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Deluxe editions of ABBA recordings updated July 2017


Here  are our  short  reviews of all nine of ABBA's  deluxe editions, in order of release.

All of these "sound and vision" sets  tend to be more interesting for the DVD then the audio discs, but they also do probably represent the best presentation of each of these albums, as a whole. 

There  remains considerable debate as to which of the numerous issuance's of ABBA's studio albums have the best sound quality. Some people even think the vinyl sounds better.  But the deluxe editions clearly have the most complete content.   ABBA's  last three studio albums have the most interesting selection of audio bonus tracks, since there were more B-sides and such  to include on the later albums.  Only The Visitors has a totally new audio track,   but here and there are a couple of rarities. 

ABBA- Waterloo 30th anniversary edition -CD+ bonus DVD Released March 2004
Not strictly, a deluxe edition, this anniversary edition was alread…