ABBA releases (1990-1999)

All original ABBA and ABBA solo releases, are listed here, by year of release, the order of release within each year is approximate. Albums are listed by country of origin, unless they were released widely throughout the world. The most recent available format of release (LP or CD) is what is listed and is what has been reviewed. Singles are listed only if they include non album tracks. Multi-artist collections are usually not listed unless they include tracks not available elsewhere. Bootleg LP's  or CD's are not included in this listing. Related artists are included when it is deemed relevant or convenient to do so..

In 1990 Benny and Bjorn began five years of work on their adaption of Vilhem Moberg's UTVANDRARPOS. Or as the books are known in English- THE EMIGRANTS. In the meantime Benny also worked with his friends, Orsa Spelman. Polydor completed it's purchase of Polar International from Stig Anderson . On a sad note, Agnetha Faltskog hit 40 years of age, the last ABBA member to do so....
Blancmange- Second Helpings - The best of Blancmange British CD April 1990
Single for 1990 World Equestrian Championship. UPP TILL KAMP/ STOCKHOLM BY NIGHT July 1990 12 inch Swedish single release.
Hep Stars-Basta September 1990 Released on Swedish Cd.
Ainbusk Singers-Cd single- LASSIE / GUNATT October 1990 CD single
.ABBA- ABBA STORY Fall 1990 French 2CD/2lp set (another source says this was released 1991)
Various artists- FIOLIN MIN Sweden's Greatest Hits November 1990 Produced by Benny and including Benny as a artist Avail. on Swedish Cd
Lush-Gala - November 1990 Internationally released CD
Various Birds -Fagelsang i Sverige-90 VÄLKÄNDA FÅGLARS LÄTEN Available on Swedish Cd November 1990 Swedish Cd.

Blancmange- Second Helpings - The best of Blancmange British CD April 1990
This London CD includes Blancmange's hit cover version of ABBA's 1982 single-"The Day Before You Came".
God's Kitchen/I've seen the Word/Feel me
Living on the Ceiling/Waves/Game above my Head
Blind Vision/That's Love, that it is/Don't tell me
The Day before you came
Single for 1990 World Equestrian Championship. UPP TILL KAMP/ STOCKHOLM BY NIGHT July 1990 12 inch Swedish single release.
The A side of this single was sung primarily by Tommy Körberg , It was essentially the teamsong for the Swedish equstrian team. In English the song title means "Up to The Fight".Benny and Bjorn produced and wrote the song. Why did Benny occupy his time doing this kind of thing? I dont really know, but it was probably because Benny was a racehorse owner, and because the 1990 world Equestrian Championships were held in Stockholm. This is evidence that Benny after ABBA did most projects simply to make himself happy. The b-side is simply a track from Benny's November 1989 album. This was also released on a whole album of songs clebrating this event....The horsie set must really have a lot of time on their hands...
Hep Stars-Basta September 1990 Released on Swedish Cd.
A one disc compilation of their hits, with a leaf filled mid-1960's portrait of the boys, on the cover.... Reissue of the 1980 2LP set, but with fewer tracks....
Cadillac, Farmer John, Bald headed woman, No response, A tribute to Buddy Holly, So mystifying, Should I, Sunny girl, Wedding, Consolation, No time, Speedy gonzales, Malaika, She will love you, Let it be me, Save your heart for me, Mot okänt land, Inatt jag drömde
Ainbusk Singers-Cd single- LASSIE / GUNATT October 1990 CD single
"Lassie" was a song written by Benny Andersson (with Lyrics by Marie Nilsson) for the Ainbusk theatrical show "More Amore". The song actually is about a dog-and was a major Swedish hit...The b-side is not written by Benny...
"Lassie" can found on the 2000 Ainbusk collection called .En Samling 2003....
ABBA- ABBA STORY Fall 1990 French 2CD/2lp set (another source says this was released 1991)
A 25 track collection mostly of hits covering most of ABBA's career.This appears to be a French only release,A 2004 release with same title was released in France..

Mamma Mia
Dancing Queen
Money, Money, Money
Knowing Me, Knowing You
The Name Of The Game
Take A Chance On Me
I Have A Dream
The Winner Takes It All
Thank You For The Music
Ring, Ring
Super Trouper
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
Happy New Year
Rock Me
Summer Night City
One Of Us
One Man, One Woman
So Long
Thank You For The Music
Various artists- FIOLIN MIN Sweden's Greatest Hits November 1990 Produced by Benny and including Benny as a artist Avail. on Swedish Cd
"Can folk music survive in a time when
people are constantly confronted by global
mass media culture?

-from the liner notes to FIOLIN MIN
by Gunnar Ternhag

Well maybe, if they would stop rereleasing
ABBA GOLD, people might stop and buy this.
This is collection of 20 Swedish folk music standards released by Benny's Mono Records label. It's sounds very like KLINGA MINA KLOCKOR or one of the Orsa Spelman albums but with the disadvantage that none of the songs are written by Benny. However, that's not the point.The idea of the album is to collect some great old folk melodies onto one album. Playing along with Benny on this album are Orsa Spelman,Dalarnas Spelmansforbund and Asa Jinder & Peter Hedlund. The liner notes refer to to one of the bands coming from the traditional folk music scene in Dalecarlia. It is of interest to note that the original title of the ABBA song -"Arrival" was "Arrival at Dalecarlia".
This album was engineered by Bernard Lohr
and recorded at various studios using ancient
time honored Swedish recording methods.
Released by Benny's label , MONO in both a English language and a Swedish language versions. The English version of course, was to used as a possible export...
A German CD reissue of a 1974 lp that has tracks mostly drawn from the Ring Ring album. They should have just called it Ring Ring.. They were dancing in Bremerhaven..
Ring Ring
Another Town, Another Train
People Need Love
Nina, Pretty Ballerina
Rock 'n Roll Band

Honey, Honey
Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)
Me And Bobby And Bobby's Brother
He Is Your Brother
She's My Kind Of Girl
I'm Just A Girl

One of the first ABBA albums not to be issued in Lp-this one actually boasts a Cd length of 77 minutes. 20 tracks are featured -all of which were hits in Australia. Thus, the emphasis is on the earlier stuff. 
Most of ABBA's Australian hits are included here. ABBA had a lot of hits early on in Australia but did less well after 1978.
1. Fernando 2. Mamma Mia3. S.O.S4. Dancing Queen 5. Money, Money, Money
6. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
7. Rock Me 8. Ring Ring
9. Waterloo 10. Chiquitita 11. Does Your Mother Know
12. Knowing Me, Knowing You13. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
14. The Winner Takes It All15. On And On And On16. The Name Of The Game
17. Summer Night City18. Hasta Mañana19. Take A Chance On Me
20. The Day Before You Came

Lush-Gala - November 1990 Internationally released CD
This is a compilation album of tracks by the British female rock group, Lush.
Included is an effective cover of the 1975 ABBA rocker, "Hey Hey Helen "
Various Birds -Fagelsang i Sverige-90 VÄLKÄNDA FÅGLARS LÄTEN Available on Swedish Cd November 1990 Swedish Cd.
Benny produced this collection of 90 Swedish birdsongs, yes that's right 90 birds recorded outdoors. Lars Svensson wrote the text and helped compile the album and Dan Zetterstrom drew the pictures. The album is credited to Andersson-Svensson and Zetterstom.
A boy (supposedly Benny's son Ludvig) states each of the birds names
on the CD in between the birdsongs.There were two editions of this recording. The deluxe version includes a detailed booklet with drawings of the birds and the cheap version that has just the CD and a two page booklet. Released by Benny's label , MONO.

Nothing happened...Well very little. Bjorn sipped tea .
This was the first year since 1986 that offered no new ABBA or ABBA solo studio albums.
Ainbusk Singers ÄLSKA MEJ/EN LÅT SOM DENNA April 1991 Swedish CD single
Kalle Moreaus -May 1991 Available on Swedish CD Features Björn and Benny
Hootennnanny Singers-Polar Cd reissues March ?1991

ABBA-THE HITS 1991 3cd set British CD
The Hootenanny Singers - BASTA reissue Released on Swedish CD 1991
Hep Stars & Svenne and Lotta-Fran Cadillac to Rolls Royce March 1991 Available on Swedish Cd
Ainbusk Singers ÄLSKA MEJ/EN LÅT SOM DENNA April 1991 Swedish CD single
Frida- Pa Egan Hand -November?1991 Swedish Cd

Hootennnanny Singers-Polar Cd reissues March ?1991
During 1991 Polar issued four of the Hootennnanny Singers later studio albums on CD . These CD's did not feature any bonus tracks...One source says these were issued in March,but another says that some were released later in the year...three more of the Hootz albums were issued in May 1992 ...
Hootenanny Singers-Våra Vackraste Visor 1 (1971)


ABBA-THE HITS 1991 3cd set British CD
Released on the British Budget label Pickwick this was a three part CD compilation series of ABBA hits (ABBA had more than one hit, you know) and other famous ABBA tune thingies. Each of three CD's were released separately at separate
times between 1987-1988

In 1991,the 3 Cd's were cleverly put together into something resembling a box (I think it was paper actually )and viola the first ABBA box set on CD was brought into the world.

 THE HITS (September 1987)
1. Waterloo
2. S.O.S.
3. Dancing Queen
4. Knowing Me, Knowing You
5. Lay All Your Love On Me
6. Super Trouper
7. Take A Chance On Me
8. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
9. Honey, Honey
10. Hasta Mañana
11. The Visitors
12. Mamma Mia
THE HITS 2 (february 1988 )
1. The Name Of The Game edit
2. Arrival
3. Ring Ring
4. Eagle
5. Summer Night City
6. Happy New Year
7. Angeleyes
8. Money, Money, Money
9. Andante, Andante
10. Voulez-Vous
11. Kisses Of Fire
12. The Day Before You Came
13. When I Kissed The Teacher
14. Fernando
THE HITS 3 (Septmeber 1988)
1. The Winner Takes It All
2. The King Has Lost His Crown
3. Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)
4. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
5. Head Over Heels
6. Rock Me
7. I Have A Dream
8. Chiquitita
9. The Piper
10. On And On And On
11. One Of Us
12. Our Last Summer
13. Does Your Mother Know
14. Thank You For The Music

The Hootenanny Singers - BASTA reissue Released on Swedish CD 1991 (this version combines BASTA with the second Hootz hit compilation ) (I have also read that this CD was released in 1990 or 1992 ,but the copyright says 1991)
The Hootenanny Singers were a successful Swedish folk group that ABBA's Björn Ulvaeus fronted during the 1960's and early 1970's.
BASTA was the Hootz first Best ofcompilation
album . The Lp version of BASTA was originally released in Sweden by Polar Records in 1967. Basta was also reissued on Lp in the 1970s' with
a different more modern portrait of the group.
The Cd reissue of BASTA combines the contents
of the original BASTA lp with the contents of second Hootz Best of collection. The second collection was called DU BASTE MED HOOTENANNY SINGERS & Björn ULVAEUS and was released in 1969. The BASTA CD functions pretty effectively as the best introduction to the music of the Hootenanny Singers. The main disadvantage of this CD is
that it only covers the Hootenanny's work from 1964-1969.
The original BASTA lp (the first half of the CD)
covers 1964-1967. It starts with the Hootz
first hit "Jag Vantar Vd Min Mila" and ends
with two of Björn's English language compositions
for the band, "No Time" and "Baby Those Are
The Rules" . Also included on the first half of the CD are "Gabrille (Swedish version), 'Marianne" and "Blomman" .
The second half of the BASTA CD features The Hootenanny's second hit collection
from 1969 . It features songs by both the Hootenanny Singers and songs from
Björn 's brief solo career.
Björn's short solo career occurred whilst he was still a Hootenanny, and only ended because he joined up with Benny to become a duo (Björn and Benny) .Björn released four singles four singles (but no lp) in 1968/69 as a solo artist,
These singles are his only solo records to date. Three of the Björn's solo A-sides are compiled on
this CD. Björn's covers of" Harper Valley PTA"
(rewritten to become "Froken Frederickson' )
and the Bobby Goldsboro's hit "Honey" called
here "Raring' were big Swedish hits. The best
song from the second hit collection is a original composition by Björn done for the Hootz as a single that is called "Mrs O'Grady" it features great rythems and intriguing English lyrics. The use of staccato strings on "Mrs O'Grady" was probably inspired by The Beatles "Eleanor Rigby".
BASTA is one of three Hootenanny compilation CD's available. Another CD ,called the Hootenanny's-PA SVENSKA features some of the best songs that the Hootz did in Swedish. PA SVENSKA has the advantage of including songs from the Hootz early 1970's work but it doesn't include the Hootz's English language hits. In late 2000, a new compilation of the Hootz work in Swedish was released.

Hep Stars & Svenne and Lotta-Fran Cadillac to Rolls Royce March 1991 Available on Swedish Cd
I think I'd rather go from Waterloo to Duvemala.
This Cd includes some Hep Stars tracks along with Svenne and Lotta recordings. This set doesn't do either group justice. This Cd does at least include Svenne & Lotta's Swedish version of "Bang-A-Bommerang' which uses the same backing track as ABBA's. This also has S&L's Swedish version of "Dance (While Music Goes On). Annoyingly the handful of other non- ABBA B&B songs Svenne & Lotta recorded such as "Funky Feet" and" If We Only had the Time" are not to be found here. Instead ,we get Svenne & Lotta's later 1980's work such as the absymal "Rolls Royce". Get the recent Svenne & Lotta collection-Tio Gyllene År instead
Ainbusk Singers ÄLSKA MEJ/EN LÅT SOM DENNA April 1991 Swedish CD single
The A side was an new song written by Benny with Marie Nilsson.
Kalle Moreaus -May 1991 Available on Swedish CD Features Björn and Benny
This is the first solo album by Kalle Moreaus,the leading member of Orsa Spelman.. On this album Kalle sings a bit more than he does with Orsa Spelman, and the song lineup is not strictly violin/accordion songs. (For example there is a Swedish version of Chuck Berrys "Maybelline". Of the the violin songs my favorite is "Schottis fran Lima". This album is of interest to B&B fans because it has the new B&B Swedish language song "Beatrice' which Benny and Björn both play on. It is sung by Kalle. It's a good song. It was the only new ABBA related song in 1991.
This seems to be the first documentated credited appearence by Björn playing a instrument on record since the breakup of ABBA. Björn
plays a 12 string guitar on "Beatrice'. Benny plays on a total of three songs.
If you like Benny 's work with Orsa Spelman this is worth getting ,but
otherwise it's not worth it for the one song.
This album was produced ,but not engineered ,by Michael B.Tretow. It was recorded at Polar Studios.

Frida- Pa Egan Hand -November?1991 Swedish Cd
Another PINK COVER!!!This was the very first release on Cd of Frida's pre-ABBA solo material. This CD has 16 songs including three from Frida's 1971 studio album,six from her 1971 compilation album and seven 1967-1972 A and B sides that had never been released on a album before. Those early singles make perhaps for some unexpected listening experiences.
A lot of these songs are not really jazz but it's not really pop either. For some reason, "Mycket Kar' made an impression on me-
it has such insistent rythems emphasized largely by Frida's strong voice.
The woman's phrasing is so precise (at least when she's singing in Swedish).
My favorite song on CD is probably the B&B composition "Peter Pan".

The 1970's B&B composition "Vi Ar Alla Barn I Borjan' makes it's album debut here but it is not one of their better songs.Although this is a fairly good compilation it is being phased out since all the tracks here are available on FRIDA 1967-1972.The cover features a lovely full color photo Frida with long unhindered t wavy red hair.As with many Frida albums, the color Pink is used on the cover-in this case a darker shade of pink.

1. Du är så underbart rar
2. Din
3. Tre kvart från nu
4. Lycka
5. Min egen stad
6. Så synd du måste gå
7. Försök och sov på saken
8. Där du går lämnar kärleken spår
9. Vi möts igen
10. Mycket kär
11. Peter Pan
12. Vi är alla barn i början
13. Simsalabim
14. Jag blir galen när jag tänker på dej
15. En gång är ingen gång
16. När du blir min

In 1992 ABBA's commercial revival began with the
release of ABBA Gold and Erasure's EP of ABBA covers.
Bjorn and Benny made their famous appearence with U2 at a concert at the Globen in Sweden...
On a sad note, former Hootenanny Singer Johan Karlberg died..
Munich Philharmonic Orchestra -ABBA Classic January 1992 Released on Cd
CHESS-OFF BROADWAY VERSION (no recording made) Early 1992
Salma & Sabina - ABBA in Hindi 1992 CD Indian release and other territories
Hootenanny Singers-Polar Swedish Cd reissues May 1992
Erasure-- ABBA-esque May 1992 Ep CD Available worldwide on Cd
Benny 's song for 1992 European soccer Championships....(not commerically released) Premeired June 1992
Artister for Miljo (featuring Frida) -Anglamark/ Saltwater Swedish Single July 1992
Edelweiss-The Wonderful World of Edelweiss 1992 International release Out of Print.
ABBA GOLD released September 1992 available Worldwide on CD
ABBA -ORO (original version) Late 1992 Available on CD in many markerts
Bjorn Again --Erasure-ish (EP Fall 1992 British Ep CD
Hep Stars-Nastan Bara PA Svenska -1992 Swedish Cd
Hep Stars-1964-69 November 1992 Released on Swedish Cd.
Various Artists-ABBA-The Tribute November 1992 Available on Swedish CD
Munich Philharmonic Orchestra -ABBA Classic January 1992 Released on Cd
There has been more than one attempt to do instrumental versions of ABBA songs. .This is too lively to be Muzak but it's not exactly classical music either.This orchestral version-appears to have actually approved by Stig(this time he didnt get in trouble). Poor Stig, really had nothing to do anymore..
This has a black cover similar actually to the one used later in the year for ABBA GOLD.
Atlantic actually released this in America
during the dark times of 1992 when most ABBA Cd's were out of print in the U

CHESS-OFF BROADWAY VERSION (no recording made) Early 1992
The failure of CHESS on Broadway, caused many to wonder what could be done for the musical to make it work. This was the spirit in which this Off- Broadway version was concocted. The musical was now set in 1972. In this version-the Book (script) used for the Broadway version is dropped. This version is closer to the London version at least in it's brevity. This version starred Mark McVey and Ray Walker. The OFF-Broadway version was not particularly successful-it closed later in 1992. This version is preety obscure-I havent even seen bootlegs recordings of this.
There were also modest unsuccessful Chess revivals througout 1990-1992.
Salma & Sabina - ABBA in Hindi 1992 CD Indian release and other territories
ABBA has been covered in a number of languages this is a rare Asian cover album.
Tracks include
Abhilasha (Chiquitita)
Hay Ye Pyar Ghazeb (The Name Of The Game)
Ho Jayegi Badnami (Money money money)
Hum Rahi (Fernando)
Kabhi Kabhi (Honey Honey)
Mitha Maze Dar (Dancing Queen)
Pehli Pehli Preet (Super Trouper)
Toba toba (Mamma mia
Hootenanny Singers-Polar Swedish Cd reissues May 1992
Three more Hootz Cd, though only the BELLMAN PA VART SATT Cd seems to be currently available..One source says Sjunger Tauber was released in 1990.These cd's did not feature any bonus tracks..


 HOOTENANNY SINGERS-Skilling tryck 1970


Erasure-- ABBA-esque May 1992 Ep CD Available worldwide on Cd
This four song Extended Play Cd was one of the key factors in the first big ABBA resurgence in the early 1990's.
Erasure, a British synth pop group were the first male singers to convincingly cover an ABBA song.
Erasure's version of "Take A Chance on me " was a major British hit .This CD did well in many markets even in the US.
Benny 's song for 1992 European soccer Championships....(not commerically released) Premiered June 1992
In 1992 Benny wrote a instrumental song for the European Soccer Championships. These were held in June 1992 in Gothenberg, Sweden.,.. This song was not released commercially, but it continued Benny's small side business of of writing obscure theme songs for sporting events...
I read somewhere that the song was was called "More Than a game" but that appears to another song written by others that was the official song used for the game....
Artister for Miljo (featuring Frida) -Anglamark/ Saltwater Swedish Single July 1992
Frida sang on this environmentally themed single , her first recording in five years .
The a-side is cover of a song written by Dan Andersson, the famous Swedish folk song writer...
The b-side is a song written by Julian Lennon, the famous son. of John Winston Ono Lennon..
"Saltwater" is is actually an unusually good choice of material.
The single was followed up by an appearence by Frida, Marie Frediksson and others at a concert hosted by the King of Sweden in August 1992.. Frida and Marie sang a duet of the Sam Cooke song-"What A Wonderful World This Would Be"..
None of this stuff is easily available!
Edelweiss-The Wonderful World of Edelweiss 1992 International release Out of Print.
This Austrian novelty yodeling group used the the melody from ABBA's song SOS on their hit-"Bring Me Edelweiss" The hit came actually became big in early 1989....But it took a long while for this album to come out-? Apparently this got ABBA manager Stig Anderson, in trouble with Bjorn and Benny, because Stig approved the use of the song, and B&B were shocked, shocked! when they found out..
ABBA GOLD released September 1992 available Worldwide on CD
This is the biggest selling ABBA album. GOLD has been certified to have sold at least 20 million copies worldwide. And I have heard that as of 2004 this disc may have sold as many as 30 million copies. Such figures make the record among the most successful record releases of all time... It is the only internationally available single CD collection of all the group's most successful hits. It was released after Polydor bought the worldwide rights to ABBA's music & Polar Music itself from Stig Anderson for 300 million Krona. Polydor got lucky since a second wave of interest in ABBA was occuring right when they released the collection.. Of course, considering how popular ABBA was originally, it would be surprising if they couldn't sell a lot of copies of a well markerted single disc greatest hits album . Even the USA has warmed to this CD to the tune of six million copies. GOLD received a belated release in the US in 1993.
ABBA GOLD had it's own second wave of sales during 1999's 25th year since Waterloo celebrations. Remarkably, in 1999 the album hit No 1 for second time in Britain and other territories seven years after its release. ABBA Gold continues to sell well, partly, perhaps due to the musical Mamma Mia, which has been a big sales tool for ABBA GOLD since almost all the songs in Mamma Mia can be found on ABBA Gold and visa versa....

The observant will notice that on the original cover of this CD that the fontsize and placement of the letters in ABBA's trademark logo has been subtly altered.The use of the crown over the logo was a bit of added touch , that aimed to imply that ABBA was a classy, regal majestic band, and not a chessy, tasteless, commercial band.
Oh, and by the way, how is this as an album? This is really a CD designed for the casual ABBA fan.. It's a good but not very interesting compilation of all of ABBA worldwide number one songs and other top ten hits.., only "Thank Your For The music" was not a major hit,. With a total 19 songs the collection is fairly generous .The emphasis on this CD is a bit overly much on the 1976 -1980 middle period, all but 4 of the 19 songs come from this time, The main objection to this album is it tends to further the misnomer that ABBA was solely a singles group. ABBA experts also tended to not care much for the original John Tobler liner notes or the design .The recent remastered versions now feature more authoritative notes by Carl Magnus Palm.
It is interesting to note that originally in 1992 this album was actually also released on a 2Lp set in some territories where Lp's had not totally disappeared.

 Tracks listed with year and source album of earliest release...
1. Dancing Queen ,1976, ARRIVAL
2. Knowing Me, Knowing You ,1976, ARRIVAL
3. Take a Chance on Me 1977, THE ALBUM
4. Mamma Mia,1975, ABBA
5. Lay All Your Love on Me , 1980, SUPER TROUPER
6. Super Trouper, 1980, SUPER TROUPER
7. I Have a Dream,1979, VOULEZ-VOUS
8. The Winner Takes It All ,1980, SUPER TROUPER
9. Money, Money, Money, 1977, ARRIVAL
 10. S.O.S. , 1975, ABBA
11. Chiquitita , 1979, VOULEZ-VOUS
12. Fernando, 1976, GREATEST HITS
13. Voulez-Vous, 1979, VOULEZ-VOUS
14. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight), 1979 GREATEST HITS 2
15. Does Your Mother Know, 1979 VOULEZ-VOUS
16. One of Us, 1981 THE VISITORS
17. The Name of the Game , 1977, THE ALBUM
18. Thank You for the Music, 1977, THE ALBUM
19. Waterloo, 1974, WATERLOO

ABBA -ORO (original version) Late 1992 Available on CD in many markerts
Seemingly by the cover you would think this was , the Spanish version of ABBA Gold. After all, in Spanish ORO means Gold).
In reality, this is just a reissue with a different cover of GRACIAS POR LA MUSICA. GRACIAS of course, didn't
include Spanish versions of allof ABBA's hits. The songs that were chosen
were the ones that seemed to work best in Spanish. It appears also that
an effort was made to pick tracks from each year. The ten tracks are in a different
running order than on GRACIAS.
The cover is a slight variation on the ABBA GOLD design.The cover design is Gold & Black instead of Black and Gold. There are liner notes in Spanish by John Tobler which talk about ABBA's impact in LATIN AMERICA.
In November of 1999 this was reissued in Spain and later in other places with the five tracks from MAS
ORO tacked on , as well as a new cover and remastered sound.
Original track listing prior to the reissue...
1. Fernando 2. Chiquitita 3. Gracias Por La Musica 4. La Reina Del Baile 5. Al Andar 6. Dame! Dame! Dame! 7. Estoy Sonando 8. Mamma Mia 9. Hasta Manana 10. Conociendome, Conociendote
Bjorn Again --Erasure-ish (EP Fall 1992 British Ep CD
Yes, it a cover of a cover album.....Really folks...
Hep Stars-Nastan Bara PA Svenska -1992 Swedish Cd
A cd compilation of the Hep Stars Swedish material.
1I Natt Jag Drömde 2:18/2.Mot Okänt Land 3:01/3 Sagan O Lilla Sofi 3:04/4 Tända På Varann 2:31/5 Är Det Inte Kärlek, Säg 4:24/6 I Sagans Land 2:30/ Bilden Av Dig 2:15/8 Precis Som Alla Andra 2:24/9 Någonting Har Hänt 3:15/10 Songs We Sang 3:31/11 Speleman 3:49/12 Let It Be Me 2:54/13 A Flower In My Garden 2:09/14 Speedy Gonzalez 2:26

Hep Stars-1964-69 November 1992 Released on Swedish Cd.
Also known as -A-sidor B-sidor Lp-spår ...Cd reissiue of the Hep stars 1983 greatest hits 2lp set/. This CD is a good overview of the Hep Stars.....

Various Artists-ABBA-The Tribute November 1992 Available on Swedish CD
Released in late 1992 by Polar. The liner notes and songs are in English but most of the acts are Swedish. 12 songs are featured. This album is generally forgettable other than the chance to get hear a little of the Swedish music scene. Interestingly some rock bands (as opposed to just pop bands) did some of the covers here, Some non- hits songs were chosen to be covered such as the "King Kong Song", and"Dum Dum Diddle" The cover for the CD is well designed even if they do somewhat untastefully feature photos of actual jumpsuits used in live performance by ABBA. One of the songs is done by Mats Ronader who played live with ABBA as a guitarist.
1. Hasta Manana -Army of Lovers)
2. Knowing Me Knowing You -Sanne Salomonsen
3. Does Your Mother Know -Pelle Almgren & Wow Liksom
4. The Winner Takes It All -Freda`)
5. Dancing Queen -Rob`n`Raz DLC
6. Eagle -Papa Dee
7. The Name of the Game -Irma
8. Ring Ring -Sator
9. SOS -Stonecake)
10. Dum Dum Diddle -Beagle
11. On and On and On -Mats Ronander
12. King Kong Song -Electric Boys

In 1993 Benny and Bjorn collaborated with Josefin Nilsson on SHAPES, their first pop album since 1987's Geminism. Also, the first previously unreleased ABBA song since 1983 was released on the album More ABBA Gold.
Josefin Nilsson -Shapes March 1993 Available on Swedish CD and in some other territories, SONGS BY ANDERSSON-ULVAEUS
MORE ABBA GOLD rel May 1993 worldwide
ABBA-MAS ORO Mid 1993 Released on CD in many markerts,but phased out
ABBA-The ABBA Collection 1993 4 Cd Australia & The Netherlands
Various Artists-Hit Come Back 1962-1974 German Cd 1993
Various Artists-Die Deutche Single Hitparade 1974 German CD 1993
ABBA - The True Story (Show at the Berns Salonger venue in 1993) August 1993 CD Single
Various Artists - Duetter 1993 Hard to find Swedish CD
AINBUSK -FRAN NAR TILL FJARRAN October 1993 Available on Swedish CD. Produced by Benny andersson
Frida-Tre Kvart från Nu 1993 Released on Swedish CD
Josefin Nilsson -Shapes March 1993 Available on Swedish CD and in some other territories, SONGS BY ANDERSSON-ULVAEUS
This is the closest we get to a ABBA album in the 1990's. Benny wrote the songs for the album with Björn and produced the record. This is a pop record, there are no excursions into accordion music, birdsong, or the works of Vilhem Moberg!

This is the solo debut album of Swedish singer
Josefin Nilsson , who is also a member of the
Swedish singing group called Ainbusk.
Her singing voice is generally high ,she sounds sort of like restrained Bjork.
Benny and Björn interrupted their work on their musical,
Kristina to write the songs for this album. Like the two 1980's albums by Gemini this is a pop/rock record. Unlike the two Gemini albums, all the songs here were written by Benny and Björn. It's not clear if Bjorn wrote any of the music here,the songwriting credits doesn't specify... This was the first original album since ABBA's THE VISITORS to have all the songs bear the Andersson-Ulvaeus credit. Thus, this album is more cohesive sounding album than either of the Gemini albums. SHAPES has some of rhythmic sensibiltites of the second Gemini album. SHAPES occasionally sounds like Gemini because Gemini's Anders Glenmark is the primary background vocalist.
What's left of the ABBA band-Benny, Per Lindvall, Lasse Wallender and ever faithful Rutger Gunnarson play on SHAPES, (but there is no sign of Björn's voice or guitar). This is a surprisingly percussive album for
two old fat guys to have put together.
Benny even has started to use a synthbass
on the some of the tracks (leaving poor Rutger
out in the cold). The lyrics are hit or miss-occasionally good, occasionally only so-so.
The album opens strongly with the energetic &
rhythmic "Surprise, Surprise". There are some
great grooves to be found on "Midnight Dancer"
and "Now You See Him , Now You don't"
which also, has some highly
original backing vocals (some of which done are by Ainbusk) "Midnight Dancer " has an annoying but memorable electric organ riff. Josefin saves a stupid song "I Leave it to Love" with a over-the top vocal performance, it's interesting how she sings the later verses
progressively deeper and richer.
The boys have also come up with some great ballads for Jo to sing, especially the evocative "Where the Whales I have ceased to sing" and "The film I'd like to see".
"Film" closes the album somewhat bombastically
but the lyric is surprisingly tender.
This CD is a must have for fans of the songwriting of Andersson-Ulvaeus.
1. Surprise, Surprise/2. Heaven and Hell/3. We Won't Be Going No Anywhere
4. Where The Whales Have Ceased To Sing/5. High Hopes and Heartaches /6. Midnight Dancer
7. Leave It to Love/8. When I Watch You In Your Sleep/9. Now You See Him, Now You Don't
10. The Film I'd Like To See

MORE ABBA GOLD rel May 1993 worldwide
Here are the hits that didn't fit on ABBA Gold,
a few interesting ABBA album tracks, some B-sides,and one never before released track -I Am the City (rccorded in 1982). This has four of ABBA's six 1982 recordings on it. Still this is a very listenable collection. It went out of print
in some territories but has been reissued in
1999 in some territories ,with a different song lineup, new liner notes and some longer song edits. It has a white cover in contrast to ABBA
GOLD 's black cover. The Spanish album MAS ORO has a similar color scheme to
More ABBA Gold but obviously a different
song lineup . The original version of this CD had liner notes by UK ABBA press officer John Tobler, but the recent remastered editions has liner notes by Carl Magnus Palm.
The new Australian edition bizarrely throws
out "Cassandra" and "Lovelight".

This album was originally going to be more of a rarities/fan request project,that would feature B-sides and unreleased tracks such as"Just Like That'. But Polygram apparently decided to go instead with track lineup with more familiar tracks. As it is, there has never been a ABBA rarities/B-sides album other than ABBA's Box set.
The previously unreleased track here, "I am the City", is not surprisingly , a perfectly good song featuring Agnetha and Frida on vocals, some worthwhile lyrics and great synthesiser work.
Word has it this may be going out of print again- If that's the case-"I am The City," will no longer be available since it can found nowhere else.

 1. Summer Night City,1979 GREATEST HITS 2
2. Angeleyes, 1979 VOULEZ_VOUS
3. The Day Before You Came,1982 THE SINGLES
4. Eagle 1977, THE ALBUM
5. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, 1975, ABBA
6. So Long, 1975, ABBA
7. Honey, Honey, 1974, WATERLOO
8. The Visitors, 1979 , THE VISITORS
9. Our Last Summer, 1980, SUPER TROUPER
10. On and on and On, 1980, SUPER TROUPER
 11. Ring Ring, 1973 RING RING
12. I Wonder (Departure) 1977 THE ALBUM
13. Lovelight 1979 ,B-side
14. Head over Heels, 1981 , THE VISITORS
15. When I Kissed the Teacher, 1976
16. I Am the City (previously unreleased), 1982
17. Cassandra 1982 , B-side
18. Under Attack, 1982 THE SINGLES
19. When All Is Said and Done, 1981, THE VISITORS
20. The Way Old Friends Do, 1980 SUPER TROUPER
ABBA-MAS ORO Mid 1993 Released on CD in many markerts,but phased out
This features the remaining five Spanish language tracks ("Ring Ring"," Slipping Through My Fingers','Happy New Year' 'Andante,Andante' and 'When All Is Said and

The vocals for the latter four tracks were recorded as part of the work for the SUPER TROUPER, and THE VISITORS albums.
The Spanish vocals for "Ring Ring' were supposedly recorded in 1973 (according to the PALM book). That somebody was thoughtful enough to dig up the Spanish "Ring Ring" (which had never been released) showed a rare thoroughness on the part of Polydor.

It does seem a little strange that no Spanish recordings were made for the biggest 1980's hits-"Super Trouper', "One of Us",
or "The Winner Takes It All'. You get the feeling almost that ABBA did not care about being commerical anymore.Perhaps ABBA's most Spanish sounding song -was the 1980 unreleased track "Put on Your White Sombreo" which probably would been -the absolute bomb in Spanish! But it was only recorded in English.//

All five Spanish tracks on Mas Oro were actually recorded close to the time of their English counterparts. (The tracks on ORO except for "Chiquitita and "I have a Dream' had all been recorded well after the English versions .)
ABBA's total Spanish repertoire is found on the original versions of ORO and MAS ORO.

We find we end up with 15 Spanish versions of ABBA songs . All of ABBA''s original albums were represented in the 15 songs except for ABBA-THE SINGLES-The First Ten Years. To fill up the rest of the CD space on
MAS ORO Polydor included English versions of five other songs that had been available in Spanish versions on ORO. .

The cover for MAS ORO is similiar to MORE ABBA GOLD. However unlike More ABBA Gold or ORO there are is no liner commentary.MAS ORO became obsolete when the revamped fifteen track ORO was issued in most Spanish speaking markerts.. In the reissue -ORO now includes the five Spanish tracks included here.
1.Chiquitita 2..Fernando 3. Dancing Queen 4. Knowing Me, Knowing You 5. Mamma Mia -all English versions
6.Felicdad 7. Andate 8. Se Me Esta Escapando 9. No Hay a Quien Culpar 10.Ring Ring (all Spanish versions)
Various Artists - Duetter 1993 Hard to find Swedish CD
This album is a good place to get three rare Agnetha and Frida tracks and sample some of Swedish artists at the same time. Also included are Anders Glenmark, Roxette and former Hollies singer- Mikael Rickfors. Two Agnetha duets are included- Agnetha Fältskog & Tomas Ledin's "Never again", and , Agnetha Fältskog & Ola Håkansson"s "The way you are". One of Frida's duet's is included t he 1987 track ,, Så länge vi har varann, done as a duet with Ra ta ta. The Roxette track is called " From One Heart To Another."
ABBA-The ABBA Collection 1993 4 Cd Australia & The Netherlands
Readers Digest put out this. This was the first 4cd ABBA box set-though all the tracks were widely available elsewhere...
The same album was repackaged in 2004 as the ULTIMATE COLLECTION...
Various Artists-Hit Come Back 1962-1974 German Cd 1993
Various Artists-Die Deutche Single Hitparade 1974 German CD 1993
These two various artists albums were the first place you could find the German version of "Waterloo" on CD..They are very hard to find-although these German tracks have released on other albums since then.
ABBA - The True Story (Show at the Berns Salonger venue in 1993) August 1993 CD Single
This was a comic musical that played in Stockholm in 1993-1994 , which Benny liked and so he had Mono Records release a single featuring songs from the musical...
The Winner Takes It All ( duet witj Gladys del Pilar and Dave Nerge) c/w
Abba MedleyMAMMA MIA /, DOES YOUR MOTHER KNOW /MY LOVE, MY LIFE /KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU and TIGER ( performed by Sussie Eriksson, Gladys del Pilar, Peter Gröning, Ia Gustavsson, Mats Hellgren, Annika Metsä, Dave Nerge, Anna Norberg).
The star of the musical Gladys del Pilar was actually born in Ecuador and was also a member of the Swedish singing group Afro-dite...Anotherof the actresses - Sussie Eriksson is a member of Alcazar.
AINBUSK -FRAN NAR TILL FJARRAN October 1993 Available on Swedish CD. Produced by Benny andersson

Benny Andersson first saw Ainbusk ,a Swedish the singing/ theatrical quartet in the late 1980's. By 1992 Benny would produce this CD and cowrite three of the songs with Marie Nilson. Ainbusk's resident comedian and pianist. (Björn had no involvement!). The three songs Benny cowrote are "Drommarnas Golv", "Alska Mej " and "Lassie". "Lassie" was a Swedish hit.when it was released as a single in 1990. And yes, "Lassie" is a song about a dog! All four Ainbusk members sing,most notably
Josefin Nilsson, who would record her solo debut album under Benny's direction.
This album appears to have been drawn from their stage shows,Apparently, some of the songs date from a couple years before. Although most of the songs are in Swedish this is a very entertaining album, even the songs not written by Benny are worthwhile for ABBA fans, largely due to Ainbusk's inate charm.
Frida-Tre Kvart från Nu, EMI CMCD 6082, 1993 Released on Swedish CD
Another compilation Cd of pre-ABBA material that had been previously released on vinyl but not on CD at the time. The title means" Three Quarters of Hour from Now" or something like that....The title track was a track off Frida first solo studio album....
Eight tracks (including the title track) come from the revised 1971 Frida solo studio album album, four are drawn from the early 70's Frida compilation and one song makes it's album debut here -"Du Betonar Karlek Lite Fel'. Frida's hit" Min Egan Stad" puts in it's usual appearence here (it appears on five of Frida's albums) but otherwise none of the songs from "PA EGAN HAND are repeated here. All of the songs featured here are available on the later FRIDA 1967-1972 2CD set.
The cover of uses a Frida photo with a green background , Green seems to be another favorite Frida color choice....

1. Tre kvart från nu 3:14
2. En ledig dag 2:55
3. Peter kom tillbaka 3:06
4. Sen dess har jag inte sett *en 2:08
5. Suzanne 3:07
6. Jag är beredd 2:38
7. Telegram till fullmånen 1:59
8. Barnen sover 3:35
9. En ton av tystnad 4:00
10. Du betonar kärlek lite fel 2:29
11. Härlig är vår jord 2:40
12. En liten sång om kärlek 2:25
13. Räkna de lyckliga stunderna blott 2:58

1994 finally brought the release of the official ABBA box set, as well as a number of other interesting compilations such as Pa Svenska, Julens Musik and Geh Mit Got.
Indeed ,This was perhaps the best year ever for Swedish releases of ABBA and ABBA solo compilations albums..
Agnetha & Frida- The Voice Of Abba March 1994 Available worldwide on CD.

Agnetha, Benny, Björn and Frida-Pa Svenska April 1994 Swedish cd Agnetha Fältskog-Geh Mit Gott 1994 Ge
rman Cd
Various Artists -Polars Roliga Timme 1994 Swedish Cd
ious Artists- Sommar, Sommar, Sommar  Mid 1994 Swedish CD Out of print
Various-FRU VENNERMANS SÅNG/DUO JAG Mono  early to mid 1994 single release
Chess-In Concert 2CD set Fall 1994 Available on Swedish Cd.
Various Artists-Pop -Favoriter 1994 Swedish CD Out of print
Artists- Svensktoppar 1   1994 Swedish CD Out of print
Various Artists-Svensktoppar 2 1994 Swedish CD Out of print
ABBA-Thank You For the Music 4cd set October 1994 Available worldwide
Real Group-Varför Får Man Inte Bara Vara Som Man Är? Swedish CD November 1994
A QUEEN OF THE DESERT 1994 1995 international Soundtrack CD.
Artists -Julens Musik  November 1994 Swedish CD
Various Artists Single from I FRU VENNERMANS FALL. March 1994 Swedish single release.
These two songs (the first cowritten by Benny , the second written soley by Benny) were released as a single. The A- side was performed by Kent Andersson, Gösta Ekman, Dan Ekborg, Johannes Brost and Lakke Magnusson. The A-side was used in a comedic play by Marie-Louise Ekman and the b-side was used as an instrumental from a TV version of I FRU VENNERMANS FALL. This is one of the most obscure of Benny 's recordings.

Agnetha & Frida- The Voice Of Abba March 1994 Available worldwide on CD.
Together Again. Well not really!
Released on CD by the German
Karusell label but available in most
markerts.This was first compilation done of the
girls 1980's tracks. It features tracks from
and SHINE as well as Agnetha's
and EYES OF A WOMAN albums.
This has seven songs by each of the girls.
This also features the first album appearance
of Frida's 1984 B-side "That's Tough"
as well as the first album appearance of
Agnetha's 1985 B-sides "Your There"
and "Turn The World Around".
"Turn The World Around" has a great
rythem track. This is the album to get
if you don't want to buy all four of A&F's
early Eighties solo albums. Indeed in many places
this is the only Agnetha or Frida solo Cd available!
The photo of the girls and the photo of the microphone are by Anders Hanser

 Track listing for The Voice of ABBA
 The Heat Is On (Wrap Your Arms Around Me -Agnetha)
I know There is Something Going on (Something Going on-Frida)
You're There (b-side -Agnetha)
To Turn The Stone(Something Going on-Frida)
Just One heart(Eyes of A Woman-Agnetha)
That's Tough( B-side Frida)
Turn The World Around (B-side-Agnetha)
I Got Something(Something Going on-Frida)
We Should Be Together (Eyes of A Woman-Agnetha)
Shine( Shine-Frida)
I Won't Let You Go (Eyes of A Woman-Agnetha)
Here We'll Stay(Something Going on-Frida)
Wrap Your Arms Around Me (Wrap Your Arms Around Me -Agnetha)
Heart of the Country ( Shine-Frida)

Agnetha, Benny, Björn and Frida-Pa Svenska April 1994 Swedish CD
This is as close as we get to an ABBA Swedish language album.This 18 song compilation features songs by Agnetha,Björn and Benny, Frida and ABBA. All of the songs date from 1970 to 1976.
Although PA SVENSKA was first released in 1994 it is really the only multiple artist compilation of the Pre- ABBA years .
Polar never tried to do anything like this in the 1970's
There are three ABBA songs
here-the Swedish versions of "Waterloo",
Ring Ring" and "Honey Honey' . Also,there
is Frida's solo Swedish version of "Fernando'and Agnetha's solo version of "SOS". ABBA didn't do Swedish versions of any of their later hits. A sixth song, "Ah Vilka
Tider' is also credited to Agnetha, Björn,
Benny, and Annifrid. This song like
Björn and Benny's "Att finnas till",and
"En Karusell" (a Swedish version of "Merry Go Round are only available on this Cd.
There are four PRE-ABBA Agnetha song here, all of which are available elsewhere
on CD. These songs all seem to have
at least one of the other ABBA members
on them-notice the ABBA sound on the
the chorus to "Drom ar Drom och Saga
Two of Frida's solo songs are available on CD only here. These would be both sides of Frida's 1972 single "Man Vill Leva lite Dessmellan /"Ska Man Skratta Eller Grata" single two songs seemingly written by Italians but translated by Stig.
This album is subtitled- Stikkan Anderson picks Polars Pearls. So in theory ,Stig made the track selections.
Three songs were chosen from Frida's FRIDA ENSAM album these are " Fernando" of course ",Som en Sparv" and "Vill Du lana en man" (The Most Beautiful Girl/Guy
In the World ) . Why did Stig pick the worst song (The Most Beautiful Girl...)from the FRIDA ENSAM and put it on this CD -the only reason I can think of is that Stig wrote the lyrics and was after the publishing royalties. Many of the songs on this album feature lyric writing by Stg

The only problem with this project is it leaves many of the PRE- ABBA Björn and Benny tracks uncompiled ,and it really doesn't do
justice to the full depth of the pre-ABBA solo work -you would really need two or three CD's to do that.
In 2006 the uncompiled Bjorn and Bennny tracks were reisiused as bonus tracks on the 2006 version of the LYCKA CD.

Tracks listing for PA SVENSKA:All songs sung in Swedish

Björn & Benny- Att Finnas Till
Agnetha- En Sang Och En Saga
ABBA- Honey Honey
Frida-Ska Man Skratta Eller Grata
Björn & Benny-Tank Om Jorden Vore Ung
Frida- Fernando
ABBA-Ah, Vilka Tider
Frida-Som En Sparv
Agnetha- En Sang Om Sorg Och Gladje
Björn & Benny- En Karusell
Agnetha- Drom At Drom, Och Saga Saga
Frida-Man Vill Ju Leva Lite Dessemellan
Björn & Benny-Hej Gamle Man
ABBA-Ring Ring
Agnetha-Sa Glad Som Dina Ogon
Frida-Vill Du Lana En Man

Agnetha Fältskog-Geh Mit Gott September 1994 Available on German Cd
Although it's is not widely known , Agnetha
apparently attempted to break into the West
German record markert particularly in 1968-1970.
She was aided in this attempt by her then
boyfriend ,Dieter Zimmerman (no relation
to Bob Dylan- but you knew that).
The effort seemed actually to stunt the growth of her Swedish career,because Dieter encouraged Agnetha to cover bad material as opposed to writiing her own songs..Agnetha eventually got tired of Dieter's bad career advice and they ended up breaking up....
Agnetha's next boyfriend (Bjorn Ulvaeus) would prove
to be a bit more up to the task of breaking
Agnetha on the International markert.
Aggie released 8 singles for the German markert. Most of which were actually recorded in German. She was not successful and gave up recording in German in 1972,by which time ABBA was about to break into the German markert.
No album was released at the time, but in 1994 this compilation of the German tracks was put together by ROYAL RECORDS of the German tracks,. The title track is a German version of the Joan Baez song-"Here's To You'.
Various Artists -Polars Roliga Timme 1994 Swedish Cd out of print
Full of cool rarities.Features one Agnetha track, the rare song-"Ljuva sextital( Sweet Sixties)" a song supposedly recorded for Swedish radio in 1980 for tribute to Stig. This is the only B&B song other than "SOS" that Agnetha recorded outside of ABBA. " Ljuva Sexital" was originally recorded in 1969 by Brita Borg. The album also includes Annifrid Lyngstad's "Tango i det gröna" , Björn Ulvaeus's "Fröken Fredriksson" and thirteen other songs. Many by people I have never heard of. Though you can find two of ABBA managers' Stig Anderson's hard to find recordings here on this album, but hey maybe's it's some other Stikkan.
Frida- Tango i det gröna /Björn Fröken Fredriksson /
Bernhard and Lindstedt- Oss fastrar emellan/
Nisses Suga-Håriga ben Various- Dagens bankrån /
Agnetha Fältskog-Ljuva sextital /
Rolf Bengtsson -Wit slafhandel/
Stikkan Andersson & Lillan -Baby Twist /
Rolf Bengtsson -Dagen efter kvällen före/
Brita Borg-Det kan dom inte förklara /
Stikkan Andersson & Bonnier-Ja, vi älskar dig ännu vår Barbro /
Lindstedt & Ericks-Skjortbekymmer /
Borg and Bengtsson--Det är knas på vär nya magister/
Casino-gänget -Då tar vi tagelskjortan på /
Dahlström and others- Hål i gatan /
Nisses Stuga-Risotto

Various Artists- Sommar, Sommar, Sommar Mid 1994 Swedish CD Out of print
The title track is by Stig and Kontorskören,, this album also has a rare track by Benny and some Hootenanny tracks.
Various Artists-Pop -Favoriter 1994 Swedish CD Out of print
Another of Stig's POLAR Records compilations . Only one rarity here- ELAINE PAIGE's - Like an image passing by from ABBaCadabra, but lots of other ABBA related tracks...
AGNETHA FÄLTSKOG - The heat is on LUCAS - A partsman farm SVENNE & LOTTA - Do you want to dance or just look silly / RENEGADES - Cadillac / BIRGITTA WOLLGÅRD & SALUT   - My whole damn silly world is falling down / TOMAS LEDIN - Not bad at all / FRIDA - Shine / 1984 8. TED GÄRDESTAD - Satellite HOOTENANNY SINGERS - Baby those are the rules / AGNETHA FÄLTSKOG - I won't let you go / LUCAS - Lover please / ABBA (medley) - Midnight Special-  Pick a bale of cotton-On top of old smokey / FRIDA - I know there's something going on / TOMAS LEDIN - Right now /ELAINE PAIGE - Like an image passing by BJÖRN & BENNY - She's my kind of girl SVENNE & LOTTA - Dance while the music still goes on \ . TOMAS LEDIN & AGNETHA FÄLTSKOG - Never again
Various Artists-SVENSKTOPPAR 1 1994 Swedish CD Out of print
Another of Stig's POLAR Records compilations . Includes Hootennany tracks,Lena Andersson,, Ted Gardestad and Birgitta Wollgård as well Brita Borg's original version of B&B's Ljuva Sextital .
Various Artists-SVENSKTOPPAR 2 1994 Swedish CD Out of print
Yet, Another of Stig's POLAR Records compilations.. Includes Hootennany tracks,Lena Andersson,Tomas Ledin Ted Gardestad , also Ring Ring by Abba .
ABBA-Thank You For the Music 4cd set October 1994 Available worldwide
This long awaited official box set (or in actuality booklet set) was released after ABBA GOLD proved that were still a handful people (not many mind you, just a lucky few) willing to spend money on ABBA records.B&B ,( who always seem disdainful of their fans wishes) were skeptical that any one would want to buy a ABBA box set.
More significantly, B&B were hesitant to release previously unreleased material. However, a trip to the vaults reminded them that many of the unreleased songs merited some kind of official release. So miraculously somebody (Chris Griffin & Michael Tretow )was able to convince B&B to put out a box set. So, the typical box set formula was followed-
combine hits , album tracks , rarities into one big smorgasbord. About half of ABBA's official output was compiled in this box set.-66 tracks on four Cd's.

The track listings of the first three CD's are chronological. All the songs on the first
three CD's had been released before in some form or the other (though the version of "Summer Night City" that is presented here includes the elegant intro that had been cut out prior to release).Some of tracks notably "Lovelight" are presented here in edited versions.

ABBA's non-album B-sides are treated with relative
respect. Most of the B-sides can be found on the
box. They are spread throughout all four CD's.
The selection of the previously issued tracks
is fairly sane, there were no worldwide hits
left out, and all 8 of ABBA's studio albums are well representated,
with ARRIVAL drawing the highest rate of
selection with six songs.

The Box set's centerpiece is the 15 song "ABBA Undeleted Medley". B&B were wary of giving these songs official sanction 'cos they didn't regard them as finished, polished material. But here they are anyway..In a way, B&B are correct, some of the songs are unfinished, most have awkward lyrics.-but most of the songs are chock full of great ABBA hooks. So,It is not illogical to put unfinished songs in a medley format.
The biggest flaw with the medley approach is that the individual songs are not indexed on the CD , so it's hard to get to a particular song if want to listen to that song repeatedly.
Probably the best tune on the medley is the lovely "Hamlet III", which is featured in two versions. The first version was a fast instrumental, the second a gentle ballad. Neither amounted to a finished song, but it's still a great melody.
The song had actually saw it's initial release when
Benny dragged up the tune for his 1987 solo album and recorded it as an accordion tune called "Lottis Schottis".

At least two songs featured in "ABBA Undeleted", "Just A Notion" and "Just Like That" don't seem to benefit from being put in the medley-they are too truncated compared to the unreleased versions-that some fans may have heard on bootlegs. It's obvious listening to bootleg versions that B&B were having problems with "Just Like That" ,they tried different approaches to the song-and all were good but none was just right. The version of JLT
found on the box set is a just snippet of a longer "Sax' version. The full length Sax version doesn't seem to develop the full potential of the song. The slower versions seem to make more sense but they lack the "hit single energy" of the sax version. B&B went back to "Just Like That' during the CHESS sessions and again on The first Gemini album where the finally finished the song. "Just Like That" is usually regarded as the most sought after rare or unreleased ABBA song. "Just A Notion" is not nearly as original as "Just Like That'-but it probably merited a full version release.

Two never before released songs were released in their entirety. "Dreamworld" (from 1979) is listenable but not overwhelming, whereas the Spanish sounding ,"Put On Your White Sombrero" is quite good. ,sung with character by Frida and has just some amazing vocals on the chorus. It seems strange that this song didn't make it least make it onto a B-side. "...Sombrero" was recorded during the Super Trouper sessions.
The rest of CD Four features 3 foreign language versions of famous ABBA songs, a b-side, and 4 songs originally released before the group was called ABBA. The fourth CD makes for uneven listening because of the jumping around from live to foreign language to unfinished to Early tracks ..
The key but apparently intentional flaw with the boxset is certain key rarities are left off-there is no sign of ABBA unreleased or barely released songs such as "I am An A", Sang to Gorel, I am Still Alive" , .Nationalsång,
Hovas Vittne ,Tiveds Hambo .Fanfare for Ice hockey World Championship '81 and others. These tracks may never see official release.

The liner notes to the box set are lengthly
and include essays by USA Billboard editor ,Fred Bronson and British ABBA publicist John Tobler. ABBA memorabilia is pictured and some of Björn's latterday original handwritten lyrics are reproduced. The best part of the liner notes is easily Carl Magnus Palm's liner notes to the actual songs. Among the interesting things you learn in
Palm's notes is that "Dancing Queen was recorded in mid -1975, at the same time as "Fernando."! (A full 20 months before the DQ single hit number 1 in America).

As a whole the box set is pretty good, it could have been better, but it could have been far worse. If I want to listen to a ABBAcompilation I usually listen to the BOX Set......
The box set was compiled by Chris Griffin,and remastered by Michael B. Tretow. The photograph on the cover was originally
used on the Voulez-Vouz /Angeleyes single. The earliest printings of this set in the UK were numbered individually.

Disc: 1 1. People Need Love 2. Another Town, Another Train 3. He Is Your Brother 4. Love Isn't Easy 5. Ring Ring 6. Waterloo 7. Hasta Mañana 8. Honey, Honey 9. Dance (While the Music Still Goes On) 10. So Long 11. I've Been Waiting for You 12. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do 13. S.O.S. 14. Mamma Mia 15. Fernando 16. Dancing Queen 17. That's Me 18. When I Kissed the Teacher 19. Money, Money, Money 20. Crazy World 21. My Love, My Life
Disc: 2 1. Knowing Me, Knowing You 2. Happy Hawaii 3. The Name of the Game 4. I Wonder (Departure) [Live] 5. Eagle 6. Take a Chance on Me 7. Thank You for the Music 8. Summer Night City 9. Chiquitita 10. Lovelight 11. Does You Mother Know 12. Voulez-Vous 13. Angeleyes 14. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! 15. I Have a Dream
Disc: 3 1. The Winner Takes All 2. Elaine 3. Super Trouper 4. Lay All Your Love on Me 5. On and on and On 6. Our Last Summer 7. The Way Old Friends Do 8. The Visitors 9. One of Us 10. Should I Laugh or Cry 11. Head over Heels 12. When All Is Said and Done 13. Like an Angel Passing Through My Room 14. The Day Before You Came 15. Cassandra 16. Under Attack
Disc: 4 1. Put on Your White Sombrero 2. Dream World 3. Thank You for the Music 4. Hej Gamle Man 5. Merry-Go-Round 6. Santa Rosa 7. She's My Kind of Girl 8. Pick a Bale of Cotton/On Top of Old Smoke/Midnight Special 9. You Owe Me One 10. Slipping Through My Fingers/Me and I 11. ABBA Undeleted-(Scaramouche / Summer Night City / Take A Chance On Me / Baby / Just A Notion / Rikky Rock 'n Roller / Burning My Bridges / Fernando / Here Comes Rubie Jamie / Hamlet III Parts 1 & 2 / Free As A Bumble Bee / Rubber Ball Man / Crying Over You / Just Like That / Givin' A Little Bit More) 12. Waterloo [French/Swedish]13. Ring Ring [Swedish/Spanish/German] 14. Honey, Honey [Swedish
Real Group-Varför Får Man Inte Bara Vara Som Man Är? Swedish CD November 1994
Frida's acapella duet version of "Dancing Queen " done with THE REAL GROUP is available on this ALBUM -Varför Får Man Inte Bara Vara Som Man Är? (1994) This track also was performed live with Frida before the Queen of Sweden...
Chess-In Concert 2CD set November 1994 Available on Swedish Cd.
Chess since it's release has often been performed as a concert piece.
This 2cd set was released in in Sweden by Benny's label MONO. This set was drawn from
concerts held in Gothenberg,Sweden in 8-94.
This set features a all Swedish cast of Tommy Korberg as the Russian. Anders Glenmark as The American, Karin Glenmark as Florence,and Lena Ericsson as Sveltana.
Benny produced the album and played Grand Piano and Accordian. Abba band members Rutger Gunnarsson, Lasse Wallender and Per Lindvall (all of whom played on the original Chess album,)
also play here and for the first time are actually pictured in the liner notes. Björn does not seem to be present here but Tim Rice rather kindly wrote some introductory notes.
The track listing is basically similar to the
original studio album but includes "Someone
Else's Story" and "The Soviet Machine"
(a song not available on record previously).
I found Karin Glenmark a little dissapointiing
as Florence and some of the songs less powerful than expected but otherwise it's listenable,

PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT November 1994 internationally released Soundtrack CD.
This dramatic comedy about a intinerent troop of Austrailian drag queens is a charming film that incorporates the music of ABBA. The music of ABBA plays a slightly lesser role than it does in Muriel's Wedding. The music in the movie is memorable and the soundtrack has most of the songs that were in the movie.
1.I've Never Been To Me - Charlene
2. Go West - Village People
3. Billy Don't Be A Hero - Paper Lace
4. My Baby Loves Lovin' - White Plains
5. I Love The Nightlife (Disco 'Round) (Phillip Dami) - Alicia Bridges
6. Can't Help Lovin' That Man - Trudy Richards
7. I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor
8. A Fine Romance - Lena Horne
9. Shake Your Groove Thing (Original Mix) - Peaches And Herb
10. I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine - Patti Page
11. Finally (7' Choice Mix) - Ce Ce Peniston
12. Take A Letter Maria - R.B. Greaves
13. Mamma Mia - Abba
14. Save The Best For Last - Vanessa Williams
15. I Love The Nightlife (Disco 'Round) (Real Rapino 7') - Alicia Bridges
16. Go West (Original 12' Mix) - The Village People
17. I Will Survive (1993 Phil Kelsey Classic 12' Mix) - Gloria Gaynor
18. Shake Your Groove Thing (Original 12' Mix) - Peaches And Herb

Various Artists -Julens Musik Late 1994 Swedish CD (officially referred to as STIKKAN ANDERSON VALJER POLARSPARLOR-JULENS MUSIK)
This CD released by Polar couples Agnetha & Linda's NU TANDAS
TUSEN JULEJUS 1980 Christmas album with Polar's 1972 Christmas LP called NAR JULDAGSMORGAN GLIMMAR which has Christmas songs by various Polar artists.
The second part of the CD is far better.
Polar's 1972 Christmas music album had tracks by Annifrid Lyngstad, Lena Anderson,Svenne Hudlund,Arne Lambert,Sonja Stjernqvist and the Hootenanny Singers .The Hootz do "Gå Sion, din Konung att möta" and "Nu Tandas Tusen Juleljus" . The songs Frida did are "Nar Det Lider Mot" and "Glans Over Sjo Och Strand" The original Lp is no longer available, NAR JULDAGSMORGAN GLIMMAR is easily better part of the JULENS MUSIK collection.
JULENS MUSIK is the closest thing we have to an ABBA Christmas album. (ABBA never recorded any Christmas music).

Nej se dat snöar/Bjällerklang/ Nu tändas tusen juleljus/ Två små röda luvor/ Nu står jul vid snöig port/ Jag såg mamma kyssa tomten/ När juldagsmorgen glimmar/ Potpurri/ Mej mitt vinterland/ Så mitt lyser stjärnan/ Mössens julafton/ När det lider mot jul-AGNETHA & LINDA
Stilla Natt - Lena Andersson
Nu Tändas Tusen Juleljus - Hootenanny Singers
När Det Lider Mot Jul - Anni-Frid Lyngstad
Dotter Sion, Fröjda Dig- Svenne Hedlund
O Du Saliga - Sonja Stjernqvist
Gläns Över Sjö Och Strand - Anni-Frid Lyngstad
När Juldagsmorgon Glimmar - Svenne Hedlund
Bereden Väg För Herran - Arne Lamberth
Hosianna - Sonja Stjernqvist
Gå Sion, Din Konung Att Möta- Hootenanny Singers
Härlig Är Jorden - Lena Andersson
Var Hälsad Sköna Morgonstund - Arne Lamberth

MURIEL's WEDDING 1994 Internationally released soundtrack CD. The movie had it 's world premiere in late 2004 but the soundtrack came out in April 1995 in most places...
This music of ABBA is intregal to this movie. The main character of Muriel played by Toni Collette is among other things an ABBA fan, and at leastfour ABBA songs are featured in the movie. ABBA is not entirely portrayed in a posiitve light. The movie sort of implies that losers listen to ABBA.The soundtrack leaves out "Fernando" and Mamma Mia" both of which are featured prominently in the movie.
Bridal Dancing Queen (Edited Orchestra Score) - The Wedding Band
2. Sugar Baby Love - The Rubettes
3. We've Only Just Begun - The Carpenters
4. Lonely Hearts - The Wedding Band
5. The Tide Is High - Blondie
6. Waterloo - ABBA
7. I Go To Rio - Peter Allen
8. Bean Bag - The Wedding Band
9. T-Shirts & Jeans - Razorbrain
10. I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself - Dusty Springfield
11. Bridal Dancing Queen (Full Orchestra Score) - The Wedding Band
12. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do - ABBA
13. Happy Together - The Turtles
14. Muriel's Wedding - The Wedding Band
15. Dancing Queen - ABBA).

1995 was a very slow year for ABBA related releases. Two 1994 Australian movies with ABBA themes-"Muriel's Wedding and Priscilla Queen of the Desert spread the ABBA gospel throughout the world...
Hep Stars- Jukebox Hits 1995 Swedish CD
Various Artists- SVENSKTOPPAR 3 1995 Swedish CD Out of print.
Hootenanny Singers-Svenska Favoriter 1995 Available Swedish CD
ABBA-ABBA 3CD Boxset Australia 1995

Various Artists -Abbasalutely: A Flying Nun tribute to the music of Abba 1995 New Zealand CD
Various Artists -Jesus Christ Superstar Nov 85
ABBA -American CD issues 1995

Hootenanny Singers-Svenska Favoriter March 1995 Available Swedish CD
The most notable 1990's Hootz collection, this features both 1960's and 1970's material .(BASTA stops at 1969). This include songs such as "Marianne". "Gabrille"," Omking Fran Louissa" and Björn's Swedish version of "Harper Valley PTA". All the tracks are in Swedish, so this CD doesn't include "No Time","Baby Those Are The Rules" or "Mrs. O'Grady" which are among the most interesting of the Hootz songs.
Track listing:
Omkring tiggarn från Luossa/ Jag väntar vid min milla/ Gabrielle /Måltidssång/Den gyllene fregatt,
/ I fjol så gick jag med herrarna i hagen/I lunden den gröna/ Ave maria no moro/ Björkens visa/
En sång en gång för längesen/Till fader berg rörande fiolen/ Nya vindar/
Finns det liv så finns det hopp/Saknar du något min kära/ Adjö farväl/ Så länge du älskar är du ung/ Marianne/ Fröken Fredriksson

ABBA -American CD issues March ? 1995
At this point, Polgram issued it's CD versions of ABBA studio albums in the American market, For some reason the CD's came out on the A&M label on this particular go around/ This was the first time most of ABBA's studio albums were released in America on CD. When Atlantic had ABBA's USA record contract in the 1980's they had issued only ABBA's two Greatest Hits albums and Super Trouper on CD...In 1995 all of the original ABBA studio albums were issued on CD including Ring Ring which had never been released in the USA. ..The 1995 reissues did not include Gracias Por La musica..which had been released spearately on CD in 1990 for the US Spanish markert..
These CD's had no bonus tracks, and no liner notes and thus were not well received and were replaced by the first American remastered versions of ABBA's album in 1999.
Hep Stars- Jukebox Hits April 1995 Swedish CD
A CD compilation mostly of the Hep Stars( Benny's 1960's group)
early Rock and Roll covers.1995
1. Young And Beautiful
2. Lonesome Town
3. That's When Your Heartaches Begin
4. Donna
5. I Got A Woman
6. Shake
7. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
8. If You Need Me

9. Summertime Blues
10. Wear My Ring Around You Neck
11. Tribute To Buddy Holly
12. Don't
13. Oh Carol
14. Rocking Love
15. Be My Baby

Various Artists- SVENSKTOPPAR 3 1995 Swedish CD Out of print.
The last of a slew of various artist albums that ABBA manager, Stig Anderson, had Polar put out that featured songs from the Polar vaults... All the CD's have a similiar white colour scheme...and all are out print. This one has three Bjorn/Hootz songs as well as the Swedish version of "Mamma Mia" done by Birgitta Wollgård and the Swedish version of Gemini 's" Mio My Mio"....

  Di Sma Undar Jårdi - Snabbköpskassörskan
 Hootenanny Singers - Gabrielle

  Lill Lindfors - De' e' så man dånar

 Mats Olin - Limon Limonero

 Dizzie Tunes - Långe Jan

 Gemini - Mio min Mio
(Swedish version)
 Christer Sandelin - Det hon vill ha

 Lena Andersson - Hej du glada sommar

 The Hootenanny Singers - Omkring tiggarn från Luossa

Birgitta Wollgård & Salut - Mamma Mia

Pugh Rogefeldt - Två lika är ett

Hootenanny Singers - Den sköna Helen

Ted Gärdestad - För kärlekens skull

Christer Sandelin - Luften darrar

Arne Lamberth - Störst av allt är kärleken

Björn Ulvaeus - Kvinnan i mitt liv

Ted Gärdestad - Ge en sol

Lill Lindfors - Säj det

Various Artists -Abbasalutely: A Flying Nun tribute to the music of Abba Mid to Late 1995 New Zealand CD? Lp? Eight track???Cassette
This album comes from New Zealand. The New Zealand label , Flying Nun Records asked it's various garage rock bands to come up with ABBA covers for a compilation.
This is one of the more noted and unusual ABBa tribute albums-though it is somewhat hard is to find and perhaps not worth the effort to find.... I like that group name "THE ABLE TASMANS"
1 Ring Ring- Breast Secreting Cake
2 Mama Mia -The 3Ds
3 Dancing Queen G-arageland
4 Waterloo -Cloth
5 My Love My Life -Bike
6 Honey Honey Loves -Ugly Children
7 Super Trouper -Headless Chickens
8 Money Money Money -Chug
9 Knowing Me Knowing You- Superette
10 When I Kissed the Teacher- The Magick Heads
11 Tropical Loveland- Martin and the Moondogs
12 S.O.S.- The Able Tasmans
13 The Name of the Game- Shaynie & Fifi '95
14 On and On and On -Tall Dwarfs

ABBA-ABBA 3CD Boxset Australia 1995
This set features 3 already released albums packaged together-Voulez-Vous, Super Trouper and Arrival. No bonus tracks included other than "Fernando".
Various Artists -Jesus Christ Superstar Nov 85 Out of print Dutch or German 2CD
Agnetha was Mary Magdelene in the Swedish language stage version of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's classic musical. This was Aggie's first acting role. The part is important but not very big -two solos and a few other small bits. Agnetha retained the acting bug and would later star in a film.(Raskenstam (1983)
Björn produced Agnetha's versions of" Everything's All Right" and "I Dont Know How To Love Him". We have here a rare chance to compare Agnetha and Frida's singing styles since Frida also did versions of these same two songs, on her 1971 debut album. Frida's
versions were produced by Benny. Interestingly, Frida's versions use a different translation than that used on the Agnetha version. Not surprisingly, Agnetha's versions of these songs are better than Frida's versions, partly because Björn comes up with a much better arrangement for Aggie than Benny did producing for Frida, but partly because these songs are more suited more Aggie.

This album was rereleased on Cd on Royal Records (the same people who are reissued Aggie's first 2 albums on CD). But it is no longer widely available... The two main songs the Agnetha sings are also available on various Agnetha compilations

 Disc 1- Ouvertyr, Ditt Folk Har Du Förlett, Vad Står På ?/ Hon Går På Gatan(Agnetha), Nu Ska Du Bli Stilla(Agnetha), Jesus Må Dö, Hosianna, Simon Ivraren/Ack Mitt Jerusalem, Pilatus Dröm, I Templet, Allting Är Allright(Agnetha), Vart Ska Min Kärlek Föra(Agnetha), Drömd För Alltid
 Disc 2- Nattvarden, I Getsemane, Jesus Fängslas, Petrus Förnekar Jesus(Agnetha), Inför Pilatus, Herodes Sång, Judas Död, Åter Inför Pilatus, Superstar, Korsfästelsen, Johannes Evangeliet kap. 19, vers 41

1996 brought Djupa Andetag & KRISTINA FRAN DUVEMALA, the two most artistically important ABBA related works of the 1990's, As well as a major new Agnetha Faltskog compilation...

ABBA-The music Still Goes on March 1996 Australian/German 'Dutch CD
ABBA-Collection Series 1996 Australian CD
ABBA-MASTER SERIES Internationally released CD Released between August 1996 and 1998 in various territories..
Hazell Dean-The Winner Takes It All 1996 British CD
Frida-Djupa Andetag September 1996 - Available on Swedish CD
Agnetha Fältskog- My Love, My Life September 1996 2CD set available in Sweden
Hep Stars' It's been a long time Oct 1996 Japanese CD
ABBACADABRA-Revival -First Flight 1996 British CD Also reissued with different covers...
ABBA -Forever Gold Late 1996 2CD set Various territories
Hep stars EMI CD reissues December 1996 Swedish CD's
ABBA: Interview Disc & Fully Illustrated Book   1996 European Book/CD
Benny Andersson -BENNY ANDERSON In Conversation 1996 UK CD

ABBA-The Music Still Goes on March 1996 Australian/German 'Dutch CD

Issued by Spectrum/Karusell this a selection of lesser hits and album tracks ,but no -B-sides or rarities. It was issued also as part of a three CD set. This has sort of a white cover-and strangely designed ABBA logo..
1. Does Your Mother Know\2. Ring Ring \3. On And On And On \
4. When I Kissed The Teache\5. If It Wasn't For The Nights \6. As Good As New \
7. Eagle 1\8. Dance (While The Music Still Goes On) \9. The Visitors\10. When All Is Said And Done
\11. So Long\ 12. Bang-A-Boomerang 13. Me And I
\14. Move On\15. Gonna Sing You My Lovesong\ 16. Arrival

ABBA-Collection Series 1996 Australian CD
This is similiar to The Music Still Goes on. as the title implies it was part of a series of artists...
ABBA-The Danish Collection 1996 ?CD
This is The Music Still Goes On with a a different title ,and a black cover, albeit the cover is also similar to The music Still Goes on. From what I have seen there are not too many Danish -only ABBA releases...
ABBA-MASTER SERIES Internationally released CD Released between August 1996 and 1998 in various territories..
1. Thank You For The Music
2. The Winner Takes It All
3. Fernando
4. One Of Us
5. Angeleyes
6. The Day Before You Came
7. Eagle
8. So Long
9. Why Did It Have To Be Me
 10. Ring Ring
11. The Way Old Friends Do
12. Slipping Through My Fingers
13. Hasta Mañana
14. Our Last Summer
15. My Love, My Life
16. If It Wasn't For The Nights
17. People Need Love
18. Andante, Andante

Hazell Dean-The Winner Takes It All 1996 British CD
An album of  Abba covers by  this British singer( Hazel is famous for working with the highly successful record producers Stock/Aitkin/Waterman)   This album is produced by Hazell Dean & Pete Ware.  A new version of the album  Knowing Her, Hazel Sings Abba was released in 2004

The Winner Takes It All (Radio Mix) 4.48 *When All Is Said And Done 4.09Mamma Mia 4.17 One Of Us 4.42 My Love My Life 5.20 Knowing Me Knowing You 4.00 If It Wasn't For The Nights 4.23 S.O.S. 4.24 I Wonder 4.35 Andante Andante 4.10 The King Has Lost His Crown 4.23 Our Last Summer 4.22 The Way Old Friends Do 3.48 Like An Angel Passing Through My Room 3.27
Frida-Djupa Andetag September 1996 - Available on Swedish CD
The title means Deep Breath. It's doubtful
many buyers of ABBA GOLD have this album.
Djupa andetag was just done for the Swedish market. It came 12 years after SHINE.
This is probably the best of Frida and Agnetha
solo albums. Buy this album before you waste
any money on tripe like WRAP YOUR ARMS
AROUND ME or ABBA GOLD the zilioneth

When people do hear this there taken aback for a minute. You don't really expect fifty year old rock era singers to be doing what seems to be their
best work at age 50. Of course, it's possible that
had she not met Benny she would have been a jazz/pop singer all her life. But anyway...

All the tracks here are good, but "Aven en Blomma' stands out in particular. The tracks here or so natural and personal sounding that a great duet between Frida and Marie Frederickson (of Roxette) seems almost too gimmicky.
Frida wrote the lyrics for the albums energetic
closer (for once she closes an album on a upbeat)
"Kvinnor som Springor".

Anders Glenmark(of Gemini fame) produced the album ,sang and playedon it , wrote the music and most of the lyrics. His vocals touches (such as the Ay-Ay at the beginning of "ogonen' ) are surprisingly welcome,The keyboards are incredbly well-done they set the tone for most of the songs.
As enjoyable as Anders Glenmark's work in English may be-it's obvious he's even better in Swedish.

The albums cover design by Kent Nyberg is refreshing and the back cover photo
of Frida by Carl Bengstson is haunting. This album was recorded at Polar Music
for Anderson Records by Lennart Ostlund.
The CD includes a interactive CD-rom component. (which doesn't seem to work on my computer!)

Älska mig alltid/ Ögonen/ Även en blomma
Sovrum/ Hon fick som hon ville
Alla mina bästa år (duet with Marie Fredriksson)
Lugna vatten/ Vem kommer såra vem ikväll
Sista valsen med dig/ Kvinnor som springer

Agnetha Fältskog- My Love, My Life September 1996 2CD set available in Sweden
My blond , My blond !A fairly decent Swedish 2CD collection covering Aggie's entire career-Swedish, English, ABBA, kids albums, and non album tracks. A 3CD version of this collection was also made available (but not in stores).The 2CD set has 25 songs from the pre-1980 Swedish career, but the 80's English stuff is not as well represented since space is spent by including some ABBA songs.
Some non- Aggie album tracks are featured including the singles "Never Again,', the Way You Are, and" Its So Nice To Be Rich" . The B-side" P&B" can not be found on either this album or the later THAT'S ME collection.
In 1997 a mail order firm, TV shop ,briefly offered a 3d version with a bonus disc with 15 more tracks...The third CD on the 3CD version just includes more previously released songs primarily from Aggie's Swedish
This collection was compiled by Aggie and
Michael Tretow. It was released by Sony (the parent company of Aggie's original Swedish label CBS-Cupol. Every Agnetha fan should have at least this album or TIO AR MED. Aggie's Swedish work is among her best solo work.

 Track listing CD ONE (with Original Source album)
Introduktion (Prev. unreleased)
*Jag var så kär (Agnetha
Fältskog Volume 1)
*Utan dej, mitt liv går vidare (Agnetha
Fältskog Volume 1)
Sonny Boy (Geh Mit Gott)
Allting har förändrat sig (Agnetha
Fältskog Volume 1)
En gång fanns bara vi två (AF II)
Så här börjar kärlek ( AF II)
*Om tårar vore guld (Som Jag Ar)
En sång och en saga (Som Jag Ar)
*Jag ska göra (Som Jag Ar)
*Tänk va' skönt (Som Jag Ar)
*Många gånger än (Nar En Vackar Tanke Blir En Sang..)
*Tågen kan gå igen ( Nar En Vackar Tanke Blir En Sang...)
*Jag ska inte fälla några tårar (Nar En Vackar Tanke Blir En Sang...)
Dröm är dröm och saga saga (Nar En Vackar Tanke Blir En Sang...)
*Kanske var min kind lite het (Nar En Vackar Tanke Blir En Sang..)
Vart skall min kärlek föra (JCSuperstar)
*Så glad som dina ögon (Basta)
*Tio mil kvar till Korpilombolo (single)

TRACK LISTING CD 2 (with Original Source album)
En sång om sorg och glädje (BASTA)
*Dom har glömt (ELVA KVINNOR)
*Visa i åttonde månaden (ELVA KVINNOR
*Tack för en underbar vanlig dag (ELVA KVINNOR)
*När du tar mej i din famn (TIO AR MED)
*Disillusion (RING RING)
My Love, My Life (ARRIVAL)
The Winner Takes It All (SUPER TROUPER)
The Day Before You Came (THE SINGLES)
Wrap Your Arms Around Me (WRAP YOUR ARMS)
It's So Nice To Be Rich (single)
*I Won't Let You Go (EYES OF A WOMAN)
The Way You Are (single)
Let It Shine (I STAND ALONE)
Nu tändas tusen juleljus (NU TANDAS)
På söndag ( KOM ...KARUSELL)

Bullets indicate songs written or cowritten by Agnetha,,,

he Hep Stars-It's Been a Long Long Time-Swedish LP Out of Print October 1986 Japanese Cd (Album orginally released 1967)
I haven't actually held this CD in my hands. It was reissued on CD by M&M
Records in Japan .EMI did most of the other Hep Stars reissues. For financial reasons , this album originally was released not on the Olga label but on the Cupol label... This was the first of the Hep Stars studio albums to be reissued on CD. But the CD is no longer easily available .
This album was recorded in late 1967 largely in London. They were no longer the new hip thing, and were regarded by this time to becoming too middle of the road.
On this album session musicians filled in for Janne, Christer and Lennart (a common, if cruel practice in the 1960's). An American producer, Steve Clark, was brought in to produce the album. There were no rock and roll covers and few self-written tunes. So, in a lot of ways this really isn't a Hep Stars album. This album was not as successful as previous Hep Stars albums.
The original album featured a lot of songs mainly written by American songwriters supposedly in the soft rock vein. Benny did write the title track which also was released as a single....The bonus tracks included many of the songs found on Songs We Sang 68 CD-(if by some miracle you have this CD you could probably get by without Songs We Sang 68).
Enter the young/Hope/5 am/It's Time For A change/Changing Away From You/It's Been a Long Long Time /Musty Dusty/Spinging,Spinging,Spinging/There Is love/ Would You Like To Go /It's now A Winters' Day /Another Time/
Bonus tracks found on CD issue
Det Finns En Stad/ Sagan Om Lilla Sofi /Let It BE me/Groovy Summertime/Holiday For Clowns/A Flower In My Garden/Save Your Heart For me/I Sagans Land/Bilden Av/Suddenly Tommorow Is Today/Warten Auf Den Tag/Songs We sang

KRISTINA FRAN DUVEMALA by Andersson-Ulvaeus 3CD set October 23, 1996 Available on Swedish CD.
This is the original cast recording to the Malmo production of the musical "KRISTINA från Duvemåla ". Benny and Björn wrote the music and lyrics for this musical version of Vilhem's Moberg's classic UTVANDRARPOS. The books are known in English as THE EMIGRANTS saga.
KRISTINA is the apex of Björn and Benny's songwriting careers. KRISTINA is their most ambitious work,a very brave effort to adapt a classic Swedish book into a musical .The whole process- writing,staging, and then making the record took over five years. (the idea began germinating in Benny's mind in the Spring of 1989).
On this record ,the lengthly EMIGRANTS saga is distilled into 39 songs covering three CD's. The stage musical itself was almost four hours..It premiered on 7 October 1995 in Malmo. The cast album was released nearly a year after the first staging. The stage production moved to Stockholm in 1998, and closed in Stockholm in June 1999.
This run was shorter than a Broadway run because of the much smaller size of the Swedish
markert and because B&B wanted to keep the musical fresh. A million ticketbuyers have seen KRISTINA.

Unlike B& B's 1984 rock musical CHESS ,KRISTINA is somewhat removed from ABBA and rock n roll. Most of the songs feature a full orchestra acompianment .KRISTINA does not generally attempt to meld rock with musical forms. Still, many of the songs have rock instrumentation. Nor does, KRISTINA exactly sound like a Broadway musical. It's more like opera. Perhaps, it could best described as Swedish folk opera.
For the first time, officially, Benny and Björn's
roles have been spilt into distinct parts. On KRISTINA, Benny wrote all the music and Björn all the lyrics. Also, Benny was the sole producer of the recording. But, both Benny and Björn were involved in the production of the play itself.

This split in their roles had been evolving over time. When B&B began writing together in the 1960's both had a hand in the writing the lyrics & the music. Benny, stopped writing lyrics in the mid -seventies, leaving all the lyrics to Björn (or Stig) Benny had always given more of the music in their songwriting partnership, but Björn's musical role seem to begin to diminish significantly with ABBA's 8o's synthesizer dominated music.
In addition, by the late 1980's, Björn was no longer involved with producing the songs that he wrote with Benny.

The ABBA band and Björn do not play much of a role here musically since the music primarily is scored for an Orchestra ,not a rock band. Björn, Rutger Gunnarson, and Lasse Wallander do put in a minor appearence on the album, somewhat obscurely as The Three Boys.
Interestingly, Björn and Benny chose to write KRISTINA largely in Swedish, their first album length work together since LYCKA to be recorded in Swedish. This has meant that the musical has had a special resonance in Sweden, but this also meant that the musical is not widely known outside Sweden. Björn had trouble writing a English version of the musical so that it can be performed in America and elsewhere. Indeed Björn has shown more interest in puttering around with Mamma Mia. Writing English lyrics to KRISTINA that are as good as the Swedish lyrics apparently is quite a daunting task. The English version was finished in 2005 with the help of another lyricist....
The EMIGRANTS saga was originally told in four books written in the late 1940's and 1950's. The four parts are titled in English: THE EMIGRANTS, UNTO A GOOD LAND, THE SETTLERS, and LAST LETTER HOME. A famous film adaption of the books starring Liv Ullmann was made in the 1970's .
As a whole, the four books tell the story of band of emigrants who leave southern Sweden to move to Minnesota in about 1850. The town nearest to where the emigrants end up is called Taylor Falls. Taylor Falls ,Minnesota is an actual town on the Wisconsin Border near Minneapolis. The books spent a lot of time explaining why the Emigrants leave, a lot of time showing the hardship of the ship journey, and then the remainder of the time showing the fates that befall the former Swedes when they live in America. The lyrics in this musical version are surprisingly faithful to the original book- this isn't a " Hollywood" adaption. Only a few of the songs include things that did not occur in the books. The KRISTINA of the title is KRISTINA Nilson who was born in Duvemala. The role is played on the album by the highly likable (and previously little known) Helen Sjöholm. It is Helen's comely face that graces the stamp on the album cover.
The book of the play includes lots of dialogue and unlike CHESS ,the dramatic parts of the play are usually just as interesting as the music. However musically, KRISTINA is not quite as a interesting
a work as CHESS. KRISTINA is more conventional.
and less varied.
CHESS came off as a daring and unique score.

It is disappointing that B&B have only had the opportunity to write two original musicals in the 20 years since Abba.Various side projects,Bjorn's moving to England, Bjorn's decreasing creative energies, delays in the productions of CHESS & KRISTINA as well as simply the lack of good ideas have all meant that B&B have not been as prolific as they might have been. So for some reason, B&B have not bothered to follow up Kristina with another original musical. Instead ,Bjorn has focused mainly on Mamma Mia, Bjorn has occasionally devoted time on efforts to revive CHESS, and translate Kristina to English . Benny , spends a lot of time on his solo work, and on working with acts on his Mono record label, . It would be very surprising at this point in their lives if B&B actually were able to write a new musical at all, let alone, a musical of the quality CHESS or KRISTINA.
As impressive as KRISTINA is , it is one of Bjorn and Benny's least accessible works (at least to the non-Swede) -the length and seriousness of the musical, foreign language, and sameness of the orchestration work against it as possible international stage success.There is just an incredible amount of music involved.
The length of the musical does make it hard
to appreciate each and every song-there
is just too much music.The 39 songs presented here make this is one of the longest works ever written by popular songwriters.

Some of KRISTINA's musical numbers stand out more than others. The opening overture and the first song sung by Kristina show off immediately the influence of Swedish folk music.
On the second CD notice the juxtaposition of the Americans with emigrant Swedes in "A Sunday in Battery Park" . You actually get to hear the chorus singing in English and Swedish in counterpoint. (Three or four songs of the 39 have a smattering of English in them).
CD two closes with Helen Sjöholm singing "Min Astrakan" an incredibly powerful lament for a apple tree that closes the first act.

CD#3 has the two second act showstoppers; "Du Maste Finnas" (You must Exist"). "Du Maste..." is a song in which Kristina questions GOD's existence (try to imagine ABBA doing a song like that) .
Helen Sjöholm wrenches incredible emotion out of this song . "Du Maste Finnas" was the last song written for the musical. It is probably the best B&B song of the past fifteen years.

The other great song in the second act is
"Guldet Blev till Sand" ( Gold Turns To Sand) sung by young
Peter Jöback. Joback plays Kristina's head-strong/dreamer brother-in-law Robert. The song would proved to be a monster hit in Sweden where it set the record for the longest time on the Swedish singles chart-(nearly two years).

Anders Eljas conducted the orchestra as he
had on CHESS. Benny and Anders Eljas were the main arrangers on this album. Lars Rudolfson directed the play and cowrote the play's book with Jan Mark. The album was recorded in Malmo and in Stockholm by Bernard Lohr. Polar and Mono Studios were the primary recording studios used to record this album.

This is a challenging album to listen to and an expensive one to buy. KRISTINA is perhaps the most important of the ABBA solo records.
The next step for KRISTINA is to bring it to Broadway in a English language version. Björn has been worked on the English language translation of 'Kristina från Duvemåla' with Herbert Kretzmer (who translated 'Les Miserables')." and John Weidman, who wrote the books to "Pacific Overtures" and "Assassins." That version is ready and the Broadway version is being casted and prepared for a possilble 2006 or (now, apparently) 2007 or 2020 staging....

Prolog/ Duvemåla Hage/ Min Lust Till Dej, Ut Mot Ett Hav/ Missväxt/ Nej/ Lilla Skara/ Aldrig/ Kom Till Mig Alla/ Vi Õppnar Alla Grindar

Bönder På Havet/ Löss /Stanna/Begravning Till Sjöss/ A Sunday In Battery Park/ Hemma/
Från New York Till Stillwater/
Tänk Att Män Som Han Kan Finnas/ Kamfer Och Lavendel/ Drömmen Om Guld/ Min Astrakan

Överheten/ Ljusa Kvällar Om Våren/ Präriens Drottning/ Vildgräs/ Jag Har Förlikat Mej Till Slut/ Guldet Blev Till Sand/ Wild Cat Money/ Ut Mot Ett Hav/ Vill Du Inte Gifta Dej Med Mej/
Ett Herrans Underverk/ Down To The Sacred Wave/ Missfall/ Du Måste Finnas/ Skördefest/ Här Har Du Mej Igen/ Red Iron/Hjälp Mej Trösta/ Var Hör Vi Hemma/ I Gott Bevar

ABBACADABRA-Revival -First Flight 1996 British CD Also reissued with different covers...
Here is the first albums from the British Abba tribute act called Abbacadabra, not be confused with the 1982/1983 stage play with the same name....Yes , this is just Another fricking tribute group. This is the British version of the ABBA cover band
phenomena, you know it might have just been easier to bring back the BROTHERHOOD of MAN, ABBACADABRA approach is try to bring ABBA into the 21st century, their ABBA covers try to make dance mixes out of ABBA song..
ABBA -Forever Gold Late 1996 2CD set Various territories
This couples ABBA Gold and More ABBA gold into one box.. One version of this released in Australia had a bonus CD with three tracks. This set quite literally combines ABBA Gold and MORE ABBA GOLD. This was released in Japan in 1998...
This was subject to reissue in 1999. There is also a European 2CD set called Double Must that does the same thing.

Hep stars EMI CD reissues December 1996 Swedish CD's
Four of The Hep Stars EMI- Olga albums were issued for the first time on CD .nin late 1996 -The HEp Stars 1966 studio album, -HEP STARS ON STAGE .WE AND OUR CADILLAC and Songs We Sang 68
ABBA: Interview Disc & Fully Illustrated Book   1996 European Book/CD
This was issued by Sound And Media Limited and seems to similiar to other CD sized books about music stars.The book is written by Nina Rasmussen. Neither the book or the interview CD are that interesting, the interview features mainly Bjorn.  The CD has a picture on it. Apparently this is reissuance of a 1993 version of this book/CD..

Benny Andersson -BENNY ANDERSON In Conversation 1996 UK CD
A interview with Benny Andersson recorded on November 12,1979 at Bingley Hall, Stafford, England during ABBA's final European Tour, The cover includes a previously unpublished full color photograph. I have been to Stafford it has very large dogs and lots of Butter....That must be why they were able to get Benny to sit and chat...

In 1997 a misguided attempt was made at remastering the ABBA catalog. ABBA manager, Stig Anderson, died in September 1997....
Various Artists -When We Were Kings SOUNDTRACK February  1997
Peter Cetera -You're the Inspiration May  1997 Available internationally CD
ABBA-The first remastered CD's Series May  1997
ABBA-Double up Mid to Late 1997 Australian 2CD set
Anni-Frid Lyngstad -Frida 1967-1972 2CD set  October 1997 Swedish CD

Various Artists -When We Were Kings (SOUNDTRACK February 1997 CD
The soundtrack to this movie came out in February 1997, The ABBA connection is minor but interesting.
The song "Rumble in the Jungle" by the Fugees features the bass riff from ABBA's -The Name of The Game.
Bjorn actually approved of the sampling of the "Name Of The Game" because he was pleased that an African American act would get into an ABBA song.
ABBA-The first International remastered CD's Series MAY 1997
All of ABBA's eight studio albums (and ABBA LIVE) were reissued in this remastered Series (even though the non-remastered versions were still available at the time ). The CD's in the remastered series featured bonus tracks (on some but not all of the CD's ), some new rather Brit-centric liner notes by John Tobler and something like remastered sound. These improvements were carried out with a certain sloppiness, but at least somebody tried. ABBA's original studio albums were finally getting some respect. However, these would soon be redone... Unlike the 2001 remasters, the ABBA LIVE was also remastered in this series...However Greatest Hits , Greatest Hits Vol 2 and Gracias Por La Musica were not included....

As was typical of 1990's CD issues the remastered CD's had a clear plastic
spine that allowed for writing to be viewed .. In this spot was printed "ABBA-The Remasters "
The front covers were largely not different from previous CD issues....

Many but not all of the 1997 Had bonus tracks... None of the bonus tracks were unreleased songs,
they were simply some of the relevant
songs from ABBA B-sides or other sources that hadn't made it on to the original studio albums.

Naturally some of the relevant songs were left off. For example, none of the early rare B&B/ABBA tracks were added to RING RING or WATERLOO.
Nothing was added to THE ALBUM, Nothing to WATERLOO, and "Cassandra' was rather strangely left off THE VISITORS. Still,The Visitors, and Super Trouper benefit greatly from having bonus tracks added to them.
The 1997 remasters became obsolete when the improved 2001 remasters were rolled out.
IN 1999. the American versions of these remasters were released, though they didn't have bonus tracks.

Peter Cetera -You're the Inspiration May 1997 Available internationally CD
ABBa fan, Peter Cetera ( formerly of the American band -Chicago) released this compilation album which includes his duet with Agnetha called
" I Wasn't The One" which of course can be found on Agnetha's albums-"I STAND ALONE, and "THAT's ME". This also includes Peter's other duets including his version of ABBA's "SOS" done with country singer Ronna Reeves. The three Chicago songs here are recorded in new solo versions.
If you leave me now (new version) 
The next time i fall  
    with Amy Grant

Do you love me that much   Feel like heaven  
    with Chaka Khan

You're the inspiration (new version) 
I wasn't the one (who said goodbye) 
   with Agnetha Fältskog

She doesn't need me anymore 
Baby what a big surprise (new version)
(I wanna take) forever tonight  
    with Christal Bernard

After all  
    with Cher

S.O.S.    with Ronna Reeves

ABBA- Double up -September or October 1997 Australian 2CD set
A polydor two CD set featuring ABBA's 1975 album and Arrival.. This set utilizes the 1997 Australian remasters for this purpose.

Anni-Frid Lyngstad -Frida 1967-1972 2CD set Released October 1997 Available on Swedish CD. About half of the tracks Produced by Benny.

This album compliles all of Frida's pre-Polar career, Most of her material between 1969-1972 was produced by Benny. This CD set includes her entire 1971 album that was produced by Benny. The two CD's are largely chronological .The first CD covers her early singles and ends with tracks from her 1971 self titled studio album. The second CD starts with the rest of the songs from her first studio album,
continues with tracks from her early 1970's singles and ends with five previously unreleased tracks.

Three previously released tracks from Frida's singles were new to CD for this album. Among the the three tracks were "En Kvall Om somarn" (a Swedish version of the Phil Ochs' song "Changes") and "Vi Vet All, Men Nastan Inget" - two good songs recorded as duets with Lars Berghagen in 1971. Finally, there was The 1972 b-side "Kom Och Sjung En Sang" ,which is a Swedish version (lyrics written by Stig) of an obscure Carole King song called "No Sad Song" .The track sounds almost like a B&B composition but it's not. Benny did produce the record and it features Björn and Agnetha singing backing vocals and an accordion which sounds like Benny but it's somebody else playing.
"Kom .."was the B-side of "Vi Ar Alla Bara Barn I borjan" a song written by B&B. "Vi Ar..." was definitely a violation of Björn's normal rule of not having lyrics sound like a mouthful of misguided sounds. "Vi Har..." was the last of Frida's EMi singles prior to signing to Polar Records.

The album's closer is a Swedish radio version of "Barnen Sover" recorded on September 29, 1970. "Barnen Sover" features Benny on piano and Björn on guitar and is essentially a recording by Festfolk, the earliest version of ABBA (the studio version of "Barnen Sover" can also be found on this collection.) This has nvever been released on record before. The opher five never released tracks are tracks from a TV show.....
The other songs included on this album that were written by Benny Andersson (and sometimes Bjorn )are 1969's "Peter Pan" ,1971's "Lycka" and Min Egan stad'.

 -tracks from early singles--

1. En ledig dag
2. Peter, kom tillbaka
3. Din
4. Du är så underbart rar
5. Simsalabim
6. Vi möts igen
7. Mycket kär
8. När du blir min
9. Härlig är vår jord
10.Räkna de lyckliga stunderna blott
11.Så synd du måste gå
12.Försök och sov på saken
13.Peter Pan
14.Du betonar kärlek lite fel
15.Där du går lämnar kärleken spår
16.Du var främling här igår

---Tracks from Frida's first studio album

17.Tre kvart från nu
18.Jag blir galen när jag tänker på dej
20.Sen dess har jag inte sett 'en
 --more tracks from first studio album

1. En ton av tystnad
2. Suzanne
3. Allting skall bli bra/Vad gör jag med min kärlek
4. Jag är beredd
5. En liten sång om kärlek
6. Telegram för fullmånen
7. Barnen sover

--more singles
8. En kväll om sommarn ( Frida &Lars Berghagen)
9. Vi vet allt, men nästan inget (Frida & Lars Berghagen)
10.Min egen stad
11.En gång är ingen gång
12.Vi är alla bara barn i början
13.Kom och sjung en sång

-Swedish TV performance-
14. Att älska i vårens tid
15. Ole Lukköje
16. Vad gör det att vi skiljs för i afton
17. Min soldat

--Swedish radio peformance
18. Barnen sover (live)

Reissues and tributes, reissues and
tributes...tissues and midgets In this year, ABBA's label Polygram became merged with Universal.
Orsa Spelmän-Odra January 1998 Swedish CD
Finn Kalvik - The English Polar Recordings early  1998

Agnetha Fältskog-SVENSKTOPPAR  April 1998 Swedish CD
Frida-The Mixes album Spring  1998 German CD

Agnetha Fältskog-That's Me  May  1998 Available worldwide on CD

Various Artists-Latar Av Björn & Benny May 1998 Swedish CD

Another ABBA reunion...but not on record.. August 98
ABBA-The Collection  August  1998 American CD
ABBA-LOVE STORIES- September  1998

Björn Again-Live At the Albert Hall October  1998 British CD

Various Artists-Fran Waterloo to Duvemala November   1998 Swedish CD

Arrival -First Flight- A tribute to ABBA 1998

Orsa Spelmän-Odra -January 1998 Swedish CD
The second album by Swedish folk musicians, Orsa Spelmän, was also released on Mono in January 1998. Surprisingly, it took 10 years for this followup album to come out. Like their first album this album, was also produced by Benny. It was not a huge success. Apparently being Benny's favorite musicians did not make these guys rich....
Agnetha Fältskog-SVENSKTOPPAR April 1998 Swedish CD
This is a rerelease of the Agnetha Swedish's Best of collection called ,TIO AR MED albeit with a different cover and a additional track.
The added track is "Sangen Foder Dig Tilbaka"from Aggie's fourth studio album-NAR EN VACKAR TANKE BLIR EN SANG.The SVENSKTOPPAR in the albums' title refers to the Swedish record charts.
Vart Skall Min Kärlek Föra /En Sång Om Sorg Och Glädje /Dröm Är Dröm Och Saga Saga /Så Glad Som Dina Ögon
/En Sång Och En Saga /SOS /Doktorn/Fram För Den Svenska Sommaren /Allting Har Förändrat Sej

Agnetha Fältskog-That's Me May 1998 Available worldwide on CD
A single CD BEST of collection of Aggie's English language recordings . This album includes a few ABBA tracks (the original versions-ho hum) , songs from her three 80's English albums and some rare 1980's A and B sides . Released in May 1998.
The six tracks that made their Agnetha solo album debut's are the following -"Fly Like a Eagle" (not the Steve Miller song )," It's So Nice to Be Rich", "Never Again"(a bathetic duet with Tomas Ledin), two great b-sides from the Eyes of the Woman sessions-"Turn The World Around" ,
" Your There" and the previously unreleased
" Queen of Hearts". The "Queen of Hearts "
is a English version of "Nar Du Tar Mej i din famn'. "Nar Du Tar MEj I din famn"
a song originally released in 1979 on TIO AR MED.
In general, this album was intelligently compiled considering what they had to work with.
Sadly,' The Angels Cry' isn't on here, Nor is the unreleased live Abba track " I'm Still Alive " which woul. You are forced to buy both this CD and the MY LOVE MY LIFE collection, if you want to collect all her non-album English A-sides. The b- side "P&B (from a movie of the same name) is not available on this CD.. This collection was released in many territories by Polydor. As usual ,this was not released in America.

 Track Listings (original source )
1. The Heat Is On-WYAAM
2. The Last Time-ISA
3. Let It Shine-ISA
4. The Winner Takes It All-ST
5. Wasn't the One (Who Said Goodbye)-ISA
6. The Way You Are (single)
7. It's So Nice to Be Rich(single)
8. I Won't Let You Go-EOAW
9. Never Again (single)
10. Eyes of a Woman-EOAW
 11. Slipping Through My Fingers-TV
12. One Way Love-EOAW
13. Can't Shake Loose-WYAAM
14. Wrap Your Arms Around Me-WYAAM
15. The Queen of Hearts(unrel.)
16. That's Me-ARRIVAL
17. Turn the World Around( single)
18. You're There (single)
19. Fly Like the Eagle (single )

Various Artists-Latar Av Björn & Benny Mid to Late 1998 Available on Swedish CD
A tribute album devoted specifically to the songwriting talents of Björn and Benny. The CD features obscure Swedish artists. NONE OF THE ORIGINAL VERSIONS are used! All of the 18 songs are in Swedish , and there is only one ABBA song- a Swedish version of "I have a Dream". If this were the original versions this would be the ideal sampler of B&B's non ABBA music, even as a tribute it's preety good.
Instead of attempting to cover all those
overexposed ABBA songs the producers of this tribute decided to dig up songs songs from B&B's Swedish language repertoire. Songs from KRISTINA, Benny's solo albums, Ainbusk, Gemini
the Hep Stars etc. are covered here. Lots of rare B&B songs are performed here including "Pa Brollop" (a rare B&B side) ," Valkommen til Varlden". a song originally written & produced for the Lili-babs
by B&B , and "Sag Det Med En Sang" originally written by B&B for Lena Anderson.
The rare Hep Stars song "Sagom Om Lilla Sofie" is also performed here.
Omnipresent, ABBA bassist Rutger Gunnarsson plays bass on the recordings. This album was produced by Micke Littwold.
Track listing
Tibble barnkör - Jag Har En Dröm ( "I Have A Dream")/ Resarna - Hej Gamle Man/Viktoria Krantz - Duvemåla Hage/Elle - Jag Mötte Lassie/Gitte Littwold - Säg Det Med En Sång,/Camilla Lundstedt - Tänk Om Jorden Vore Ung/ Vicki Benckert - Min Egen Stad/ Hubbe Algovik - Sagan Om Lilla Sofie/Gitte Littwold - Älska Mig/ Tibblegänget - På Bröllop/Tibble barnkör - Speleman/ Viktoria Krantz - Hemma/ Therése Juel - Välkommen Till Världen/Micke Littwold - Beatrice/ Gitte Littwold - Efter Regnet/Tibblekören - Klinga Mina Klockor,/Viktoria Krantz - Mio Min Mio/ Lennart Wärmell - Födelsedagsvals Till Mona
Another ABBA reunion...but not on record.. August 98 Thomas Johannson 50th birthday party...

All four members of ABBA showed up in the one place at the same time as ABBA tour manager  Thomas Johannson had his  50th birthday.
Björn, Benny and Frida  sang "With A Little Help From My Friends". Frida sang "Shine On You" Agnetha did sang... No bootleggers were present.

Björn Again-Live At the Albert Hall Mid 1998 British CD
Only Elvis and The Beatles have more full time
tribute acts devoted to them, that should give one some idea of ABBA's impact.
Björn Again, were formed in Australia in 1988. Here is their Albert Hall concert.... This concert was recorded to celbrate their tenth anniversery-thus they had lasted as long as ABBA did at this point..
They were the first internationally successful ABBA cover band. They have been phenomenally successful on stage despite their use of phony
Swedish accents and derisive if funny stage names.
Their albums are forgettable, but they have at least tried to record some none-ABBA material. There
Frida-The Mixes June 1998 German CD
This CD features 7 remixes taken from the CD singles of four songs originally available on DJUPA ANDETAG.
This CD has lovely blue cover. Alternate remixes of "Alla mina bästa år" , "Ögonen " "Även en blomma " and " Alla mina bästa år" are included. Not essential, but cool to have if you love the Djupa antetag album.
Unusually, for ABBA swedish language solo record this album actually has English translations of the the four songs included on the CD...
By this time, Frida had begun lowering her profile partly because of the unfortunate
death of her daughter Liselott in a travel accident in America.

Although this album was made in Germany it also available in Sweden....
1. Alla mina bästa år - Hasbrouck Heights Single Mix
2. Ögonen - Lemon Mix 3. Även en blomma - Version
4. Alla mina bästa år - Mix Adagio 5. Ögonen - Version
6. Alla mina bästa år - TV Track
7. Alla mina bästa år - Adagio Instrumental

Various Artists-Fran Waterloo to Duvemala Late 1998 Available on Swedish CD
A loving and elaborate tribute to the songs of Björn and Benny and ABBA. This was staged
at Stockholm's Globus Arena with Benny's involvement. He didn't play on the album,
but he did play in one of the shows. Tommy Korborg, Anders & Karin Glenmark,
and Helen Sjoholm provide the lead singing here
and also make up a ersatz ABBA on occasion.
Instrumentation is provided by Orsa Spelman
and the Goteborg Symphony . The Goteborg
choir provides vocals. The original concert
was considerably longer than this album,
and it has been repeated many times most
notably in Beijing, China.
The CD has 16 songs. Ten ABBA songs are
attempted . Six non-ABBA songs are done.
As good as this CD is it must be have been more
exciting to hear these songs done live.
The ABBA songs sound a little more dramatic
than in their original renditions because of the
use of the orchestra and choir.
The song choices are a little strange on
occasion-but maybe that's because
I may be getting sick of hearing yet another
version of "Thank You For the Music."
Ring Ring is done in it's Swedish version.
"Honey Honey' is done in English.Why we need both "Honey Honey and "Ring Ring is beyond me.
The girls do a fine job with "Fernando'
"Thank You For the Music" is done with
a little humour. "The Winner Takes it all'
is done a odd but daring version by Tommy Korborg Having the Swedish folk group Orsa Spelman doing "Arrival" is an inspired choice.
The non ABBA tracks are a little closer to their original versions. Tommy does Anthem ,Helen does "Du Maste Finnas , Karin does Mio Min Mio" blah blah , blah.
Three of the non-ABBA songs are not done by their original artists. Anders Glenmark does
a charming version of the Hep Stars -"Sunny Girl". Of course, it would have made more sense
to pick to pick a Hep stars song that was actually written by both Benny and Björn, but the use of "Sunny Girl" was actually suggested by Anders Glenmark.
Tommy Korberg gets to do "Guldet Blev Till Sand" (It's great to see how Tommy would do this song).Orsa Spelman and the Orchestra/Choir do a medley of " Inledningsvisa/ Klinga Min Klockor" from Benny 's solo album .This is the best ABBA tribute album , but I think
most people would still prefer the real thing.

 1. Inledningsvisa/Klinga Mina Klockor
   2.Ring Ring    
   3.Fernando    Helen Sjöholm & Karin Glenmark
   4.Honey, Honey    
   5.Money, Money, Money   Helen Sjöholm
   6.Guldet Blev Till Sand Tommy Körberg
   7.Sunny Girl  - AndersGlenmark
   8.Mio Min Mio     - Karin Glenmark
 9.The Winner Takes It All     - Tommy Körberg
   11.Du Måste Finnas     Helen Sjöholm
   12.Anthem   - Tommy Körberg
   13.Take A Chance On Me    
   14.Does Your Mother Know
   15.On And On And On 
   16.Thank You For The Music    

Arrival-First Flight- A tribute to ABBA 1998
This album has the most interesting track selection of any of the ABBA tribute albums .Arrival has chosen to cover some lesser known ABBA album tracks here,they have recorded a rare 1976 B&B song never recorded by ABBA (Funky Feet), have recorded a non-B&B composition ( All My tomorrows) and most interestingly have done a full length version of "Just A Notion".
Arrival is a Swedish ABBA cover band, and this album was produced by ABBA bassist , Rutger Gunnarsson.
Track listing:
What About Livingstone/ Just A Notion/
All My Tomorrows/ That's Me/Kisses Of Fire/ Watch Out/ I've Been Waiting For You/
He Is Your Brother/Funky Feet /Money x3
Hey Hey Helen/Eagle/ Waterloo/

Nothing new here, Available on CD in some markets. This is the most serious and recent attempt to issue a ABBA " love song " of "ballad /slow song" collection.. .. Unlike many previous attempts at an ABBA love CD ,there are no -B-sides or solo tracks. The title implies that ABBA's
songs tell stories ,which is a bit of a oversell. ABBA really were not much at doing songs about finding true love, many of their best songs were about breakups, or nothing at all.

Nice cover on this one- They used a lovely photo
from the ARRIVAL era, This wasn't released in the USA.

This compilation sold OK k but was really only a hit in France where for some reason it hit #3.
1. Fernando 10. Eagle
2. The Name Of The Game 11. Slipping Through My Fingers
3. Chiquitita 12. My Love, My Life
4. The Winner Takes It All 13. Our Last Summer
5. I Have A Dream 14. Like An Angel Passing Through My Room
6. The Day Before You Came 15. I Wonder (Departure)
7. One Of Us 16. I Let The Music Speak
8. Andante, Andante 17. The Way Old Friends Do
9. One Man, One Woman 

ABBA-The Collection Fall 1998 Available on American CD..
Instead of Love Stories ,America got this even more pointless
collection of about a dozen songs, all of which is easily available elsewhere, They
recycled a photo from The LALOM/ONX3 single for the cover.

Thank You For The Music/The Winner Takes It All
/Fernando/One Of Us /Angeleyes /The Day Before You Came/Eagle
/So Long/Why Did It Have To Be Me /Ring Ring/The Way Old Friends Do

A compilation of 14 tracks from her three albums released in Sweden on the Polar label. (FRIDA ENSAM, SOMETHING's GOING ON, SHINE). No rarities are included. This was released just in the Swedish
market. As yet there hasn't been a internationally released Frida- only compilation. A compilation that included some of her many rarities would be
most welcome.A compilation of 14 tracks from her three albums released in Sweden on the Polar label.
(FRIDA ENSAM, SOMETHING's GOING ON, SHINE). No rarities are included. This was released primarily in the Swedish market. As yet there hasn't been a internationally released Frida- only compilation.A compilation that included some of her many rarities would be most welcome but apparently Frida herself has vetoed such an idea.
This version is out of print-and has been reissued with a new cover-see below.
Fernando(Swedish version)/Shine/Vill Du Låna En Man/The Way You Do/Liv På Mars?/I Know There´s Something Going On /Aldrig Mej/Threnody/Ett Liv I Solen/Come To Me(I am Woman) /Skulle De Va Skönt/Tell Me It´s Over/Var Är Min Clown
ABBA-Greatest Hits 39 Grandes Exitos 1998 Venezuelan 2CD set
This release also couples ABBA Gold and More ABBA gold into one box.. But instead of calling it Forever Gold-the Spanish speaking folks in Caracas called it 39 Grandes Exitos...Yes, the word for "hit" in Spanish is "exitos". This CD has edited versions of "The Name Of The Game", Voulez-Vous","The Visitors", ..

The 25th anniversary of the 1974 Eurovison contest as well as the premiere of Mamma Mia brought a considerable increase in ABBA related releases and sales. The last three months of the year alone saw the release of 12 different related ABBA albums! But there was little in the way of actual new material.
This website was also begun in August 1999.
Another ABBA reunion...but not on record..
Michael B. Tretow -LET'S BOOGIE January 1999(original Lp release 1976)
ABBA-The American remastered CD's March 1999 North America
ABBA-THE SINGLES COLLECTION 1972-1982 29 CD limited edition set Released 1999
ABBA-25 jaar na Waterloo April 1999 Dutch CD
Various Artists ABBA-A tribute The 25th Anniversary Celebration 1999 American CD
Abracadabra-ABBAsalute 2CD set August 1999
A*TEENS -ABBA Generation September 1999
25 Jaar Na Waterloo deel 2 September 1999 Dutch CD
ABBA-MORE ABBA GOLD September 1999
Angeleyes-ABBAdance Late 1999 European CD
ABBA-The ORIGINALS October 1999 British 3CD set
Agnetha Faltskog Volume One October 1999 (Rerelease of 1968 album) German CD
Original London Cast-Mamma Mia 1999 British CD
Emma Härdelin-" Innan Gryningen" November 1999 CD Single
ABBA-Waterloo/Megamix single November 1999
ABBA"-Happy New Year" single
A*TEENS-"Happy New Year " single November 1999 Various territories
ABBA-THE Complete Singles Collection November 1999 German 2CD set
Various Artists -ABBAMANIA November 1999 British CD
Original Malmo Cast-Sexton Favoriter Ur Kristina 1999 Swedish CD
A*Teens-Dance Remixes 99 -Russian CD (unknown release date)
ABBA-Classic ABBA -The Universal Masters Collection December 1999 European CD

Another ABBA reunion...but not on record.. Gorel Hanser's 5oth birthday party....
After the demise of ABBA, A,B,B & F could found in the same room only a few private occasions one of those times was Gorel Hanser's 50th birthday party in 1999. Gorel is the former VP of Polar Music. At the party for Mrs. Hanser A,B,B & F sang
a old standard called "Med En Enkel Tulipan' (With a Single Tulip). This is the last time ABBA sang together ...
B&B also wrote a minor tribute to Gorel called Briggens Blåögda Blonde Kapten performed by a choir that translated from the Swedish to English would be called "Briggens' Blue eyed Captain" . As far, as we know neither song was
recorded for the benefit of bootleggers. The second song however can be found in an instrumental studio version on the album Benny Andersson's Orkester.
Michael B. Tretow -LET'S BOOGIE January 1999(original Lp release 1976) Released in europe on CD.
Long belated rerelease of this humourous album
by ABBA engineer and resident comedian,
This album is famous for featuring all of the
members of ABBA and their band in the roles
of sideman to the incredibly silly -Michael B. Tretow,. The album's main flaw is that Micke
can't sing, or rather he sings too much. Hey Micke, What's the B stand for anyway???
This was originally released on Lp in 1976.
Lets Boogie / Paper Dolls / Robot Man / Bottom Coming Up / Brief Intermission / Moonbeams / I Can See What You Mean / That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles / Sandwich / Hesitating Hanna / Brief Intermisson /  Keep Your Hands to Yourself / Doc McGurgles etc. /  Buy Buy Buy /  He Can´t Sing/
ABBA-The American remastered CD's March 1999 North America

The remastered series -remastered CD versions of WATERLOO,RING RING, ABBA,ARRIVAL, THE ALBUM, VOULEZ VOUZ, SUPER TROUPER, THE VISITORS and LIVE were released in the USA, once again long after the rest of the world, and when they came out they had no bonus tracks, partly because American song royalities rules of the time discouraged additional tracks on CD's. The American remaster I bought ,THE ALBUM
had no liner notes , no lyrics and no"ABBA members posed at night" photo. Guess,I
better hold onto my LP. The situation was sort of rectified in the 2001 remasters which finally brought remasters with bonus tracks to America.

ABBA-The Album/Super Trouper 1999 Europe 2CD set
ABBA--The Album/Voulez-Vous 1999 Europe 2CD set
For some reason these studio albums were coupled together in this strange manner

ABBA-THE SINGLES COLLECTION 1972-1982 29 CD limited edition set Released April 1999
Limited edition 29 CD set made in Germany .
ABBA for the independently wealthy. This is a limited edition box set of 29 ABBA's singles as
they were released in Germany.This is based on a similar vinyl single box set of German singles released in the 1980's. This set is also known as the Tin Biscuit Box set because that's what the actual box looks like. Later a more standard cardboard version was released without the 2 bonus CD's (Yes, a really stupid idea!)

This new CD version was released in April 1999 to celebrate the 25 th anniversary of ABBA's 1974 Eurovision win. That explains why the bonus CD is a one track CD of "Waterloo " (Swedish version),thus all four version of "Waterloo"
are included. All the tracks have been remastered,
and are presented in their full lengths . The box offers up the first appearance on CD for the full-length version of "Lovelight".

The original sometimes quite cheesy German
45 picture sleeves are reproduced on the CD sleeves. The set included some liner notes
by Carl Magnus Palm . There is absolutely no
new material here. Save your money and give
it to your favorite charity.

CD's included....
People Need Love/Merry-Go-Round
Ring Ring/Rock'n'Roll Band
Waterloo/Watch Out
Honey, Honey/Ring Ring
So Long/I've Been Waiting For You
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do/Rock Me
SOS/Man In The Middle
Mamma Mia/Intermezzo No.1
Fernando/Tropical Loveland
Dancing Queen/That's Me
Money Money Money/Crazy World
Knowing Me, Knowing You/Happy Hawaii
The Name Of The Game/I Wonder live
Take A Chance/I'm A Marionette
Eagle/Thank You For The Music
Summer Night City/Medley
Does Your Mother Know/Kisses Of Fire
GimmeX3/The King has Lost His Crown
I Have A Dream/Take A Chance live
The Winner Takes It All/Elaine
Super Trouper/The Piper
One Of Us/Should I Laugh Or Cry
Head Over Heels/The Visitors
The Day Before You Came/Cassandra
Under Attack/You Owe Me One
Waterloo (German )/Waterloo (French)
and a bonus CD ...
one song CD of Waterloo (Swedish)

ABBA-25 jaar na Waterloo April 1999 Netherlands CD
Dutch only thingie. Jaar mean Jar. Jaar Jaar Bings ? No ,no,
Jaar means year! It's been 25 years since Waterloo" This is a Dutch Greatest Hits package that actually went all the way to #1! And hey it's got a booklet with lyrics and the full version of The name of the Game... There was dancing in Amersfoort!
Those Dutch like their ABBA records....They drink Vla and listen to ABBA!!!
Waterloo, I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do, S.O.S., Fernando, Dancing Queen, Money Money Money, Knowing Me Knowing You, The Name Of The Game, Take A Chance On Me, Thank You For The Music, Summer Night City, Chiquitita, Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight), I Have A Dream, The Winner Takes It All, Happy New Year, Super Trouper, One Of Us, The Day Before You Came
ABBA-The Tribute April 1999 Various Artists ABBA-A tribute The 25th Anniversary Celebration 1999 American CD

For once, something ABBA related originates from America. This is a compilation put together by ABBA fan Jeffrey de Hart. The attention to detail shown here is your clue that this is not polygram/universal release.
It was released on the Relativity label. Released in Mid-1999 around the 25th Anniversary of ABBA's victory at the Eurovision song contest.
The CD , cassette, and Lp versions (yes Lp)
of this are all slightly different. The Lp
has remixes of a a few of the tracks .The Cassette has a different track listing,it
has "He Is your Brother by Svenne and Lotta
on it, which the CD does not have.

This is a much better collection than Polar's
Swedish tribute album. Frankly, that is because this includes better known artists. American, German, Irish,Swedish, Taiwanese (CoCo Lee) and British artist are featured here- showing off the the universality of ABBA's appeal. The artists here include Frida & the Real Group, Erasure, Go West, Bananarama, Mike Love (of the Beach Boys), Information Soceity and others. A few of the tracks were borrowed from the Swedish ABBA tribute album called ABBA-THE TRIBUTE.
Unlike other specially recorded all star tributes like
TWO ROOMS (the tribute to the music of Elton John), most of the songs had been released before, but many of the tracks are hard to get .

My favorite tracks here (other than Frida of course) are Evan Dando's minimalist version of "Knowing me, Knowing You" and Peter Cetera's duet with Country singer Ronna Reeves on SOS. (Peter produced Agnetha's I Stand Alone album). Peter comes up with a interesting opening to start the song.
Two tracks are of the most interest to ABBA
fans- firstly , Michael Tretow and his daughter do
a clever version of "Honey Honey' which features small bit of 13 ABBA songs thrown in and secondly, Frida's acappella collorabation with Sweden's The Real Group on "Dancing Queen". This tracks marks the first release of new solo material by Frida on American soil since "Something's Going On". Of course, this track isn't really new it was released in 1994. It's a great jazzzy version of "Dancing Queen." This CD might have have been a good place to include U2's live concert performance of"Dancing Queen" with B&B . But that track is never going to see the light of day.
The liner notes for this record include a lengthy essay by ABBA expert, Carl Magnus Palm. The essay intersperses comments about the CD tracks with a history of ABBA's troubled history in America. Apparently this album will go out of print in 2002 when the licensing agreement runs out on the songs.
Co Co Lee - "Dancing Queen" Go West - "One Of Us",Irma - "The Name Of The Game" Army of Lovers - "Hasta Manana "Bananarama - "Waterloo "Ash - "Does Your Mother Know"Evan Dando - "Knowing Me Knowing You"Hazell Dean - "The Winner Takes It All Information Society - "Lay All Your Love On Me"Abbacadabra - "The Visitors (Crackin' Up)"Erasure - "Take A Chance On Me E-Rotic - "Money Money Money" Mike Love - "On And On And On", Peter Cetera & Ronna Reeves - "S.O.S.Sofia & Michael B. Tretow - "Honey Honey"The Real Group with Frida  - "Dancing Queen" The Wedding Band -"Bridal Dancing Queen"
ABBA GOLD (remastered )March 999 Intertnational CD
Remastered this time-the track listing was the same-but the liner notes were now by Carl MAgnus PAlm
ABBA-MORE ABBA GOLD (remastered) July 1999 Intetnational CD
Remastered this time-the track listing was the same-but the liner notes were now by Carl MAgnus Palm .
This version was not released in Australia...
Abracadabra-ABBAsalute 2CD set August 1999
A compilation album with new material from these
chaps. Agnetha's-"Wrap Your Arms Around Me"is the only non-ABBA song covered here.
ABBA-The Collection. Mid 1999 European 3CD/1 VHS tapeset
This is a three CD set issued in Europe.Not be confused with the American release of the same name....
IT was marketed solely on TV and through
mail order. The three CD's are called ABBA
Classic, ABBA romance, and ABBA dance. No new tracks here,but nicely
packaged with some liner notes by Carl Magnus Palm. Also features a bonus

A*TEENS -ABBA Generation September 1999
Released throughout Europe , after great success
in Sweden. A*Teens have proven to be the most welcome of the ABBA cover bands. The A*Teens go by the names -Marie, Sara, Dhani, and Armit. Armpit? Oh -Armit!
(Why do they sound like a Indian/Spanish/Israeli band). In fact, all of the A*Teens were born in Sweden. Well, nothing lasts the group eventually broke up in 2005.
ABBA-The COMPLETE SINGLES COLLECTION September 1999 Available internationally in a Limited Edition 27 CD setCD
This is a new version of the multi-CD Tin Biscuit Box set. It has been revised and degraded . It now no longer has the two extra "Waterloo" singles, and the liner notes have been shortened.
25 Jaar Na Waterloo deel 2 September 1999 Dutch CD
A Dutch only release. This is another single CD "Best of" compilation set. This is remastered features ABBA lesser hits and some album tracks.
This is the followup to the highly successful 25 JAAR NA WATERLOO CD issued earlier in the year. "Deel 2" means Part 2.
Mamma Mia, Eagle, Does Your Mother Know, Voulez-Vous, Head Over Heels, Slipping Through My Fingers, Angeleyes, That's Me, Cassandra, Honey Honey,  Eagle, Ring Ring, People Need Love, Lay All Your Love On Me, When I Kissed The Teacher, I Am The City,
ABBA-MORE ABBA GOLD September 1999 Australian CD
The strange Australian reisssue . It is remastered
(good), has a liner notes by Carl Magnus Palm
(good) and has a altered track listing (a good and a bad thing.).
Instead of "I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do" , "Ring Ring", and the two b-sides Lovelight and "Cassandra" we find in their place .THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC, ..I have A Dream, and "Super Trouper".
It's not clear why "Lovelight" and "Cassandra" would be taken out, but it' is understandable why there is no "I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do "or "Ring Ring"on this version of MORE ABBA GOLD since they are already on the AUSTRALIAN VERSION OF ABBA GOLD.

 1. Summer Night City,1979 GREATEST HITS 2
2. Angeleyes, 1979 VOULEZ-VOUS
3. The Day Before You Came,1982 THE SINGLES
4. Eagle 1977, THE ALBUM
5. Super Trouper, 1980,, SUPER TROUPER
6. So Long, 1975, ABBA
7. Honey, Honey, 1974, WATERLOO
8. The Visitors, 1979 , THE VISITORS
9. Our Last Summer, 1980, SUPER TROUPER
10. On and on and On, 1980, SUPER TROUPER

11..I have A Dream, 1979VOULEZ-VOUS
12. I Wonder (Departure) 1977 THE ALBUM
13 Head over Heels, 1981 , THE VISITORS
14. When I Kissed the Teacher, 1976
15. I Am the City (previously unreleased), 1982
16 Under Attack, 1982 THE SINGLES
17.. When All Is Said and Done, 1981, THE VISITORS
18.. The Way Old Friends Do, 1980 SUPER TROUPER

Angeleyes-ABBAdance Late 1999 European CD
This CD is a dançe orientated record by the cover band -"Angeleyes".There was controversy over this release when Benny discovered that the record label who put this out were flagrantly using the ABBA logo on the cover. (oh horror of it !) . So the copies were withdrawn, sorta, maybe , perhaps....

ABBA-The ORIGINALS October 1999 British 3CD set
A three disc repackaging of ABA's 1974 studio album-WATERLOO,
andThe compilation albums THE MUSIC STILL GOES ON, and THE VOICE
OF ABBA. They must have had overstock in the
warehouse. The same repackaging was released
in Germany earlier in the year.As you may remember THE VOICE OF ABBA is actually an Agnetha/Frida solo compilation....

Agnetha Faltskog -Volume One -October 1999 (Rerelease of 1968 album) German CD Out of print...
Royal Records were authorized to release Aggie's very first album.This is the first of Agnetha's pre-ABBA solo albums to be released on CD. The CD includes three bonus tracks. This is no longer available ....You can get this album on the De Första Åren box set....The bonus tracks show up on disc five of that set....
Track listing
Jag var så kär/Jag har förlorat dig /
Utan dej/  Allting har förändrat sej /
Försonade/ Slutet gott allting gott /
Tack Sverige / En sommar med dej /
Snövit och de sju dvärgarna /
Min farbror Jonathan / Följ med mig
Den jag väntat på

Bonus Tracks- Sjung denna sång /
Någonting händer med mig /
Borsta tandtrollen bort (Aggie's Public
service announcment to remind Swedish
folk to brush their teeth.)

Original London Cast-Mamma Mia November 1999 British CD Available internationally ...
Mamma Mia is an original musical based on the songs of ABBA. This is the original cast album for
the smash hit London West End version that
premiered on April 6, 1999 at the Prince Edward Theatre - Edward is the same theater that the West End version of CHESS was performed at. This cast recording has gone Gold already in many of the markerts that it has been release..

About year or two after the West End premiere , the musical traveled to North America and Australia.
Mamma Mia made a successful Broadway premiere in October 2001.
Catherine Johnson wrote the clever Book (script) and the musical is directed by Phyllida Lloyd.The songs obviously were by Björn Ulvaeus,Benny Andersson and Stig Anderson. MAMMA MIA uses about two dozen ABBA songs to help tell a totally non-ABBA storyline about a mother and a daughter.The mother ,Donna Sheridan is played by( London) Chess veteran, Siobhan McCarthy. Her daughter, Sophie Sheridan is played by Lisa Stokke and musical revolves around the mystery of who is Sophie's father. It is interesting to note that Mammia Mia is produced, directed , written by woman and that most of the lead characters are woman.
The actors sing often truncated versions
of ABBA songs sometimes timed for comedic effect. The songs used in the musical
were mostly drawn from ABBA singles. Almost all of the songs on ABBA GOLD were used in the musical. Indeed , Benny complained that "Waterloo" wasn't included soit was added in at the end as encore number. "Fernando" was the largest hit not used-it is only sung in a quick 10 second snippet..
The musical concept doesn't sound very promising but somehow audiences have been happy with the stage musical and critics have been no worse than lukewarm. The show's success appears to be due to the witty way the musical was written and staged combined with the already proven appeal of the songs. Unlike Chess or Kristina this is a decidedly peppy,cheerful musical. You will walk out of theatre happy or else, Björn will drag you back in the theatre for another encore of "Dancing Queen"
MAMMA MIA'S huge commercial success, was at first due to to the undying loyalty of British and World ABBA fans who traveled to London to see the musical. Swedish fans in particular traveled by the thousands. But the musical quickly showed to have general appeal to casual fans of ABBA's music. By 2005, MAMMA MIA had been seen by 24 million ticket buyers....(I begin to see why some people hate ABBA!)
Björn came out of a long period of retrenchment to coproduce the play with Judy Craymer and Richard East . Björn was said to be to have been most heavily involved in insuring the accuracy of the musical presentation. Benny, ( perhaps, because no new music was needed) was
brought in only for just a short time only for about a week or two prior to the premiere. (Benny is also said to have helped with the all important job of cashing royalty checks.)
Actually, Björn and Benny had little
to do with coming up with idea for the play or
with writing the book, which after all were
the only new things about the "musical".B&B simply approved this particular idea.

There certainly seems some irony to the fact this the least important of B&B's musicals, the one with the least creative input from them is likely to be their most successful musical.
This cast album was recorded at Angel Studios in Britain and was released on Polydor in November 1999. The album is attractively packaged with lyrics and photos from the musical. All 24 tracks are crammed unto one CD.
B & B were only executive producers of the album. The cast album was produced by Martin Koch and Nicholas Gilpin. (Martin also worked on the arrangements.) It is logical that B& B were not directly invloved with the recording since their is little point in them attempting to recreat what the have done already.

It is said that Benny wasn't entirely happy with some of the orchestrations done for Mamma Mia though the songs are presented preety faithfully . Listen for example to "Chiquittia" nearly all the subtle vocal effects and keyboard bits can be found.
Neither Björn( no surprise) nor Benny play on the album.( This is one of the few times Benny has avoided playing at least some keyboards on one of his projects). Musically there isn't much new on this album, with the exception of the act overtures which simply creative rearrangments of ABBA music. Some of the dialogue that is interspersed with the songs is included.
The general consensus seems to be that this is one B&B musical that works much better onstage than on record. This cast recording has gone Gold already in many of the markerts that it has been release..
It is beginning to look like Bjorn and Benny may make more money on this musical then they did with it's heyday...
If you going to buy this album you probably want to get the fifth anniversery edition which has bonus tracks,

 Track listing for MAMMA MIA ACT 1  ACT 2
Honey Honey,
Money money money
Thank you for the music
Mamma mia,
Dancing Queen,
Lay all your love on me
Super trouper,
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!,
The name of the game
Under attack
One of us
Does your mother know
Knowing me knowing you
Our last summer
Slipping through my fingers
The winner takes it all
Take a chance on me
I do X 5
I have a dream

Emma Härdelin-" Innan Gryningen" November 1999 CD Single The new hymn cowritten by Benny.
There are dozens of releases listed on this page, and this is one of the few that actually presents something new . "Innan Gryningen" is Benny Andersson 's new millenium single cowritten and instigated by lyricist Yvlva Eggehorn.
This song is actually not very melodic (unusual for Benny )but the singing and instruments are
at least ,mildy haunting. Emma's voice is reminiscent of Lena Willemark. The song is almost akin to British folk music of Steeleye Span or Sandy Denny..
" Innan Gryningen" is performed by vocalist Emma Härdelin with Triakel and Benny. The song's title translates in English to "Before The Dawn'. Benny plays on the record. The hymn was performed live on January 1, 2000 . This has only been released in Sweden by Benny's Mono label. Oddly, the CD has only the one song on it. It was later issued as part of album by triakel...
ABBA-Waterloo (German version ) /Megamedlye German single November 1999

The mega medley includes -Super Trouper /Dancing Queen Take A Chance On Me (live version)
 /I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do/Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!/Money, Money, Money
/SOS /Mamma Mia/Waterloo /Knowing Me, Knowing You /'One Of Us/Chiquitita

The mix is Edited by Kramer and Neubert 1999.A remix single-god forbid! From, what i understand not a particularly effective remix. It's hard to understand how they were able to to this.
ABBA"-Happy New Year"/ 2. Andante, Andante Thank You For The Music single,A*TEENS-"Happy New Year " single November 1999 Various territories
Both ABBA and the A*Teens have released this song as a single to celebrate the millenium.

ABBA's single is just simply a reissue of their 1980 track from the SUPER TROUPER album. "Andante Andante , "The Way Old Friends Do, Thank You For The Music, Ring Ring (German version) or Angeleyes were used as B-side's in various countries.

The A*Teens have changed the lyrics on
their new version. The line "At the end of '89" becomes," at the end of '99".

ABBA-THE Complete Singles Collection November 1999 German 2CD set
This is new 2CD set released in Germany by our
heroes, Polydor...
Local markerts often like to have locally issued compilation albums This set, at least has all three German language ABBA recordings on it.
For whatever reason, this particular compilation was also released in China in 2000...
Tracks include:
DISC ONE (18 tracks)
People Need Love / Ring, Ring/. Waterloo / Waterloo (German Version) / Honey Honey/. So Long/. I Do x 5 / S.O.S.. Mamma Mia / Fernando/ Dancing Queen / Money, Money, Money / Knowing Me, Knowing You /The Name Of The Game / Take A Chance On Me / Eagle / Thank You For The Music / Summer Night City

DISC TWO (15 tracks)
Chiquitita / Does Your Mother Know / Voulez Vous/ Gimme x 3/ I Have A Dream / The Winner Takes It All / Super Trouper/. Lay All Your Love On Me / One Of Us / Head Over Heels / The Day Before You Came/ Under Attack / Ring, Ring (German Version) /Happy New Year / Wer Im Wartesaal Der Liebe Steht (German vers. of Another Town Another Train/

Various Artists -ABBAMANIA November 1999 British CD
This is an album based on a one hour British ITV Tv special shown in October 1999. Also Included here is the THANK YOU ABBA tribute medley sung at BRITS awards in February 1999.
Yes here are some totally new ABBA covers!
Most of the folks here are British acts...
Amazingly, Westlife's version of "I Have A Dream"
went to number one in the UK at the end of 1999. (ABBA's 1979 version made it only up to Number 2.)
To recap ABBA had nine number singles in the
UK. B&B also went to number one with
"I Know Him So Well" , Erasure took the
the EP -lead track- "Take A Chance On Me"
to Number one in the UK, so B&B's total
number ones on the UK charts stands now at 12.
Back to our album review, such as it is...
Part of the proceeds from this album go to charity and for those who care this is a British only release..
Thank Abba For The Music" That last song was already released as a single
and was a British hit.... Note the rare choice
of a CHESS song ("I Know Him So Well") for a Abba tribute album.
This album has a white cover
Tracks include:
Steps-Lay All Your Love On ME
Madness -Money X3
Lay All Your Love On Me 

Westlife-I Have A dream            
Stephen Gately -Chiquitita
Denise Van Outen - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme]   Culture Club -Voulez Vous
Martine McCutcheon     Mamma Mia
S Club 7 - Dancing Queen
Steps -I Know Him So Well
B*Witched - Does Your Mother Know
The Corrs -The Winner Takes It All
 Steps , Cleopatra , B*witched & Tina Cousins-
Thank Abba For The Music

Original Malmo Cast-Sexton Favoriter Ur Kristina November 1999 Swedish CD
16 Favoriter Ur Kristina is a one disc abridgment
collection of some of the best songs from the
1996 3-CD KRISTINA cast album. Ten songs were chosen from the first
act and six songs were chosen from ACT II.
This was released in November 1999, about
three full years after the original three disc
set. The cover on the CD is black with 16
small stamps .
This collection is worth getting if you just want a taste of Kristina.
 Track listing:
Duvemåla Hage
Ut Mot Ett Hav
Lilla Skara
Vi Öppnar Alla Grindar

Tänk Att Män Som Han Kan Finnas
Min Astrakan

Guldet Blev Till Sand
Du Måste Finnas
Här Har Du Mej Igen
Var Hör Vi Hemma
I Gott Bevar

A*Teens-Dance Remixes 99 -Russian CD (unknown release date)
This is said to be a Russian release, as such it's not a overly official release but it does have what appear alternate versions of songs on the ABBA Generation CD. (this information was reported by Walter Veldman on ABBAMAIL.
Super Trouper (extended version)
Mamma Mia (extended version) /Voulez-Vous
Super Trouper (radio version) /
Lay All Your Love On Me/ Mamma Mia (radio version)/ S.O.S./
Our Last Summer/
Super Trouper (super super remix)
Dancing Queen/
Mamma Mia (Giuseppe remix)
One Of Us /
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! /
Super Trouper (Pinocchio remix) Mamma Mia (Jam Lab remix)

ABBA-ORO Grandes Exitos (remastered version ) November 1999 Spanish CD Released 2000 elsewhere
ABBA Oro now has been remastered , and revamped to include all 15 Spanish language ABBA tracks . The cover is black instead of the gold found on the original ORO cover.
Also the cover is now graced with the ABBA members signeratures. ABBA Oro was released in the United States in 2000. A planned release for Mars has been rejected..Does anybody read this shit?
This new version was remastered and includes as bonus tracks the five additional
Spanish language songs first found on MAS ORO. ("Ring Ring"," Slipping Through My Fingers','Happy New Year' 'Andante,Andante' and 'When All Is Said and Done"). Thus this is now the essential Spanish language ABBA recording to buy.
1. Fernando 2. Chiquitita 3. Gracias Por La Musica 4. La Reina Del Baile 5. Al Andar 6. Dame! Dame! Dame! 7. Estoy Sonando 8. Mamma Mia 9. Hasta Manana 10. Conociendome, Conociendote11. Felicidad 12. Andante, Andante 13. Se Me Esta Escapando 14. No Hay A Quien Culpar 15.Ring Ring

ABBA-Classic ABBA -The Universal Masters Collection December 1999 European CD
Another compilation, this features hits thrown
together with non-hits. It apparently has been issued before earlier in the 1990's with a different name. The title implies it has been remastered but I cannot confirm that. A similiar release was the Milenium Edition
Thank You For The Music / The Winner Takes It All / Fernando / One Of Us / Angeleyes / The Day Before You Came / Eagle(edit) / So Long / Why Did It Have To Be Me / Ring, Ring / The Way Old Friends Do / Slipping Through My Fingers / Hasta Mañana / Our Last Summer / My Love, My Life
/ If It Wasn't For The Nights / People Need Love / Happy New Year/

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