ABBa appear together -but only Agnetha and Frida sing at party for Bjorn and Benny...

ABBa appear together at  a "private "party for Bjorn and Benny...Frida and Agnetha sang "The Way old Friends Do". The occasion was the 50th anniversary of Benny and Bjorn meeting.
Many new reports about the event were inaccurate making it out to be more of a musical reunion of the whole group-which it was not.  Many reports also  falsely claimed the song  sung was "Me and I".

This article clarifies the misinformation


  1. There's no way Abba will reunite. Also it's correct that only Agnetha and Frida sang the way old friends do. The band did not sing me and I. There are reports of Simon fuller making holographic version of legend pop group Abba


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