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ABBA Record Store Day 2018 Summer Night City colored viny disc.

ABBA's  1978 stand alone single-Summer Night City/Medley is to be released on colored vinyl for   in 40th anniversary. the release  occurred  on April 21, 2018 which is Record Store Day for  2018.
Two images have been released - the  one below that looks somebody's spilled breakfast is actually closer to what the record will look like.   This release is limited  to  about  2000 copies.  People had trouble getting them in some stores and countries. People also complained about the design of thing. All the complaining about came to abrupt halt  on April 27, 2018 when it was announced quite shockingly that ABBA recorded two songs.

Agnetha's  1975 Swedish solo album, Elva Kvinnor I ett hus will also re-released on mint green colored  vinyl for 2018's record store day. This is what the disc looks like.
Image from  Discogs.

So far these are the only ABBA related  records with confirmed release dates for 2018. We are still waiting for a released date for Arturo Sandoval'…