ABBA coming out with two new songs for the ABBAtar project. (Updated December 2018)

That was  the official word from the group that they have actually recorded two new songs-they're  first studio recordings since August 1982. The two  new  recordings were made in June of  2017 for the ABBAtar  hologram concert project.  The first song "I Still Have Faith In You" is a ballad.   The second song, "Don't Shut Me Down" an untempo number. Originally one of the song was going to be released first in a TV special-but it's not clear what the plan is now. 

Holograms of the group will go on a some kind of concert tour in 2019. The musicians on the records include Benny Andersson /Keyboards, Lasse Wellander/guitar, Per Lindvall/drums, Mats Englund/bass, Lasse Jonsson/guitar and  Jörgen Stenberg-percussion.  Janne Schaffer didn't play on it. Nor did ABBA regulars Rutger Gunnarsson and Ola Brunkert since they both have passed away.  Michael B. Tretow was  not involved since he has  retired from engineering/producing to a stroke.  ABBA has not ruled out making more recordings in the future-but they have ruled out live performances other than those performed by the ABBAtars. It  appears that ABBA's  35 year gap between recordings is the longest hiatus of any pop/rock act. 

UPDATE: The songs release has been delayed till some time in 2019. A December  TV special that would featured at least one of the songs has also been delayed. Apparently, the group is not entirely happy yet with how the ABBAtar holograms are working out-and so maybe more time will solve that problem.  However, there has been rumors that a third new song has also prepared that will used in the ABBAtar tour-that hasn't been confirmed yet, nor has the title of any third song be revealed.  Bjorn also hasn't ruled out that there may eventually be an album of some kind -but Gorel Hanser recently suggested there will no album.  

This is what ABBA looked like during their recent reunion in January 2016.
(article originally published April 27, 2018. )


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