2016 ABBA related releases

2016 has been a lackluster year for ABBA releases. It is rumored but not confirm
ed that four  vinyl singles will be issued for the Arrival album's 40th anniversary.  Benny has produced an album by the Swedish all women folk group, Systerpolkan. The group features three nyckelharpa players and four fiddlers.The group most noted member is  renowned Swedish musician, Lena Willemark. It has been announced that Benny Andersson will record a solo  album of him playing piano, that will probably be released in Spring 2017.
A vinyl reissue of Frida's Djupa Andetag has been put on hold.  But it is confirmed that Frida is working with a Spanish musician on one song that will be released next year.

 Cast album-Mamma Mia (Polish staging),  Universal, January 8, 2016 CD, Download

The cast album is studio recording of the 2015 Polish staging of the musical at the Roma theater in Warsaw, Poland. The musical appears to be sung in Polish.

Agnetha Faltskog--Agnetha Faltskog April 2016
A vinyl reissue of Aggie's first album. This was released Record Day 2016.  

Various Artists incl.Michael B. Tretow - Kungsgatan 25, Riverside BOR-RRCD168 , April 16,  2016 Swedish download, CD (Subtitled Michael B Tretows Hemmainspelade Demos Från 60-Talet)

A compilation of early recordings made by ABBA engineer, Michael B. Tretow in the mid 1960’s either by himself or for others. He recorded these demos  sat his apartment at 25 Kunggatan Street in the town of  Norrköping  in Eastern Sweden.

 I Got A Woman- The Mixers 3:30          

2 Shindig- The Mixers     2:03     

3 Orange Blossom Special- The Mixers 2:11         

4 Stereo Korpblues- Korpus, Lappen, Leif, Micke  2:52     

5 Not Yet- Henning "Henka" Essén 2:12

6 Fish In The Ocean- Henning "Henka" Essén 1:51          

7 Ok Wheeler- Henning "Henka" Essén 2:01        

8 Windy And Warm- Michael B Tretow + Henning "Henka" Essén 1:52     

9 Parchman Farm- Scarlet Ribbons 2:50   

10 Bo Diddley- Scarlet Ribbons   2:41     

11 Over And Done- Scarlet Ribbons 3:21

12 Three Roses- Scarlet Ribbons  2:14     

13 Untie Me- Scarlet Ribbons      3:21     

14 Pop-Tie- Scarlet Ribbons        2:18     

15 Drip Drop- Magnus Höjer      2:33     

16 Bad News- Magnus Höjer       2:18     

17 I'm Talking 'Bout You- The Tramps 2:03         

18 Be Bop A Lula- The Tramps   2:12     

19 Ave Maria- The Tramps          3:22     

20 Shimmy, Shimmy Ko-Ko-Bop- The Tramps     2:44     

21 Loving Enemy- Mikael Ramel  2:39     

22 Lillan- Michael B Tretow         2:01     

23 Feelings- Michael B Tretow     1:35     

24 I Really Am A Fool For You- Michael B Tretow            2:08     

25 She's Gone- Michael B Tretow

ABBA -Collected, Mono MMCD 034 June 10, 2016 Swedish CD or Download, LP(July release) 

Reissue of Dutch compilation album.

BAO-Mitt hjärta klappar för dig, Mono MMCD 034 June 10, 2016 Swedish CD or Download, LP(July release) 

's newstudio album, their first studio album in a few years.  As usual Helen Sjoholm and Tommy Korborg are the lead singers.  The first single, due shortly, is ‘En natt i Köpenhamn’. A vinyl edition will be released as well.  Unusually,all but one of the eleven songs will have vocals. (This is the highest percentage of songs with vocals of  any BAO album.)  12 or 13 songs were considered for the album but so that the Vinyl and the CD releases will match, the extra one or two songs were left out.  All the songs are by Anderson-Ulvaeus except two.  One is  the Benny Andersson instrumental,  called "Smoochy" and the other is song written by Benny with Swedish lyricist singer, Frida Hyvönen called  "Isabella Rahm". The usual BAO members play on the album as well as  a new component -the  BAO-praos, who are ad hoc  group of eight female singers who are fans of the BAO.  They sing backing vocals on three songs.  The album is produced as usual by Benny Andersson. The arrangements are by Benny Anderssson and Goran Arnberg. The album was recorded at Rixmixningsverket studio on Skeppsholmen by Bernard Lohr.

  1. En natt i Köpenhamn
  2. Bara bara du
  3. Hem till mamma
  4. Minnena bleknar med tiden
  5. Summa summarum
  6. Timmarna går så fort när man har roligt
  7. En svala gör ingen sommar
  8. Smoochy (instrumental)
  9. Isabella Rahm (lyrics by Frida Hyvönen)
  10. Mitt hjärta klappar för dig
  11. Ticka ticka väckarklocka

ABBA-DMC Classic Mixes - I Love Abba, DMC ‎– DMCCLASSABBA1 , June 23, 2016, UK CD
A unique collection of the best megamixes, remixes & two trackers from Swedish pop music legends Abba. This is for sale to DJ’s only.  I don’t know if ABBA knows about this or not.


‘Dancing Queen’
‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’
‘Take A Chance On Me’
‘Gimme Gimme Gimme
(A Man After Midnight)’ ‘Super Trouper’
‘Money Money Money’

‘S. O. S.’ ‘Voulez Vous’
‘Lay All Your Love On Me’
‘Does Your Mother Know’ ‘Mamma Mia’
‘Waterloo’ ‘Thank You For The Music’

 ‘Take A Chance On Me’
‘Dancing Queen’
‘Knowing Me Knowing You’
‘I Have A Dream’

‘Fernando’ ‘Super Trouper’
‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’
‘Money Money Money’ ‘Voulez Vous’

‘On And On And On’ ‘S.O.S.’
‘Winner Takes It All’
‘Summer Night City’ ‘Angel Eyes’

‘Lay All Your Love On Me’
‘Does Your Mother Know’
‘Mamma Mia’
‘Honey Honey’ ‘Waterloo’



(DMC International English / Spanish Mix)
 ‘Dancing Queen (La Reina del Baile)’
(DMC International English / Spanish Mix)
 ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme
(Dame! Dame! Dame!)’

(DMC International English / Spanish Mix)
 ‘Knowing Me Knowing You
(Conociendome, Conociendote)’


Various Artists-The Girls Want The Boys! Sweden's Beat Girls 1964-1970, Ace CDTOP 1482,October 28, 2016  UK CD/or 2LP
A compilation of Swedish female artists, the set  includes a few already previously released tracks from Agnetha and Frida. 

               01  Ge Dej Till Tåls (Are You Ready For Love) - Agnetha Fältskog
               02  Så Synd Du Måste Gå (It Hurts To Say Goodbye) - Anni-Frid Lyngstad
               03  The Girls Want The Boys - Eleanor Bodel
               04  Kärlek Finns Det Överallt (Lovers Of The World Unite) - MAK Les Soeurs
               05  Good Kind Of Hurt - Lena Junoff
               06  Last Train To Liverpool - Plommons
               07  Don't - Doris
               08  Help Me Break This Habit - Bella & Me
               09  Vädret (Music To Watch Girls By) - Mona Wessman
               10  Lite För Liten (Little By Little) - Lill-Babs
               11  You Really Have Started Something - Britt Bergström
               12  Benny Law - Plums
               13   Där Du Går Lämnar Kärleken Spår - Anni-Frid Lyngstad
               14 What's The Reason - Sunnygirls
               15  To Love Somebody Is To Hurt Somebody (Att Le Mot Någon) - Eleanor Bodel
               16 Spela Vår Sång (Melody Man) - Agnetha Fältskog
               17  Whatever Happened To The 7-Day Week - Bella & Me
               18  Solsken (Sunshine) - MAK Les Soeurs
               19  Jag Är På Väg (Jag Kommer Hem) - Mona Wessman
               20  Det Får Ej Hända Igen (Don’t Let It Happen Again) - Suzie
               21 Om Bara Du Gav En Vink (Gimme Listen Sign) - Maritza
               22  Sunshine Boy (Sunshine Girl) - Angeliques
               23 En Man I Byrån (If You Can Put That In A Bottle) - Lill Lindfors
               24 Sommartid (Summertime) - Susanne Wigforss

40th Anniversary 2LP and picture discs

 The Seven-Inch Box Set Of Arrival  singles  October 7, 2016

Seven-Inch Box Set Features The Four Singles In Coloured Vinyl Pressings
Arrival - The Singles 4x7 inch single box set Features Those Three Singles Plus Fernando, Even Though The Latter Wasn’t On The Album Anywhere Except Australia And New Zealand 
 Singles included
 Dancing Queen/ That's Me
Knowing Me, Knowing You/Happy Hawaii
Money, Money, Money/Crazy World
Fernando/Hey, Hey Hel

Fernando/Hey, Hey Helen 7 inch single picture discDancing Queen/ That's Me 7 inch single picture disc  
 Money, Money, Money/Crazy World 7 inch single picture disc Knowing Me, Knowing You/Happy Hawaii 7 inch single picture disc

 ABBA Arrival singles pictures Individual Picture disc singles October 7, 2016
 All Four Singles Will Be Available Separately As Seven-Inch Picture Discs. Those discs will not be colored vinyl but will have pictures on them. 

 Fernando/Hey, Hey Helen
Dancing Queen/ That's Me
Money, Money, Money/Crazy World
Knowing Me, Knowing You/Happy Hawaii

 ABBA-Arrival Fall 2016
The Double Vinyl 45RPM Half-Speed Mastered Edition Will Feature New Liner Notes Written By Swedish Journalist Jan Gradvall, Who Has Conducted A Brand New Interview With Michael B Tretow, ABBA’s Producer And ‘Fifth Member’.
The 2LP Is Widely Available, Although The Box And Seven-Inch Singles – For Now – Are Only Pre-Orderable Via Universal’s Udiscovermusic Store. All Formats Will Be Issued On 7 October 2016.

  Systerpolkan- Randig Kjorte, Mono, September 2016 Swedish CD/Download

Album produced by Benny Andersson Systerpolkan is group of women fiddlers etc, who play in the same folk style as Orsa Spelman.  Benny also plays on the album.

1. Älvdalens Brudmarsch
2. Marsch Efter Junkas Jonas/Bingsjöpolskan
3. Systerpolska Från Ore
4. Namnlösen
5. Själva Naturen
6. Polska Efter Smultrongärds-ida
7. Köpmanpolskan
8. Andakten
9. Brudpolska
10. Det Hände Sig
11. Randig Kjortel
12. Mormors Brudpolska
13. Hem Från Gesunda
14. Ack Ack Om Det Vore Dag
15. Polska Efter Dieg Anders
16. Polska Efter Mårten Blank
17. Särna Gamla Brudmarsch
18. Kolld Ir Å Wärdi
19. Poseidon

Agnetha Faltkog-Agnetha Faltkog-Vol 2., Cupol, November 25, 2016 Swedish LP

A reissue on vinyl of Aggies's second album.   Thanks to Gerard Hesen. 

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ABBA releases of 2015 

 ABBA related Releases of 2015




Cellphone footage by Lasse Anrell of the Agnetha &Frida performance at a private party in Stockholm.


ABBa appear together -but only Agnetha and Frida sing at party for Bjorn and Benny...

ABBa appear together at  a "private "party for Bjorn and Benny...Frida and Agnetha sang "The Way old Friends Do". The occasion was the 50th anniversary of Benny and Bjorn meeting.
Many new reports about the event were inaccurate making it out to be more of a musical reunion of the whole group-which it was not.  Many reports also  falsely claimed the song  sung was "Me and I".

This article clarifies the misinformation



Josefin Nilsson Discography

Josefin Nilsson (second from right) with Ainbusk.
One of Benny Andersson's favorite    collaborators died recently. Swedish singer, Josefin Nilsson was born on  22 March 1969 in När, Gotland.  Nilsson died in her home in Gotland on 29 February 2016. She had recently been hospitalized, and she died of heart problems.

Josefin Nilsson  and  Ainbusk Discography

The Ainbusk Singers formed in 1983. Benny Andersson first saw Ainbusk ,a Swedish the singing/ theatrical quartet in the late 1980's. The four  members were Josefin Nillson ,Birgitta Jakobsson (a dark haired lady) , Marie Nilsson (Josefin's older sister) and Annelie Roswall (redhead)  The group’s stage shows included: "Händerna på täcket, "Greatest tits","Raka Lakan","More Amore", "Drak-Ullas Döttrar", "Ainbusk jubileumsshow", "Lammsång i vargtimmen", Stjärnklart","Stolt","Raka Lakan",  and "Tabu"

Ainbusk singles 1990/ 1991- Lassie' was released as a very successful  Swedish single in October 1990, and "Alska Mej" was released as a Swedish single in April 1991. These song were released in originally in different versions than the ones on Fran Nar Till Fjarran.

Josefin Nilsson- Shapes- March 1993 Produced by Benny Andersson- Swedish CD but also released internationally in a few territories. Released in US in 1997.

This is the solo debut album of Swedish singer Josefin Nilsson , who was also a member of the Swedish singing group called Ainbusk. Her singing voice is generally high ,she sounds sort of like restrained Bjork. An attractive Swedish blond, Josefin has also appeared as an actress in two feature films.   Shapes was  the closest we got to a ABBA album in the 1990's.  B&B have not done a  whole album of pop music since this album. Benny wrote the songs for the album with Björn and produced the record. This is a pop record, there are no excursions into accordion music, birdsong, or the works of Vilhem Moberg! This CD is a must have for fans of the songwriting of Andersson-Ulvaeus. It's not clear if Björn  contributed to writing the actual music for album, it's probable  he just wrote the lyrics...on all subsequent songs written by Björn  and Benny , their roles are clearly separated.  Benny and Björn interrupted their work on their musical,  Kristina to write the songs for this album. Like the two 1980's albums by Gemini this is a pop/rock record. Unlike the two Gemini albums, all the songs here were written by Benny and Björn. Indeed, this was the first original album since  The Visitors to have all the songs bear the Andersson-Ulvaeus credit. This is the only album that B&B have written that is entirely sung by one lead singer.  Thus, this album is more cohesive album than either of the Gemini albums. SHAPES has some of rhythmic sensibiltites of the second Gemini album. SHAPES occasionally sounds like Gemini because Gemini's Anders Glenmark is the primary background vocalist. What's left of the ABBA band-Benny, Per Lindvall, Lasse Wallender and ever faithful Rutger Gunnarson play on SHAPES, (but there is no sign of Björn's voice or guitar). This is a surprisingly percussive album for two old fat guys to have put together. Benny even has started to use a synthbass on the some of the tracks (leaving poor Rutger out in the cold). The lyrics are hit or miss-occasionally good, occasionally only so-so. The album opens strongly with the energetic & rhythmic "Surprise, Surprise". There are some  great grooves to be found on "Midnight Dancer" and "Now You See Him , Now You don't" which also, has some highly original backing vocals (some of which done are by Ainbusk) "Midnight Dancer " has an annoying but memorable electric organ riff. Josefin saves a stupid song "I Leave it to Love" with a over-the top vocal performance, it's interesting how she sings the later verses progressively deeper and richer. The boys have also come up with some good ballads for Jo to sing, especially the evocative "Where the Whales I have ceased to sing" and "The film I'd like to see"."Film" closes the album somewhat bombastically but the lyric is surprisingly tender. This album was not particularly successful either internationally ,or locally in Sweden. Josefin has not recorded another solo album, though she did work for Benny on the Chess Pa Svenska project.Produced by Benny AnderssonRecorded at Polar Studios, 1992-93Engineered by Bernard Lohr All songs by Andersson-Ulvaeus

 1. Surprise, Surprise
2. Heaven and Hell
3. We Won't Be Going No Anywhere
4. Where The Whales Have Ceased To Sing
5. High Hopes and Heartaches6. Midnight Dancer
7. Leave It to Love
8. When I Watch You In Your Sleep
9. Now You See Him, Now You Don't
10. The Film I'd Like To See 
Josefin Nilsson -singles..1993
 Josefin released a number of singles from the Shapes album.
 "Heaven and Hell"," Surprise, Surprise", "High Hopes and Heartaches" and Where the Whales Have Ceased to Sing were released in 1993.  A promo CD called Excerpts was also released.  Although some remixes and edits were available on the singles, there were no non-album tracks issued.

Ainbusk Singers -Fran Nar Till Fjarran October 1993 Swedish CD. Produced by Benny Andersson
By 1992 Benny would produce this CD and cowrite three of the songs with Marie Nilsson. Ainbusk's resident comedian and pianist. (Björn had no involvement!). The three songs Benny cowrote are "Drommarnas Golv", "Alska Mej " and "Jag mötte Lassie"."Lassie" was a Swedish hit. And yes, "Lassie is a song about a dog! All four of the ladies of Ainbusk members sing: most notably Josefin Nilsson, who would record her solo debut ,SHAPES, album under Benny's direction. Josefin shows off her vocal chops on "Lover Man", and "Alska Mej"("Love Me" in English). The CD booklet has photos from their live shows of the ladies dressed up in strange costumes. This album was drawn primarily from one of Ainbusk's highly theatrical Swedish stage shows-"Ainbusk jubileumsshow". (Ainbusk's jubilee show). Apparently, some of the songs date from a couple years before. ". Although most of the songs are in Swedish this is a very entertaining album, even the songs not written by Benny are worthwhile, largely due to Ainbusk's innate charm.  This album was released on Benny's Mono label. Björn and the ABBA band have no involvement on this album.

01 Varje Steg du tar 4:35  02 Clownen 1 4:05  03 I´ll be with you in apple blossom time 4:25 04 Hold tight 2:25  05 Berlinersång 3:45  06 Drömmarnas golv 3:50  07 Lover man 2:55  8 Dammiddag 4:10 09 Stora pojkar 4:00 10 Den andra kvinnan 3:00  11 Lassie 3:35   12 Min väntande vän 2:55  13 Internationell svordomsvisa 2:55 14 Clownen 2  15 Älska mej 4:05 16 Gunatt 2:35 

FARVÄL - SÅNGER TILL TRÖST 1997, Also issued in 2000.   

Josefine sings Eric Clapton's "Tears in Heaven"  on this release.
1.      Så som natten längtar till sin grynings ljus – Gertrud Stenung
2.      Som en bro över mörka vatten – Helen Sjöholm & Anna Stadling
3.      Farväl – Sara Isaksson
4.      Tears In Heaven – Josefin Nilsson
5.      När solen lämnar dig – Fredrik Swahn
6.      För evigt nu – Ainbusk Singers
7.      Jag såg – Jeanette Lindström
8.      Det är vackrast när det skymmer – Jeanette Köhn
9.      Skuggor – Fredrik Swahn
10.    Utan musiken – Gertrud Stenung
11.    Av nåd – Malena Laszlo & Fredrik Swahn
12.    Sov du lilla videung – Lina Nyberg
13.    Till en avlägsen strand – Fredrik Swahn

Ainbusk-Forsta Utgan November 1998 Swedish CD
Ainbusk's first studio album. This and later albums ,don’t really feature Benny's involvement and thus are of less interest to ABBA fans. The group dropped had dropped the word -Singers" from their name by the this point.

01 Min gud Lyssna   02 Man behöver inte åka till New York 03 Näckrosen Lyssna 04 Brevet Lyssna 06 Säg vad kärlek är
07 Under stjärnan 08 I lust och nöd 09 Kom så far vi härifrån 10 Tolfte sommaren 11 Vägen till Närsholm 

Ainbusk-Ainbusk 1999 Swedish CD
Two versions of this album were released ,one  one without the group pictured on the cover, a second later version of the album includes extra tracks .For this album , Josefin Nilsson combined with Marie Nilsson to write much of the music. The later pressing has a new version of Benny's and Marie Nilsson's song"Alska Mej".

01 Min gud  02 Man behöver inte åka till New York  03 Näckrosen  04 Om du nånsin börjar tveka  05 Brevet
06 Tvåtusentvå  07 Säg vad kärlek är  08 Under stjärnan 09 I lust och nöd  10 Kom så far vi härifrån  11 Tolfte sommaren
12 Vägen till Närsholm  13 Älska mej 

Ainbusk -Stolt 2000  Swedish CD
A CD release on EMI. Features covers and some songs written by the group . The title means "Proud". The album is based on their stage show of the same name staged at the China Teatern in Stockholm.

 01 Även om vi såras Lyssna  02 Stolt att vara kvinna Lyssna  03 Gräsmattan blå Lyssna  04 Maggans tur Lyssna
05 Amanda Lyssna  06 Fri inuti Lyssna  07 Vill bara vara Lyssna  08 En dag i sänder Lyssna  09 Gryningen Lyssna
10 Linnéa Lyssna  11 Ängel Lyssna   12 Honung och salt Lyssna

Ainbusk - I Midvintertid - En Jul På Gotland Late 2001 Swedish CD
Josefin Nilsson and Ainbusk returned in 2001 with this Christmas album. It includes a version of "Hemma", from B&B's KRISTINA FRÅN DUVEMÅLA. The album starts with a Swedish version of John and Yoko's Happy Christmas (War is Over) .The title means something like a "Midwinter -A christmas in Gotland" .Two of the members of Ainbusk come from the Island of Gotland. I wouln't mind spending Christmas in Gotland but I bet it's cold though -and they say Sweden is kind of expensive-.:
Det sista vi har kvar/ Stilla nat/Jul jul strålande jul/En julsaga/I juletidens timma,/Var hälsad sköna morgonstund,/Under stjärnan,/Förevigt nu,/Härlig är jorden/ Godnattvalsen/ Gläns över sjö och strand,/Bach juloratorium/ Hemma

Ainbusk-Skynda Attt Alska June 2002 CD Ainbusk's most recent studio album released on Stockholm Records. Features covers and songs by the group. The album title means “Hurry Up and Love” . 01 Mer än ord(More than words) 5:10  02 Blomsterteid Den blomstertid nu kommer 3:51  03 Fält av guld (Fields of gold) 4:55 04 Familjelycka 3:14 05 Lovar sommar Fuldkommen udkørt 4:10  06 Det sista jag gör. 3:40
07 Över hav genom land (Along for the ride) 3:18  08 Sommarkort 4:29  09 Min röda klänning Essence 5:25
10 Grimasch om morgonen 4:11 11 Kom så far vi härifrån 3:53  12 Höstvisa 4:47

 CHESS PA SVENSKA -CHESS IN SWEDISH Cast Album released October 2002 Scandinavian release only!
The first Swedish language stage version of Chess was prepared by Kristina's director, Lars Rudolfson. This version stars Helen Sjoholm as Florence Vaszi. Josefin Nilsson as Svetlana Sergievskaja, Tommy  Körberg as Anatolij Sergievskij, Anders Ekborg as Freddie Trumper and Per Myrberg as Alexander Molokov. The cast sing new lyrics in SWEDISH ( written by Rudolfson, Jan Marks and Björn  Ulvaeus) to tell a new version of the everchanging Chess story. A few new songs have been included (Chess continues to be a work in progress.) This version premeired in February 2002 at the Cirkus Theatre in Stockholm. The Stockholm staging has already closed-due to the small size of the Swedish market, and the desire to maintain a high quality of cast and perfomance. An attempt to bring the musical to Malmo ran into venue problems. This new version has been praised by Swedish critics, though not as lavishly as Kristina från Duvemåla. Benny Andersson produced a cast album that was made during March and April 2002 that was finally released in October 2002. This cast album was recorded at Swedish Radio, Atlantis Studio and Polar Studios. Bernard Lohr engineered the album and helped Benny Andersson with the mixing. Benny's son Ludvig sings in the chorus on the album..

TRACK LISTING ( With English version title)

CD 1
Ouvertyr (Overture)
Historien om schack (The Story of Chess)
Där jag ville vara (Where I want to Be)
Anatolij och Molokov
Ungern '56 (Hungary 1956)
Lämna inga dörrar på glänt (Nobody's Side)
Jag vill se schack (The Arbiter)
Kvartett (Quartet ( A Model of Decorem and Tranquility))
Chess (instrumental)
Inte jag (Someone Else's Story)
Möte på en bro (Mountain Duet)
I mitt hjärtas land (Anthem)
CD 2
Florence lämnar Freddie( Argument)
Vem ser ett barn (Pity the child)
Ni dömer mig (Endgame)
Om han var här
(Heaven Help My Heart)
Han är en man, han är ett barn (new song
Vem kunde ana (The Deal)
Drömmar av glas (You and I)
Jag vill se schack (The arbiter)
Jag vet vad han vill (I know Him So Well)
Glöm mig om du kan (includes melody from " Just Like That")
Drömmar av glas (You and I))

Ainbusk- En Samling October 2003 Swedish CD
A collection of some of Ainbusk's best songs including two of the songs Benny cowrote with them- "Lassie" and "Älska mej. The collection includes four new songs. contains: Min Gud, On du nånsin börjar tveka, Lassie, Älska mej, För evigt nu, Stolt att vara kvinna, Kom så far vi härifrån, Säg vad kärlek är, Honung och salt, Varje steg du tar, Gunatt, Under stjärnan, Fält av guld, Till dej, Som när pojkar vågar gråta, Jag har gått inunder stjärnorna, Allt gott..
Josefin Nilsson – Med Hjärtats Egna Ord  mid 2005 Swedish single
Her    song  for  the 2005 Melodifestivalen    contest. She did not win.

Ainbusk -I Midvintertid (DVD )  Late? 2006
This is a new DVD filmed of their Christmas show  at the Cirkus theatre in Stockholm.

Ainbusk – Jag Saknar Dig Ibland M&L Records – MLCDS 0106 2008
This song written by   Forsman, Wikström (& Ljunggren. If failed  in  the early phase of the  Melodifestivalen contest. I don’t know what the girls did after  2006. Maybe they worked at Dunkin’ Donuts.  “Marie, I’ll have a glazed donut and a coolata.”. “Here you go, sir, that will 52 Kronas.”

Systrarna Sisters   stage show .
In  2015  Marie and Josefin Nilsson prepared  their new stage show. The production  was called Systrarna Sisters and  was staged with  financial involvement  and music  by Benny Andersson and others .. I’m not sure  what Benny music was used.

Excerpted from The ABBA Encyclopedia by J.C.Bernhardt to be published in 2016.