
11. Min katt danser cha-cha - Britt Damberg
12. Taket - Benny Andersson
13. Rebackas död - Benny Andersson
14. Nyckelstöld - Benny Andersson
15. Adrianas hus - Benny Andersson
16. Keep The Streets Empty For Me - Fever Ray
17. Mönstrens bok - Benny Andersson
18. Minoos rum 2 - Benny Andersson
19. Malaika - Hep Stars
20. Vad är magi? - Benny Andersson
21. Middagen - Benny Andersson
22. Medicine - Daughter
23. Serum - Benny Andersson
24. Lucia - Benny Andersson
25. I Kärrrgruvan - Benny Andersson
26. Kids - Radio Edit - Style of Eye, So-So
27. Murky Air - Palace of the Damned
28. Badkaret - Benny Andersson
29. Inget element - Benny Andersson
30. Idas vision - Benny Andersson
31. Kussen - Benny Andersson
32. Max! - Benny Andersson
33. Ida sväver 2 - Benny Andersson
34. Striden börjar - Benny Andersson
35. Minoo bryter välsignelsen - Benny Andersson
36. Efter striden - Benny Andersson
37. Schools Out - Atlas
38. She Will - Savages
39. Blood Red Moon - The Hives
40. Engelfors - Reprise - Benny Andersson

Josh Groban-Stages,  Reprise,  International CD and download, April 28, 2015.

Josh Groban played  The Russian in the Concert version of Chess.   On this album he does two cover of B&B theater songs.  Features another version of "Anthem" from Chess and his take on the English language version of "Gold Can Turn To Sand" from Kristina. The arrangements are quite fresh-at first I didn't recognize "Gold Can Turn To Sand" and the piano intro to "Anthem" is excellent.  The album as a whole is a little lugubrious -but otherwise  good.

ABBA -ABBA Deluxe Edition  Repackaged in CD jewel case Released 17 April 2015

A reissue of the 2012 Deluxe edition of the limo album in a CD jewel case. OK, sure-whatever. 

Dan Daniell -Lebe Deinen Traum  Swiss CD April 24, 2015

New album with the new Frida/Dan Daniell charity song-"1865". 
1. Lebe deinen Traum
2. Die Quelle meines Lebe
3. Wer immer nur im Tale bleibt
4. Alle meine fragen
5. Matterhorn (denn hier bin ich gebor'n)
6. Keine Angst
7. Sag mir
8. Zermatt
9. Faison L'amour
10. Frieden meiner Seele
11. Vergiss mein nicht
12. 1865 (English)  (with Frida)
13. 1865 (Deutsch)  (with Frida)
Tracks 12 and 13 duet with Frida

Young Professionals-Remixes and Covers, Universal, Download only album, June 29, 2015

This Israeli duo has done a interesting cover of ABBA's  "SOS" for this  download only album.

Mono has issued this new download/spotify  single. It's a new  English translation of a  Chess Pa Svenska song,   "Han Är en Man, Han Är Ett Barn".  Up to now the song only appeared  in the Swedish version of Chess.  I'm not sure why it's being released or if it's a stand alone release. Reidun is  a chesty Norwegian singer.

Gustaf Sjökvist  & Kammerkor - Kärlekens Tid, Planned released September 18, 2015. Swedish CD & download

choir album of choir versions of  songs from the post ABBA Benny Andersson songbook which appears to be  largely or completely sung in Swedish. Benny Andersson worked with the choir on the album. The leader of the choir, Gustaf Sjökvist died in February, but the recordings for the album have already been done.

Track listing:
Kärlekens tid/ En skrift i snön /Down To The Sacred Wave /Lilla skara /Var hör vi hemma Historien om schack /Anthem /Innan gryningen/ Vilar glad. I din famn /Klinga mina klockor /O klang och jubletid
Source: Icethesite

'Axels tid' by Lars Lerin,Bonnier, Swedish 2 CD Audio Book  Fall 2015.

Paul Carter mentioned this release  on ABBAtalk. The music of Benny Andersson (one song repeated)  is featured in this obscure release.  It's not clear what the tune is called, but it appears to be a new piano piece by Benny. Lars Lerin is a Swedish painter and author.  How does Benny fall into these obscure projects? 

Frida-Something's Going On (Limited Edition) Polar , Swedish CD/DVD/vinyl edition October 23, 2015

 CD/DVD/vinyl single  edition of Frida's Something Going On album. Frida is writing the liner notes.  The set  is very expensive costing between 50 to 60 Euros/Dollars. It's a limited edition with only 2000 copies issued.  (They would probably sell less than that if it was a normal edition). Apparently, you need to preorder now to have any hope of parting with your 57 Euros.

1. Tell Me It's Over
2. I See Red
3. I Got Something
4. Strangers
5. To Turn The Stone
6. I Know There's Something Going On
7. Threnody
8. Baby Don't You Cry No More
9. The Way You Do
10. You Know What I Mean
11. Here We'll Stay
12. I Know There's Something Going On (Single Edit)
13. Here we'll stay (solo version)
1. Something's Going On - The Making Of A Record Album [Documentary]
2. I See Red [Promo Video]
3. To Turn The Stone [Promo Video]
4. I Know There's Something Going On [Promo Video]
5. Here We'll Stay [Promo Video]
6. Kanal 3, Interview with Lars-Ragnar Forssberg [Interview]
7. Casablanca, Interview With Helen Benno [Interview]
1. I Know There's Something Going On [A-side]
2. You Know What I Mean [B-side]

Frida-I know there's something Going on,.Remix  Fall 2015

A new remix of this 1982 track. 


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