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2017 ABBA releases

2017 ABBA releases (updated November  2017).

A solo piano album from Benny Andersson  was released in September 2017 with  21 songs on the album-aeleased internationally by Deutsche Grammophone.  . ABBA the Album was released as a 2Lp half speed mastered vinyl edition, and the singles from that album were released as a vinyl box set.

Carl Magnus Palm top-to bottom  rewrite of his classic book, The Complete Recording Sessions came out March 31.  .. Frida's first album, and Agnetha's third album (Som jag ar) were released reissued on vinyl LP for Record Store Day 2017..  Six more solo vinyl reissues came out in July. A Gold vinyl issue of ABBA Gold has also been released. Agnetha's I Stand Alone  album seems to be likely to come out a new possibly deluxe edition.   There is now  official word is there will be a movie sequel to Mamma Mia!in 2018.
There was a 40th anniversary edition of ABBA-The Album released before the end of the year on a 2LP vinyl set (no extra tracks-just…


ABBA never officially  recorded any Christmas music themselves, though there are various  videos and bootlegs out there that have Christmas greetings that ABBA recorded as a group or solo artists and their is a short  ABBA  radio  version of the Swedish  Christmas standard -"Nu Ar Det Jul Igen". which was released officially in 2011 on Carols for The Cure.
To obtain  official ABBA CHRISTMAS MUSIC you actually have to delve into ABBA's Swedish solo careers...All four ABBA members recorded Christmas music during  their Swedish solo careers. A few years ago  Benny Andersson and Bjorn wrote a new Christmas song for the employees of Benny's  Hotel Rival to sing. It is called "Merry Christmas, My Friend." 

The Hep St…

Benny Andersson - The day before you came (2017)

The last recorded ABBA song-done in a piano only version by Benny Andersson.

Benny Andersson Piano

Benny Andersson-Piano, Deutsche Grammophone, September 29, 2017CD, 2LP, Download.

This is the new Benny Andersson solo album.    It is one of his  most sought after albums ever, it is an album of Benny playing solo piano versions of songs from his body of work.    Benny has never put out an entirely  one man  solo album-the closest he came was with November 1989.  He has performed solo piano versions of his songs before, but none of those performances have ever been released on record.   The album  was made available internationally and has sold relatively well. Surprisingly, there are   only six ABBA songs, and there  is none of his music from his pre-ABBA years.  Chess is the big winner-six songs originate from Chess.

When promoting the album  Benny often  played two ABBA songs-"Money, Money, Money" and "The Winner Takes it All" that are not actually on the album.  Perhaps those two will show up on possible sequel to this album. A sequel is under consideration. …

First Aid Kit : Chiquitita (ABBA) Live Australia 2012


This is a cover of ABBA's Chiquitita, by this excellent Swedish folk/country  duo, First Aid Kit.

For more about them read my post in my other blog, New Felpin's Pond

The cover songs of First Aid Kit featuring "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song"

The Swedish sister vocal duo, First Aid Kit has
made quite reputation from performing covers as well as original self
written numbers.  Below you will find a is a list of the covers that they have done. At
least four songs,"Tiger Mountain Peasant Song", "Walk Unafraid", "America" and
"When I Grow Up' have been formally released by the group as recordings
but most of the songs have not. Among their most praised performances are there three appearances at the Polar Music Prize performing songs by Emmylou Harris, Paul Simon and Patti Smith. It is quite rare to hear vocal harmony today-especially by singers who match so well together,. the other bonus of this act is their willingness to perform acoustically pretty much  alone, and live.  The video above is their breakthrough video performing a song by Fleet Foxes, it was filmed in 2008.

America (Paul Simon) Blue Christmas (Elvis) Blues Run the Game Chelsea Hotel no 2 (Leonard Cohen) Chiquitita…

Sofia Pekkari: "Svarta silhuetter" (Sweden, 2013)


This is an excellent song from  Bjorn and Benny's musical 2013 musical. .Hjälp sökes, as performed on the  Kalle Moreaus TV show.

Deluxe editions of ABBA recordings updated July 2017


Here  are our  short  reviews of all nine of ABBA's  deluxe editions, in order of release.

All of these "sound and vision" sets  tend to be more interesting for the DVD then the audio discs, but they also do probably represent the best presentation of each of these albums, as a whole. 

There  remains considerable debate as to which of the numerous issuance's of ABBA's studio albums have the best sound quality. Some people even think the vinyl sounds better.  But the deluxe editions clearly have the most complete content.   ABBA's  last three studio albums have the most interesting selection of audio bonus tracks, since there were more B-sides and such  to include on the later albums.  Only The Visitors has a totally new audio track,   but here and there are a couple of rarities. 

ABBA- Waterloo 30th anniversary edition -CD+ bonus DVD Released March 2004
Not strictly, a deluxe edition, this anniversary edition was alread…