The ABBA Review Guide!

                                                                                                  My new ABBA book is out now on Amazon.  It's a 390 page  ABBA Discography and review book. It's a very thick book.  The book is more of a reference guide then a  quick easy  read.
It's a fact filled, fun filled journey into the world of ABBA. Just a warning this is not a ABBA picture book. The book only features about hundred   illustrations all of which are in black and white-so no fun there. What the book does feature is reviews and information on almost every ABBA related recording, movie, book, video or theater piece ever released. The book has  been updated a few times since it was issued to get rid of some of the remaining errors in the text.So far it doesn't look like the book will be released on Kindle because it's too damn long. *The post was  originally posted 7/3/17


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