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2016 ABBA related releases

2016 has been a lackluster year for ABBA releases. It is rumored but not confirm
ed that four  vinyl singles will be issued for the Arrival album's 40th anniversary.  Benny has produced an album by the Swedish all women folk group, Systerpolkan. The group features three nyckelharpa players and four fiddlers.The group most noted member is  renowned Swedish musician, Lena Willemark. It has been announced that Benny Andersson will record a solo  album of him playing piano, that will probably be released in Spring 2017.
A vinyl reissue of Frida's Djupa Andetag has been put on hold.  But it is confirmed that Frida is working with a Spanish musician on one song that will be released next year.

Cast album-Mamma Mia (Polish staging),  Universal, January 8, 2016 CD, Download

The cast album is studio recording of the 2015 Polish staging of the musical at the Roma theater in Warsaw, Poland. The musical appears to be sung in Polish.
Agnetha Faltskog--Agnetha Faltskog April 2016
A vinyl reiss…